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Kyle and I at the Lodge

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A holiday get together results in my high school fantasy becoming my adult reality.


A bunch of my friends rented a lodge in Montana over Thanksgiving. A few of us are married, and a couple of us are single. We decided on dorm style sleeping, with all the guys on one end, and the girls on the other. Most of us hadn't seen each other since highschool, and we'd all connected on social media, and somehow came up with this awesome idea.

My friend Kyle and his wife Rayna were up. He's the tall, jockish type who always had the ladies' attention in highschool. He was a little on the fluffy side now, but still had his pecs and biceps. I'd always fantasized about him when I jacked off at home, and had only seen him naked once in the locker room. He had size 14 shoes, and I saw that he packed a big dick to go along with his feet. We always teased him about wearing clown shoes, but I think most of the guys were jealous that he was indeed, true to the stereotype.

A couple of our other friends were there as well. Some married, a couple other single guys and girls. Altogether we had about 23 people there. It was a large lodge, with open rooms on each side, divided by partitions and some bunk beds on one side, along with a couple of king size beds. It was intended for school or group outings, and it was perfect for our joint holiday fun.

We hung out in the great room, with a fire going, pizza, and drinks. We were up til two, and a couple of the married people were talking about their "routine" and not being young anymore. Blah blah...A few of us stayed up, including Kyle and Rayna, who were making out passionately on the couch furthest away. She had her hand resting on his groin, and I couldn't help but notice he had gotten slightly aroused. I had a flashback to the locker room, and his dick hanging loosely, and fully between his thighs, his brown/blonde bush, plastered wet against his abs and crotch, toweling off, and getting a semi. One of the other guys said "get a room" and threw some popcorn their way. They played it off lightly, and adjusted themselves on the couch. A few more of us went to bed, including myself.

The bunk beds were all used, and there was one king bed around the corner from the door, next to a bay window that overlooked the wooded field behind the lodge. I found my bag, and quickly stripped, putting my clothes in the side pouch. I slid under the covers, in my boxers, and plugged my phone in, dozing off almost immediately.

I'm not sure what time, but I woke softly, as I felt the mattress shift. I figured it was Kyle, since I'm pretty sure the only other bed share would have been with Luke. He was over weight, and his snoring was loud, even from over here. I remembered him being just a little on the heavy side in highschool, but had gotten a lot bigger since then.

I tried to focus on falling back asleep, but Kyle kept sighing and couldn't seem to get comfortable. I felt him tug a little at the sheets, then push them away. I was uncovered at this point, but didn't want to pull the sheets and blanket back up, since he'd know I was awake. After a few minutes, I felt a familiar rhythm in the mattress. He was totally jacking off! I could hear him breathing deeply, and even moaned a couple times. I heard him say "oh fuck" under his breath, and then let out a low grown. "Mmmmmmmmm oh...oh-oh..." I got hard thinking about him cumming, when I suddenly felt a long splat against my back. I opened my eyes in shock, and felt another splat against my shoulders. This couldn't be happening...I waited to see if he would wipe it off, but he kept pumping away. "Oh shit." He stopped jerking, and I heard the click of the lamp on his side of the bed. "Oh fuck," as he messed with the sheets. I felt him softly wipe at my back, and I thought I may as well just get up and make my consciousness known. I sat up and looked over.

He was completely in shock, standing hunched over the bed, t shirt in hand, completely naked, covered in his own cum. "Dude, I'm so fucking sorry man." I reached behind, and wiped at the cum on my lower back. I chuckled quietly. "Kyle, you prick. You couldn't wait til after the weekend?" I looked over, and he was red in the face, and still standing in that awkward position. "I'm kidding, shit happens." I was actually glad this was happening. It was hot. He handed me his t shirt, and I wiped at my back, still watching him. He had pulled his boxers off, and was using them to mop himself up. I felt like there was a lot of cum on my back, and he already had the boxers soaked, as he ran it over his hard chest, and furry stomach, which pudged out a little. His bush was a lot thicker, and covered more of his groin than I remember. Little white globs of cum were all throughout it.

