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Learning About Precum

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Chuck and I explore the fun of precum.
Chuck and I have been friends since high school, but we have drifted apart since then. I found myself in the Navy after high school, while he began working with his father in their own business. After the Navy I got married and had a couple of children, and it was pretty much the same for him -- a wife and a couple of kids. When I was in my forties I ended up getting a divorce, and I moved back to our hometown and looked up Chuck. It was good to catch up on old times, and his wife was quite charming, not to mention a real looker. I moved in to an apartment not too far away and found a job with a local company. Things seemed to be going quite well, and I would often visit Chuck at his place for dinner and a ball game on TV. His wife Tanya would often watch with us, and sometimes I would get hard thinking about how much fun Chuck must be having fucking her. She even fixed me up on a couple of dates with her friends, and although one in particular was a really good fuck, nothing really serious ever came of it. One day while I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom surfing for some porn and jacking off, my computer went on the blink. I decided to call Chuck since PC's were his business. When Chuck got there, we sat in a couple of chairs at my desk and he went to work on my PC. It turned out that it was just a minor problem which he was able to fix in a short amount of time. Once he had it in good working order, he looked at my browsing history and brought up a couple of my favorite sites. I was a little embarrassed, especially since I had been watching some videos of guys jacking off. Chuck told me that he often would surf for a little porn when his wife was away, and that he too really enjoyed jacking off. Chuck then showed me a couple of new sites where guys like to post pictures of their wives and share them with other like minded guys. As we looked at some of the pictures I could feel myself getting really horny, and I'm sure Chuck was feeling the same way. I asked him if he had ever posted any pictures of Tanya on the site, and he said, "Hold on while I find them." Man I was really excited that I was going to see her naked -- I knew I would be going back to that site often. Chuck brought up a few photos of Tanya. They were not particularly hardcore, but man she really looked fine. In one of them Tanya was holding her tits toward the camera and I could see that she had some really nice saggy tits with large areolas and big nipples -- my absolutely favorite kind. I told Chuck how much I liked her tits and beautiful nipples, and how I sure would love to find me a girl with tits just like Tanya's. He chuckled and said that she really liked to rub his precum on her nipples and let him lick it off when they were fucking. Chuck then brought up a picture of her holding his dick with a large drop on his dick head, which in the next picture she was licking off. You see I have never produced any precum, although I had seen guys leaking it when I watched those videos. Man I was rock hard and really curious about precum by then. Since it was summer, we were both wearing short pants and I was having trouble concealing my excitement. A couple of times I noticed that Chuck would shift in his seat, no doubt adjusting himself in the same situation. When he brought up another picture of her holding his dick, I nervously told him that I had never leaked anything like that before. He told me that some guys don't leak any, or maybe so little that they don't notice it. He told me that he started precumming in his early 20's and that it was one of the best parts of his sex life -- whether when having sex with Tanya or jacking off by himself. He then asked me if I would like to see some precum for real. I was quite nervous but at the same time really excited, so I told him yes. We shifted positions so that I could see better, and he pushed up the leg of his shorts revealing his dick head. Man it was really big and beautiful. When he touched it, a drop of precum appeared on his pee hole. He then rubbed his finger though his pee hole smearing the precum around on his dick head. I shifted in my chair so I could get a better, closer look. Chuck explained how he starts leaking when he gets excited, and that sometimes he will get wet without even touching his dick. Chuck then suggested that we both take off our shorts to get more comfortable. I gasped when I saw his entire exposed dick -- it was about 7 inches long, very thick with a beautiful cut round head. Mine on the other hand is also cut, but thin and only about four inches long. We both had a slightly downward curve, and except for the difference in length, our dicks looked a lot alike. Mine was sort of a shorter, skinnier version of his. Chuck went back to the PC and showed me some more pics of Tanya and him in various stages of having sex. As he was talking about the poses, I noticed that he kept leaking precum, so I know that we was really excited showing me Tanya. He then asked me if I would like to fuck her, and I told him that I was the most excited I had been in years just thinking about it. He laughed a little and said that she told him that one of her girlfriends that I had dated a few times told her all about my dick, and that they had fucked that night thinking about the three of us together. Chuck then asked me if I would like to feel some real