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Krystal 4 Jill (b.1973), Krystal (b.1971), Lisa (b.1969)

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Ahhh, the boys are both in high school and have been for the last couple of years. Forty-three was my last birthday and I've finally given up repressing these constant sexual urges that have been nagging me for the last five years. It's like a light switch went on and I became frequently horny and aroused. What is it with women in their forties?

Lisa b1977
Krys b1979
Jill b1981

Early Sexuality (1981-1990)
First Sexual Deviation (1991)
Fourth of July (1992)
Second Sexual Deviation (still 1992)

...and now...
Third Sexual Deviation:
(around 1993)


Lisa b1977
Krys b1979
Jill b1981

Early Sexuality (1981-1990)
First Sexual Deviation (1991)
Fourth of July (1992)
Second Sexual Deviation (still 1992)

...and now...
Third Sexual Deviation:
(around 1993)

Oh that was such a wonderful summer, but unfortunately never to be repeated. However, Alicia and I carried on our affair for six more years but much less frequently. We never had an argument and I truly fell in love with her even going with her over a long weekend vacation to the sand dunes. It was cold and rainy, so we only left the motel room to eat. I met a fabulous hunk of a man in 1997 and married him six months later, but still enjoyed Alicia for the next two years until she moved out of state with her husband's new job.   It was awful leaving her and Georgia was way too far to travel, so we wrote encrypted letters, called each other and finally email. To this day, she is a Face Book friend and we've set up an internet email account for our more private conversations and pictures.  Were just starting to get the hang of Skype although I'm a bit wary of all that.

I still dated boys about monthly and am proud of being adept in showing them what sensual pleasures I enjoy except intercourse, remember, I was a virgin.   If they didn't like that, then it was the first and last date.   Three guys were real gems, respected my wishes and strove to please me with vigor.   I reciprocated in the same manner and married one of them.   Out of concern that one day I would succumb to the beckoning of intercourse, I had started on birth control pills.   My resolve only went so far and I know myself well.

Around mid-1993, Lisa called me at the dorm and in a serious voice, asked me to come over, that she had something to tell me.   Worried that she was sick or had cancer, I rushed over expecting the worst, and I have to admit, her news was a bit disheartening.   She had met a guy, thought she was falling in love with him, hadn't told me because she was afraid of my reaction.   Mmmms  sounds familiar! I was already guilty of that with regard to Alicia. Then she said she had sex with him  and it was disappointing the first time, but became wonderful.

Not really knowing how to react, I just leaned forward and hugged her, then broke out in tears.   How she understood, I wouldn't know until later, but between our sobs, we knew this was going to be wonderful for her.   We ate egg sandwiches that night and downed a bottle of wine (can't believe that combination).   Lisa assured me that she loved Jill and I just as much but something had changed. Sensing she was going to break off our sexual relationship, I shuddered and stepped back from her.

Not that,  you idiot, You always assume the worst.    Here let me show you.   And with that she pull off her pants and panties and pointed to her pussy which looked just the same to me. I'm no longer a virgin, duh!

Well I assumed that when you said you had sex, duh!  I shot back.

Do you want to see?? and she sat back on a chair, but her legs were tight together.    Alicia was the first woman I'd seen, touched, licked and fingered who wasn't a virgin, so a gaping pussy wasn't too much of a surprise, but I still was fascinated since all our pussies were so much alike.   She didn't wait for my answer, spread her legs and propped her feet in the chair seat.   And there it was, same clitoris, same thin, short lips, but a definite gap where her hymen used to be.    She pushed down and I was greeted with a nice view of her peehole, then she giggled, You should see the expression on your face!     I can't wait to show Jill.   More giggles.   I will admit to being caught off guard, but everything she told and showed me primed my arousal.

