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Learning on the Rope

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I just started Junior High and didn't know much about anything concerning sex or new things happening to my body. All I knew was that my balls were getting much larger and hanging down and my penis was getting longer. I was getting 'boners' at all times of the day, sometimes for thinking about the growing bodies of both my girl and boy classmates, and sometimes for no apparent reason at all. I never even heard of masturbation in any form and still didn't know what it was when I had my first encounters with it.

One day in gym class we were going through a 'Presidential Fitness' program. One of the things we had to do was climb a rope to the ceiling of the gym which, at that time, seemed a mile high. I had always been afraid of heights when younger and took a place last in line, hoping the class would end before my turn came up. I watched with jealousy as boy after boy would climb to the top or even part way wondering if I would gather the guts to even get 5 feet off the mat. I wasn't the most athletic boy and at 13 I was one of the smallest boys in my class but was strong for my size and fit. Up to this point I was scoring well over 100% in all the other areas such as sit ups and pull ups and I knew I was strong enough to make it to the top of that rope but the fear of heights made my hands sweat and as usual when I got scared or nervous, my penis erect. I was somewhat confused and embarrassed having to ask the gym teacher several times to be excused to run to the locker room to take a leak only to have nothing come out when I got there.

The clock was much to slow that day and, as fate would have it, my turn came up. I felt like I had to pee like a horse and I asked one more time to go to the locker room as I stood there holding the rope but the teacher wouldn't let me. I had to do this. All my friends were watching and that was the world to me. I couldn't chicken out. I started pulling myself up, hand over hand and got about five feet off the floor when fear overwhelmed me. I wrapped my legs around the rope as tight as I could and stayed there for what seemed an eternity, my sweaty palms slipping from that rope. I must have wiped each hand ten times on my butt before the teacher first, and then all my classmates, started yelling at me to get moving. I was almost about to let myself down and take a bad score when Ralph, my daily nemesis and general class bully started calling me a fag. This from a kid who didn't make it half way up the rope. I had to make it farther than him.

The teacher must have understood my fear. He kept telling me to look up, not down and go one hand at a time. The next time I wiped a hand on my butt I reached up and pulled. I wiped the other hand, reached up and pulled. I did this over and over. The whole time my legs are locked around the rope tight, my hard penis rubbing against it. I was half way when I started to get an incredible sensation, in my chest, my arms, my legs, but mostly right between my legs. I stopped climbing and held on to the rope. It seemed strange to me that it actually felt good... no it felt great! Better than anything I ever felt in my life. I suddenly wasn't afraid anymore. I just held on enjoying the sensation in my penis. It started to go away and I became aware of the other kids and the teacher yelling at me up from the floor. I remember wondering where they went for the last few minutes before suddenly reappearing. It was strange.

I looked down. Big mistake. The fear returned, seemingly jealous that I had forgotten and neglected it for even just a short time and it took it's revenge. I started sweating all over again. The teacher asked if I was stuck. I was being taunted by Ralph. It took a minute and somehow I figured it felt better going up, rather than going down, which I hadn't tried yet, or staying where I was. So up I went the same way as before. The wonderful sensation returned. Another few pulls and I was 3/4 way up and had to stop again. What was this wonderful feeling coming from my penis and travelling through my body? I squeezed the rope tighter with my legs as my entire groin, stomach and thighs pulsed and twitched and then went away again. The people down below returned again, the same taunts as before. Why were they yelling at me? I was feeling good, why were they disturbing me, I wondered. I came back to the real world again and, remembering my previous mistake, I did not look down. I would not be afraid again. I closed my eyes and started up the rope again. Once more the feeling returned. Hand over hand I went, this time without having to wipe my hands as I travelled upward. Once more my feeling returned to me. I knew rope climbing was going to be a favorite of mine. The sensation began to pound away in my privates as I continued upward. I knew it would come back as it did before and I would welcome it. I reached up and my hand felt something. It was hard and cold. It wasn't the rope. It was something metal. Without opening my eyes I knew I made it to the top.

This wasn't fair. My new friend hadn't come to meet me again yet. What could I do? I pulled myself up one last time and just held on, squeezing my thighs against the rope. The feeling was still building up from within me and I would stay as long as it was there. I pulled with my arms up and then down very slightly rubbing my boner on that wonderful rope when I seemed to explode like a cherry bomb. I let out a small grunt, maybe several, and then it was over.

Those annoying little people below returned to my world once again. Why did they keep yelling at me like that? The teacher started blowing his whistle sending all the other boys to the locker room to shower up. The class was over and time to get to the next class.

I was at school again. This wasn't fair. I met a new friend. Was it imaginary or real? I wasn't sure. The teacher was yelling at me to get down off the rope when I became fully aware of my surroundings again. I realized I wasn't sure I knew how to get down. This was embarrassing. I held on not knowing what to do. I imagined the fire department coming to rescue me with their big ladder truck but suddenly realized that wouldn't work since they probably couldn't get that big truck inside the gym. Somehow, I figured out how to get down. I let go the last 5 feet from the mat beaming with pride that I made it. The teacher gave me a slap on the shoulder and told me I did a great job. I received few compliments on my physical abilities then so it meant the world to me to hear him say that. He asked me how it felt to make to to the top. I replied that it felt great. He sent down to the locker room.

Once again I was thrust back to the real world. I stood in the shower with the other boys looking at all the naked bodies of my classmates as they one by one left the shower. It seemed that 3/4 of them all had hair where I had none and their penises were all much larger. Even if my now deflated penis was fully hard it wouldn't be as big as half the other boys there. I wondered if they all felt the same way I did when they were up on that rope.

My best friend Jimmy was next to me. I was so jealous of his 'parts'. Over the summer he too started growing hair though not yet as much as many of the other boys. After most of the boys left Jimmy asked me how I made it to the top, he never thought I would get 5 feet off the floor. He knew of my fear of heights. I just told him I forgot about being afraid once I got the feeling. He got a confused look and asked me if I wasn't afraid. I said no and how could you be afraid when it felt so great. He told me he was afraid the whole way up and he asked if I wasn't afraid what was I doing holding on to the rope they way I did. Once again I told him because it felt great and I asked him if he didn't feel too. Feel what? I was about to try to explain it when the teacher appeared, blowing his whistle and telling us to get a move on before we were late for the next class.

After school I talked to Jimmy about it again but that is another story.



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