precum. I was a little nervous about answering, but seeing his dick leaking like that was turning me on so much that I told him yes. He took his dick and held it up so a drop of precum started to run down the head. Next he took my hand and placed it on his dick, and showed me how to enjoy feeling his precum. When I touched it I noticed that his precum was clear and really slippery. He showed me how to run my finger through his pee hole, smearing the precum around his dick head just as he had done himself earlier. He let out a sigh and told me how good it made him feel. Man I was really enjoying it as well it was awesome to jack off another guymmmmm I was loving it! Chuck then suggested that we try to get me to leak some precum. He told me to take over with the PC mouse and find pictures that really turned me on. He said that the more excited I was, the better the chances that I would leak precum. So while I was slowly stroking his dick and enjoying his leaking with one hand, I started going through the pictures of guys sharing their wives with the other. Man I was rock hard. Chuck was slowly stroking me, and with each upstroke, he would use his finger to probe my pee hole looking for any leaking moisture. He said that he could feel a little wetness, but he wanted to be sure, so he started to run his tongue through my pee hole on the upstrokes. That almost sent me over the edge, and I told him to stop then slow down so I would not cum so soon. Can you imagine how good I was feeling? After I calmed down I came across a picture of a wife giving handjobs to two dicks at the same time. They both were leaking precum, and in the next picture she put both heads together and was licking their pee holes. I moaned with excitement when I saw this, and Chuck said that he could definitely taste some precum, and on the next upstroke he showed me how my pee hole was a little wet. Wow it was really exciting to know that I was leaking some precum, even if it is was just a little. He must have been very excited in tasting me because he started leaking a lot more as I slowly stroked him. Chuck told me that he was really enjoying licking my dick, and that the little precum I was oozing was really tasty. This got the best of me so I asked him if it was OK for me to lick his dick too. He said that he really wanted me to, but that he would need to coach me on how he liked it, and also so that he would not cum too soon. I couldn't believe it -- I was about to lick and suck my first dick! I gave his dick a good upstroke, and when a drop of his amazing precum started to run from his pee hole down his head, I put my tongue right on the drop and licked it back up to his pee hole. As I reached the top, I took his entire head in my mouth and lightly sucked it while I moved my tongue around his frenulum. Mmmmm I was amazed at how good he tasted, and how his dick head was hard but really soft at the same time. Suddenly he told me to stop. He must have been really close because his dick started throbbing, and I noticed that his precum became a little milky. He said that he had been really close, and was glad that he had not cum yet. Chuck told me that when I first licked his dick he could taste more precum from me. Wow it had been years since I had so much sexual fun, and it suddenly did not matter that it was with another guy instead of with a girl. I felt myself start to cum from the excitement, so I yelled for him to stop. Just like him, my dick started throbbing, but I did not cum -- but I did leak some more precum. Man having a buddy like Chuck to teach me all about precum was really awesome -- I never wanted it to end. After we had both calmed down a little, we lay side by side so we could slowly lick and suck each other. We both got really close to the edge of cumming a couple of times more when Chuck suggested that we try and cum at close to the same time. I was enjoying his dick so much that I knew I wanted him to cum on my tongue, so I asked him if he would. He told me that it would be OK only if I also came on his tongue. So we started working on each other's dicks, telling each other how it was going so we could time our cumming together. I was so excited that I knew it would be very soon for me, and he told me he was close as well. I was the first to cum, and I remember that it was the most awesome orgasm I had ever had. All I could hear when I started throbbing was Chuck moaning and taking all of my cum. Chuck was close behind me, and I remember that he really came a lot. His dick suddenly started to throb, and his cum shot out onto my tongue and right into my mouth. Although it was my first time to enjoy another guy's cumming dick, I knew that I did not want to waste any, so made sure to savour and swallow each drop. After it was over there was not much clean up, but I started to feel a little bad about it. Chuck said that it was normal. Soon that feeling went away, and we were able to talk a little about what had happened. I thanked him for teaching me about precum, and also for showing me the sites where guys share photos of their wives. He told me that he often jacks off to the pictures there, and that sometimes he chats with other guys about sharing their wives while they jack off together on-line. Wow I knew that I would soon be doing the same, and that I would start looking for precum whenever I jacked off. Chuck said that we could also get together and enjoy each other's dicks again soon. Man I am really looking forward to that!



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