She saw the look in my eyes and the flush on my face and chest and immediately knew what I was thinking and what I wanted.   Go ahead, sis, please.   And I was on my knees, my mouth against her pussy in an instant. This time, her pussy yielded to my tongue completely and she wiggled with pleasure.   My hand went to my own pussy, but Lisa was already bucking against my mouth as she started to cum,  Can't wait  ugh, ugh! UGH!  oh shit!

Then my own came, but my mouth was dedicated to pleasing my sister, licking and probing until she told me to stop.  Shit, I never could hold off for very long  I gasped!  Me either,   she breathed, but we have the whole night ahead of us.    And we pleasured each other two more times that night, fell asleep spooning and moaning.

A couple weeks later, we all met at home for our parent's anniversary and as usual, we relished our bedtime.   This time, Jill would have the surprise and a surprise it was for her.  And yes, the look on her face made us all giggle. Lisa was greeted with Jill's warm mouth and a nice orgasm while I watched and fingered myself.   Two nights together with my sisters is never enough especially with Lisa describing intercourse with Jim in detail.   We were horny, randy, dripping, engorged all weekend.

Jill fished the Polaroid camera out of the closet and we took the identical poses as before but it was obvious that Lisa's pussy had definitely changed. In our aroused state, we had neglected to label those original photos, so those pussies remained unknown, but now we could easily identify Lisa.   Three more photos were added to the collection which Jill eventually scanned and then destroyed years later for fear they would be discovered.

Lisa followed me back to IU and we stopped at her apartment before I had to return to my dreary dorm room. Being envious of her wasn't exactly the way I felt, but I'll have to admit that her description of how a man's cock felt inside her was very arousing.   I was proud of my virginity and had boyfriends with whom I enjoyed wonderful experiences and pleasures, but it was nagging at me that I had never had a man in me. We talked about it for a while and then Lisa's eyes lit up.  Follow me,  and she went to her bedroom.

She went over to her bed and laid down and obediently followed thinking that one more time with my big sister would be a great way to end the weekend.  No, not you.   You go in the closet, and she pointed to the double sliding louver doors that opened into a large walk-in closet.

Gee, sis, you're getting kinky on me,  and we giggled as I went into her closet and slid the doors shut.   She told me not to come out until she told me to.   So there I was, by myself in the dark closet, looking at her beautiful, trendy clothes in silence.   I could her rustling on the bed, but other than that, boring silence.

Can I come out now??   I asked in a little girl's voice.

Shut up and do what I tell you!? was her curt response.

Jeez, she was getting in a foul mood over nothing, so I waiting a whole two minutes (patience was never my strong point) and was about to storm out of the closet when I realized I could see her through the louvers lying naked on her bed leisurely masturbating.   Her bed was across the room and not in full view, but it was obvious.   So I was going to have to play her game, stand in the dark closet and watch her, which I did because she was beautiful and lovely to watch.   But she wasn't going to have all the fun. I stripped naked, caressed my breasts, tweaked my nipples, rubbed my thighs and eventually landed on my pussy where I automatically started in masturbation mode.

Then she got on her knees facing me and bucked like she was riding a bronco, Oh please, Jim, please.  You feel so good.   Please cum in me!  The light went on in my one-track, oversexed brain and suddenly I was stroking my clit faster.

You're so big, ugh, ugh.   Don't stop, please let me cum!   My other hand found my hole and I thrust it deep inside me.  Lisa, her imaginary Jim, and I climaxed at the same time.   I burst out of the closet, jumped on her and pinned her to the bed, my wet pussy soaking her tummy.   You slut,  I hissed, You're kidding, right??

I'll call you, Krys,  and then sent me packing without another word.

Lisa was a schemer and by Saturday had arranged a sleepover for Jim and I at her place, except Jim knew only half the plan.   Lisa told me to come over Saturday morning to help in moving some furniture, but little did I know that it was a complete re-arrangement of her bedroom.    She had it all planned out and by the time we were done, we were both sweaty and tired.   The bed was a mere five feet away from the closet so that the view through the slats was from the bottom.   Everything on the bed was in view and very close. My clit was tingling already.

