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Learning from Each Other (2)

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It's such a turn on, watching anyone masturbate, male or female.


Learning from each other- II

I posted 'Learning from each other' a short time ago and thought I would do the follow up. Of course we girls have more to stimulate when we masturbate than males. We have two tits, two nipples, a pussy and a clitoris when males only have a dick. Our next 'show me' session didn't take that long. He had a hardon just thinking about it.

I've learned most guys love seeing their dick hard and showing it off. They're really a little bit ahead of us girls. When they start developing as teenagers they get spontaneous hardons several times a day and night. It just takes them a while to learn what to do with it. We girls usually have to stimulate our pussies to get in the mood. Later on that improves with practice.

The problem guys have is they are in a hurry when they beat off, just for the feeling and watch their cum shoot off. I understand most guys first sexual experience is masturbating with another young male friend, having a contest seeing how fast, how far and how much cum they can shoot. My husband admitted he did it with a friend once or twice, yeah right, only once or twice? He did admit he has masturbated almost every day since he learned how. I've figured at his age that to be at least 19,000 times. Now that's a lot of cum!

Back to the story....... The next night when we were in bed, nude of course and with the light on, I said, 'OK Love; It's your turn to show me how you usually like to beat off'. He was hard in a second! He pushed back the sheets to let me watch and started in fast and furious. I said, 'Slow down! There's more to it than the quickies you've been used to by yourself. Take your time and enjoy it'. I turned on one of my favorite videos and showed him how a woman masturbates her man slowly and teases him into a mind blowing orgasm.

Seeing the video was almost too much for him to not go at it as he usually does. The couple in the video were masturbating together and the point was he couldn't cum until she did. After watching the video I turned it off and decided to play the roll of the female and started slowly massaging my tits, playing with my pussy and tasting my cum. I said, 'Now do it slow and easy. You can always cum later; after you cum, it's all over. Take your time so you can enjoy the sensation as long as you want'.

This time we went on for about fifteen minutes. His dick could have exploded at any second but he kept slowing down and squeezing it every few minutes to keep from cumming. Finally I said, 'OK, you've held off long enough. I don't know what you've done with your cum before but where would you like to shoot it this time? How about on my tits? Get on top of me and let me watch'.

He straddled my chest and pointed his dick toward my cleavage as I pinched my nipples and pushed my tits together waiting to feel the warmness of his cum. He started into his normal fast beating off and in seconds I was seeing his cum shooting out between my cleavage and onto both nipples. He squeezed the last few drops out of his dick as it gradually began to soften. I may eventually become addicted to seeing his cum shoot off. I can think of better things to do with cum than hide it inside me, can't you?

I said, 'Now isn't that better when you take you time?' I rubbed his still warm cum on my tits, licked some from my fingers, rubbed the rest on my swollen clit, stroked it and came to an earth shaking climax. We don't think there is anything more intimate than masturbating together rather than having to hide to enjoy it. Fantasies should always be freely discussed. You may be surprised to find your partner had the same thoughts but was embarrassed to ask. If you both agree, go for it!

OK, now it's your turn. You should be dying to get off by now. Go ahead and masturbate; there's no need to hold back now...............I bet you didn't, did you? I wish I had been there to watch.

I have more stories about other interesting things we have learned to enjoy if you would like to read them. Most of them we learned from watching XXX videos. Unfortunately a few of the really good ones aren't allowed here.



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