I got out of bed, ignoring my boner, and tried to mop between my shoulders. He walked over and turned me around, wiping at it. "I'm sorry man, Rayna got me so hot and hard, I just had to jerk one out." I shrugged and said "It's ok, seriously." He turned me back around, and pointed at my tent. "I guess you'll be jerking one out huh?" We both laughed, and I adjusted myself. He was still hard too, as he sat on the edge of the bed. We could hear Luke snoring loudly, and Kyle reached over to shut the lamp off. "Did you ever jack off with anyone else man?" I looked over, and saw the outline of his face. "No, but I know a lot of guys used to get together after school and jack off in that old bathroom in the basement floor." He sighed in recollection, and I heard the sheets rustle. "I could jerk another one out man, if you want to take care of your business too." I shrugged, and touched myself, feeling my dick twitch in response. "Sounds good, but I may have to repay the favor, and cum on your back." He chuckled and said "Well, maybe not my back, but I'll letyou get me if you want." I became so aroused at this idea.

We jerked off for a few minutes, breathing deeply and sighing alternately. "Man I'm close already," He said. I felt myself reaching closer to cumming too, so I turned to face him. "I'm gonna cum too. Get ready" I said with a quiet laugh. He faced me, and our dicks even touched for a second. This made me cum instantly, and I felt my load spray against his stomach. "Fuck dude...fucccckkkk." I felt him shoot a load against me too. He went loose, and leaned forward, his forehead resting on my shoulder, and I felt his dick head rub against my thigh. It kept shooting cum against my skin. I was still jerking, although I felt myself coming back down. I could feel Kyle's breath on my skin, and his dick flexing up and down, sliding back and forth across the top of my thigh, smoothing out the cum he had just covered me in. We were still breathing heavily, and he sat up, and pulled at the sheets. "Dude, what the fuck are we goin to tell them?" "who?" "everyone. These sheets are obvious man." "We'll just put them in the laundry, and get new ones." "Ok, but what if they ask why?" I thought for a second, and then decided we could shove them under the bed. The lodge was in Sarah's name anyway, so by the time they questioned her, she wouldn't even know who was sleeping where.

We quickly wiped ourselves off on the sheets, and pulled on new boxers. We shoved the sheets under the bed, and crept through the hall to the laundry room, which was across the great room, in the girls' wing of the lodge. We found the linen closet, and figured out which sheets were king size, and made out way back to the guys' room. After an hour, we finally had the bed, and us, back to where we were at the beginning of the night.

I slept like a baby, and woke up the next day to Kyle snorting. The sun was incredibly bright, and shining in through the bay window. I turned away from the light, and saw that a couple of the other guys were still sleeping as well. I pulled the sheets over my head, and could see Kyle's body under the covers. His chest had light blonde hairs covering it, and it looked big and solid as he breathed in and out. The hairs continued downward, and became thicker, and darker as they trailed down to his boxers. He was hard, and his dick was pointing up toward his thigh, the head peeking out of the waistband. The flap was open, and I could see his darker pubes inside. I was tempted to reach out and grab it, but I heard voices coming down the hall, and quickly turned to face the window.

I showered quickly, and went out to see almost everyone sitting around the large table in the dining hall. The girls had all made a bunch of food, and I sat down to enjoy breakfast. Kyle came out after awhile, with a hoodie and sweats on. He winked at me as he walked over to sit by Rayna. The rest of the day flew by, with snowmobiling, a trip into town, and chopping wood. That night Kyle went to bed shortly after I did, and we jacked off together again. This time, we used a towel instead of sheets. It got so intense, he grabbed my hand, intertwining his fingers in mine, while he put his head on my shoulder, and came hard against me. We message each other on FB often, and thanks to a certain app, we've had fun sending pictures back and forth to each other. I wouldn't say it's an affair, but it's definitely a bromance type situation. We got a few people to agree on New Year's in New York to see the ball drop, so we'll see how the sleeping situation goes. I'm anxious to see if we'll get together again.



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