Help me with my shower, please, and off we went to a relaxing bath and a quick cum.

Waiting for Jim and Lisa to return was nerve wracking and I went to that closet a dozen times to make sure I had the right position.    There was no escape if he caught me, but I did make a nice nest behind the hang-ups that I could retreat to if things went bad.   All I wore was a robe, naked underneath because I didn't want to make any detectable noise trying to masturbate to their love-making.   With the lights out and in total darkness, I had to move all the shoes, clothes basket, and boxes aside so I didn't trip over something and make a fool of myself.   Cripes, I was so anxious that I wasn't even aroused.

At 10:15, I heard Lisa's loud laughter which was my signal to get out of sight. The apartment door opened and I could tell by their giddiness and slurred words that they had had a lot to drink.  Thinking I could use a drink or two myself right now.   I headed to the closet in the dark without a problem and silently slide the doors shut and waiting, shivering and far from aroused.   The bedroom door opened and they stumbled in giggling and whispering as I heard zippers, snaps and belts and then loud kissing and moaning. The only light was from the kitchen going through the bedroom door and I was thoroughly disappointed that there really wasn't much to see as I squinted through the slats.

 I can't see shit,  slurred Lisa and then the nightstand light clicked on flooding the room very nicely  from my point of view.  That's better.   Now we can all see!! Ooops!! and she laughed. Jim didn't catch that one.   Cripes she was plastered!

I'm going to slip into something special, Jim.   I think you'll like it,  and she headed towards the closet.  WHAT? What is she doing?   But buck naked Jim followed close behind goosing her with his cock and in they stumbled.   I barely had time to scurry into my hiding place behind the clothes when the closet light went on and as Lisa, partially bent over, rummaged through a drawer, Jim was busy pulling her panties down from behind and poking her with his cock.

My view was stellar, but uncomfortably close.   Through the hanging clothes, I had a sideways view, head to toe just three feet away.   It dawned on me that I could have easily reached out, encircled Jim's erection with my hot, sweaty hand and guided him into my sister's pussy. They wiggled around, struggling for the right position then her eyes squeezed shut and she moaned and grunted at about the same time as Jim, indicating that he eventually found her pussy and was entering her.   Lisa moaned encouragement meeting his gentle thrusts as he grunted his pleasure.   It was easy to see his manly body silhouetted against her, his hand on her hips as his thrusts deepened. And me, what about me?   I was trapped, afraid to breathe let alone go for my own pleasure.   Evidently, I was completely hidden from Jim and besides, he was too busy working up his own orgasm to even notice.

Ugh, ugh, oh, oh Jim, please!   she cried. Now!  he grunted, and in perfect rhythm and timing they both started to climax.   Oh it was marvelous to see and hear, a man and woman, made for each other, fitting perfectly together, both in ecstasy. They both stopped their humping and he covered her back and neck with tender kisses as she leaned back into him thrusting her hips towards me.   She snickered and giggled followed by Jim asking what was so funny.

Oh nothing, just feeling how wet you made me,   and she glanced in my direction.

Are you playing with yourself again??   asked Jim from the bathroom. Jeepers,   you are at yourself all day!!

Then away she went, following Jim to the bathroom.   There I was shaking and shuddering from the memorable event that took place right before my eyes.   So horny, engorged, and confused I could scream.   But not so confused that I knew what I had to do next or I would lose it.   I clamped onto my pussy and quietly climaxed against the wall while still in my little hiding place.

Toilet flushed, water turned on in the shower so I cautiously slipped out of the closet just as Lisa was leaving. Stay in there! she whispered.   I looked at the floor and then at her. She smiled and opened the bathroom door wider giving me a full view of her man and oh god he was a hunk!   Definitely over six feet, well-muscled and fit.   Lisa stood in the doorway so I could hide behind her and gather up this beautiful male and seer him into my memory. Even his limp cock was still thick and long, dangling as he walked to the mirror.   He was fondling it and talking to Lisa but I wasn'  t paying attention, just glued to him. What is it with men and fondling themselves?   Guess if I had a cock like that, I would be playing with it a lot too!

