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Learning Experiences

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I'd like to share several of my experiences from years back which brought me to realize what I had between my legs. These were real learning experiences because I was an only child and lived with my mom who wouldn't think of talking about sex.

The first one involved one of my best friends whom I sat across from in seventh grade. I could see him (and I made sure I looked regularly) rubbing his crotch through his pants. As he rubbed, his pants began to bulge and it was obvious he was getting a hard-on. I, too, began to rub and I, too, began to get hard. This was my first experience and I really didn't know what was happening. Unfortunately we didn't discuss this between us, and he ultimately moved away so I never saw him again, but I do thank him for what he taught me...even though I still didn't jack off.

My second experience involved going to the bathroom at school on the weekend. Regularly I would encounter an older guy...probably in his 20's (I was much younger at that time)...sitting on the ground right outside the bathroom jacking off. My presence didn't seem to bother him or interrupt him. He went right on jacking. I didn't know exactly what he was doing but he seemed to be enjoying himself. Although I never saw him cum, this got me to thinking I might also enjoy something like that. I still didn't get into it.

My third learning experience came again from the bathroom. I went to a school which, in those days, had a trough for a urinal and we would all line up and let it hang out. I was intrigued by the different kinds of penises. Some looked like mine, but many looked different. They seemed to have skin over their penis heads which I didn't have. My knowledge of circumcision was non-existent, but I did enjoy looking and trying to figure out the differences.

My fourth learning experience came also in the seventh grade. Some of us kids were working in the schoolyard and there was an unused house on the property. One of our group seemed to be missing. For some reason I happened to look in the window of this unused house and saw my friend laying down and really going to it with a j/o. I didn't see whether he cummed or not, but this view was a great experience in my learning process. I guess I would have to say that these experiences which seemed to be pleasures got me into the j/o scene myself.

At that point, I couldn't wait to get home from school where I had many a pleasant j/o session with myself before my mom got home. At that time, I would cum on a regular basis and realized how good it felt. I look back at these learning experiences as most educational and, looking back at things, I only wish I had someone to talk to about sex and my different body parts. I guess I had to learn the hard (pardon the pun) way how to enjoy using my tool. Thanks to the guys who showed me the way back in the dark ages, even though they likely didn't know they were 'teachers.'

This website seems to be a good place for people to share their experiences, but remember computers didn't exist in my youth. Take the opportunity to learn now and, when you have kids, be sure to explain to them what is involved with their sex organs before they have to find out from other sources. Do I still jack off? Yes, but not nearly as often as I did back then. These days with age, a hard-on and cumming seem to have gone the by-and-by, but I can still reach a good orgasm by lubing the little guy up and going at it. Again, be sure and teach your kids as soon as possible...and definitely before they reach puberty. You'll be doing them a real and lasting favor.



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