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Kissing My Own Dick

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I arranged to make my naughty CFNM dreams come true


As I write this, I'm sitting at the family computer totally nude, with my dick pulsating in excitement at the thought of what I'm going to write about. I'm the only one at home, the first thing I do when I have the house to myself is take off all my clothes and masturbate out in the open in the places of our home that have the most family activity.

I'm a 55 year old married dad. I work out regularly, so I still have a pretty good body. I have a fairly large dick, a little over nine inches, and I love to play with it. I also love doing something that I think of as very naughty, I love to lick and kiss my own dick. When I was younger I found that I could get the head of my dick in my mouth by lying on my back and throwing my legs over my head, and hooking my toes on something like the headboard of a bed. I can't get enough of my dick in my mouth to really suck it, so I enjoy licking it, and especially kissing it. It has already become clear to me that it's going to take me a while to write this, because I keep having to pause to masturbate. The idea of everyone who reads this knowing that I kiss my own dick makes my head spin and my dick throb.

The porn that I enjoy masturbating to the most is CFNM porn. I love to see a group of sexy young women, fully clothed, force a guy to take off all this clothes and masturbate in front of them. I love how they look at each other and giggle at the spectacle of this guy standing in front of them completely naked and doing something so private and personal. I love how they squeal in delight when the guy cums, shooting his semen all over himself or the floor. At that point I cum all over myself, too, imagining that I'm the one they're watching and giggling and squealing about.

I knew for a long time that I needed to experience something like that. I finally put an ad out looking for a young woman who would meet me in a hotel room and take photos of me while I masturbate and kiss my own dick. I received a response almost immediately from a young woman who said she would do it, and we agreed that I would pay her $100 for one hour the following Saturday. She identified herself as Kelly, which I assumed was a made-up name.

When I checked into the hotel and got into my room, I was delirious with excitement. I just couldn't wait to hear the knock on the door. It's very difficult for me to refrain from masturbating right now and to concentrate on writing this. Right on time, I heard the knock on the door. When I opened it, I was blown away. Kelly was just the cutest thing, petite, pretty and a sweet, sweet smile. She appeared to be in her early or mid 20s. We sat on the bed and I showed her how to use my camera, which also took video clips. I mentioned to her that I travel a lot, and that the first thing I always do when I get to my hotel room is take off all my clothes and masturbate. She laughed and said, 'Doesn't everybody do that?'

With camera in hand, she suggested I show her what I do. I told her that I couldn't wait to do that, because I love to expose myself. She giggled and called me a naughty boy, and watched intently as I took off all my clothes. When I got down to my underwear she could see that my dick was fully erect, and her eyes got big when she saw the size of my dick. As if on cue, she put her hand to her mouth and squealed. 'Oh my God!', the reaction that I had imagined countless times in my masturbatory fantasies. When I exposed my dick to her, she said, 'Oh wow,' and started taking pictures of me. I wanted her to see exactly what I do when I check into a hotel room, so I went over to the window and started masturbating in front of it. We were on a higher floor and no one could see in, but at least she knew what I did, and she loved it.

The next thing I wanted to do was re-enact something I'd seen in a CFNM video that I just loved. I asked her to sit in the armchair, and I lay down in front of her with my feet up in the chair on either side of her. I felt so totally exposed to her that way that it was hard to keep myself from cumming. She took photos and video clips as I masturbated, pausing occasionally to give her a pose with the full length of my dick completely visible. She was amazing, cooing encouragement like, 'That's it, stroke that huge cock. Show me how naughty you are!' I kept saying things like how much I loved exposing my dick to her. She soon picked up on the fact that I prefer calling it my 'dick,' not my 'cock,' and she began to use that word over and over: 'That's it, show Kelly your hard dick ... Rub that amazing dick for me.' She also picked up on the fact that I love the word, 'masturbate,' and she would say things that she knew thrilled me, like, 'I can't believe you would take off all your clothes and masturbate in front of me like this!' She kept watching and taking photos and video clips as I moved to different positions, one of my favorites being facing each other in opposite chairs. The feeling of being nude and masturbating in front of this beautiful, sweet creature was overwhelming. The entire time she would talk about my dick, and about how she couldn't wait to see me put it in my own mouth.

I was dying to ejaculate, so after about 45 minutes I told her I was going to show her what I do when I feel really naughty. She knew what that meant, and giggled with delight. I lay on the bed on my back, and as I had done hundreds of times before, but only alone. I threw my legs over my head and hooked my toes on the headboard. I looked at Kelly, who was capturing it all on video, and at my quivering dick, inches from my lips. Kelly gasped as I wrapped my lips around the head and began licking and kissing it. She was enthralled, her voice had gotten a rasp to it, and I knew she was incredibly aroused. For the first time, she started using the word 'fuck', 'That's it ... kiss that fucking dick ... that's so fucking nasty.' I asked her what she thought would be nastier, cumming in my mouth or all over my face. 'Cum all over your fucking face,' she said. 'Shoot your hot fucking cum all over your fucking face.' That did it. I felt the surge we all long for erupting from my balls, and I shot spurt after spurt of cum, keeping my senses about me enough to try to cover as much of my face as I possibly could. 'Oh fuck YES,' Kelly squealed. 'You dirty fuck, look at your fucking face covered in your own fucking cum!'

I was delirious. We all know the almost instantaneous reversion back to reality we feel after we cum, and the feeling of embarrassment that typically accompanies a particularly outrageous masturbatory act. I felt a little of that, but mostly I loved having her taking pictures of my cum-covered face. After a couple of minutes I went into the bathroom and washed up, and Kelly gathered her things. I thanked her and paid her, including a generous tip, and she was on her way. I never touched her, and she never touched me. Yet it was probably the most sexually arousing experience of my life. To this day I masturbate to those photos and video clips, enjoying her voice in the background on the videos, and being blown away by what this pretty thing was looking at in that hotel room. I like to think that she went home and masturbated to the vision of me kissing my dick and cumming all over my face. And I like to think that now, other people will, too.



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