Lisa shooed me away behind her back so I rushed back into my prison closet one more time. The musky smell of sex was all over and as I crouched down to peer through the slats, my own, strong odor was obvious. Wetness was running down my thighs and the quick orgasm did practically nothing to abate my throbbing clitoris.

After some time in the bathroom, they both reappeared, naked and jumped on the bed.   The next two hours were complete boredom for me as they both fell asleep.   It was very dark and I couldn't really do much but prop myself against the wall and doze off.   A sharp cough awakened me in a state of confusion, and while I was getting my bearings, I heard moans and sighs.   Realizing where I was, I crawled over the closet door and again peered out the slats just in time to see Lisa pull off the sheet moaning something about being too hot. She turned on the little nightstand lamp revealing two beautiful naked bodies, one with a huge erection throbbing in the air. My view was very good.

Lisa bent over and took part of it in her mouth as Jim moaned with pleasure. Unfortunately, Lisa completely blocked my view, but by Jim's moaning and writhing, I knew he was enjoying the warm, wet pleasure Lisa was giving him. He reached underneath her and she spread her legs and raised up a little to accommodate his hand which went straight to her pussy. Now I had a perfect view of Lisa's bald pussy and Jim's finger which worked its way inside her.   Now it was her turn to moan.   My pussy needed attention, but I knew that I would cum too soon if I started playing with myself now, so I clamped my legs together and pinched my nipples.

I need you!  whispered Lisa, and she swung her leg over his torso and trapped his cock between her legs.   Slowly she started to ride him, lifting up her hips enough for me to see that his manhood was not yet in her but ready at any moment.   Now I was ready to pay some attention to myself and eased my hand to my wet, drooling pussy, slowly caressing it but avoiding contact with that sensitive clit of mine.   Already my pussy was clenching with pleasure and need.

I can't wait much longer, honey.   We'd better start soon,  he moaned.   And with that, Lisa raised up and positioned his huge cock where she wanted and slowing did a little up and down dance taking more and more of him into her pussy.   She turned and looked back in my direction knowing that I was riveted to my position behind the louvers, and then plunged down on his cock with a groan.

That was Lisa, putting on a show and in control.   She was enjoying both Jim's lovemaking and knowing I was watching every move.   Also knowing that my body was wrecked with desire and need and that I was busy pleasuring myself.  Jim placed his hands on her hips and they rocked in harmony for a short while.   Then Lisa laid flat on him, exposing her pussy in full  to me with that enormous cock sliding in and out, glistening with her wetness.   Their rhythm quickened and then Lisa's plea for satisfaction came loudly,   Go, go, Jim, ugh, ugh??

Groans, primeval grunts and raspy breathing followed and they both neared orgasm.   Lisa raised up again and rocked like she was riding a bronco, then stiffened and bent forward with her hands on his chest  UGHGHGHG!   I'm cumming!

Jim's thighs tightened and he raised her off the bed as his orgasm surged through him.   They jerked and spasmed for what seemed like a long time.   Then it slowed to a gentle rocking as Lisa collapsed on him. His cum oozed out of her glistening pussy as they kissed and snuggled.

But it was my turn now and I laid back in the floor, inserted a finger into my pussy and slowly rubbed my clit.   Being absolutely quiet was a must, so it was agonizing to circle my hard clit without making those wet, crackling sounds.   Soon the pleasure shocks of my inevitable orgasm were near and I pushed hard on my clit and stiffened. Rewarded with an intense wave of pleasure, I stifled a moan and held my breath.   Curling up on my side into a fetal position, I finished a fantastic orgasm with left me panting and sweaty.

Jim went to the bathroom, but Lisa lingered behind, came up close to the louvers and whispered for me to look at her.   Then she spread her pussy and a mixture of her wetness and his cum oozed out and down her thighs, some dripping on the floor.   I wanted to touch her, but the moment she saw the door opening, she hissed, Stay put you idiot!   You want to be caught??   And then off she went to join Jim in the bathroom where they showered together again.

The rest of the evening and night was spent in my prison with nothing else to do but go to sleep.   I put on my robe, went to the back of the closet and fell asleep.   I was awakened the next morning by the water running and dishes clanking in the kitchen, but I was still trapped for the next two hours, so in the dim morning light, I rummaged through Lisa's drawers and clothes until they returned from breakfast.   He put on his clothes, they kissed passionately and she walked him to the door.   A couple minutes later I heard the door shut loudly and as I opened the gates to my prison.  Lisa pranced into the room in her robe.

What did you think?? she squealed.   I stood there actually speechless. Ha! You were impressed weren't you? Played with your little pussy, I bet.   Look at you all disheveled, wet and crusty.

Finally I found my tongue, Oh Lisa, it was wonderful.   I loved it! Oh god it made me so horny!.

We sat on her bed and talked about every detail. She asked me to describe his cock to her but I became flustered telling her it was awkward because he was her boyfriend, but she egged me on telling me I was a part of her life, every part. So I opened up, describing his beautiful manhood and how I wanted to hold it and jack him off.   How my pussy ached for release when I was watching it enter her.   She smiled as I praised how sensual and natural they looked together.   All this conversation was arousing me again and I asked Lisa if she would mind if I masturbated.

No of course not, but do it right here in front of me.   And tell me again what you saw and what you liked the best.  And I laid back, parted my robe and started playing with my clit.  Lisa did the same thing and there we were, face to face (pussy to pussy) pleasuring ourselves.   I felt so very close to her, grateful that she thought enough of me to share those intimate moments with Jim.

I enjoyed watching her caress herself and diddle her clit. It was good to know that she still felt close to me, close enough to again share our pleasures with each other.   We took off our robes, embraced on the bed and she kissed me just as passionately as she did her lover.   We rolled around on the bed, legs spread, humping each other, building up into a frenzy.   She rode me like she did Jim, grinding our wet pussies together.   Then she turned around and inched her pussy closer to my face as she licked and kissed her way down to my mound.

Her smell was musky and wonderful and I filled my head with her aroma.   She asked if this was OK and I answered by planting a kiss on her pussy lips and then reached inside her with my tongue.   Thinking the taste would be offensive, I was tentative, slow, but was greeted with a mixture of wetness that I liked.   Her tongue immediately found my clit and we were soon on our way to sexual bliss.   We climaxed together hard, making it last as long as possible giving each other kisses and licks that made us both clench and spasm for several minutes after.

Washing each other in the shower has always been sensual, but this time it was a special bonding that meant that no matter what happened in life, we would still love each other.   We talked at length about this and decided that we couldn't leave Jill out this relationship.   A month later, Jill and I were imprisoned in Lisa's closet for an afternoon while we watched Jim ravish and make love to her twice.   Oh it was so much more enjoyable with Jill next to me to share.   Several silent orgasms from both of us left us drained but satisfied.

Just like for me, Lisa urged Jill to describe what she saw.   She became so flustered she started to cry, but soothing words and caresses settled her down until we were all over each other.   And like me, Jill greedily accepted Lisa's invitation to her pussy.   One by one we pleased each other again and then the bonding shower at the end. We were inseparable and in love.

We give Lisa all the credit;  she was the glue that bound us together.   She was definitely in charge, but in a motherly way that lead to endless sensual moments in all our lives.   Being a virgin until I married, I couldn't  share my intimate moments with my boyfriend, so I had to wait until after I married.   It was a situation I had to seriously ponder and wondered if it would adversely affect my marriage.  It didn't at all.   In fact it enhanced it.   Jill had two boyfriends that we probably had a good opportunity to watch, but our pact was to wait until it was the one we married.   And that we did.



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