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Kissing Her Hand

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Greeneyed Girl
It was the summer of ’02 when she was at a writers’ workshop. She met with the group only three times a week in the afternoon so mornings could be spent writing. She was hoping to finish a novel she’d been writing for two years now and this was a special opportunity. As chance would have it, she couldn’t find a studio apartment in which to live with total privacy. She had wanted to be away from things, especially away from men. She’d broken up with her college boyfriend of two years just prior to coming, and she was glad to be done with it and with guys for a while. This summer would be devoted to writing that book at long last. In the end she settled on sharing a small house that was out of town and near a private lake. It was peaceful there and surrounded by beautiful meadows and woods. Here she cold write.
The only drawback to this setting was the roommate. The woman who had agreed to share it back in the housing office had suddenly decided that she was backing out of the program. Sara had stood there frustrated but unable to change a situation like that so she graciously wished the woman good luck and wondered now what? Almost upon cue a tall guy who had been looking through the housing listings turned around and said he’d overheard and wondered if she would consider a male roommate. He joked about it and said he’d give her references and that he was in fact a good lawn mower and cook. Plus he was in another workshop and was also totally focused on his work for the next two and a half months. He introduced himself and they shook hands. He had a charming, easy going manner about him and Sara tried hard not to keep staring at his amazing blue eyes. His hair was dark brown and his skin well tanned. The eyes stood out and it was hard not to stare. He was tall, probably 6’2” and slender but well built. She quickly dismissed the issue that he might be a distraction because she was determined that no man was ever again going to break her heart. She agreed and they went out to look at the house together, came back and signed the contract. By noon they had moved in. He offered her the larger of the two bedrooms, the one that overlooked the garden and the pond.
Life fell into a routine of class, writing, cooking dinner together and listening to music since there was no TV where they were. Sometimes they danced and Sara started looking forward to slow dancing with him on the patio with the moon as their only guide. She learned that he had had a similar breakup the previous spring and had vowed off of women. He joked that the one problem of being a man was that it was in fact impossible to be without a woman for very long. They both knew what he meant. She didn’t say a word but thought about him that night—Sam alone in bed, naked, pleasuring himself over and over. The thought of that became a constant and often led her to slowly masturbating, letting her hands be his hands and mouth. She stared at him somedays wondering what his cock look like. Was it cut or not, how long it might be, how thick it was, how often he had erections and how often he masturbated when his door was closed and he should be writing.
The second week passed like this and by the third, Sara acknowledged to herself that she had quite a deep crush on Sam. Sometimes when he had finished exercising or mowing the lawn, she’d bring him a cold beer or iced tea and stand there looking at how sweat glistened on his face and chest and she’d smell his maleness. It was at times like that that her arousal became very intense. When he’d go in to shower, she would stay outside in the old wicker chair she favored and she’d slip her gauzy summer skirt up and begin to touch herself. She found that she began to anticipate those times and start going without panties to make her work easier. The breeze blowing through her skirt would by itself start her arousal. What she hadn’t anticipated for some reason—probably because she very naively figured Sam really wasn’t into women right now (he had after all joked about his summer of celibacy) was that he too was watching her. She honestly didn’t think about it at all. Little did she imagine that he immediately figured out her secret of not wearing panties despite her love of flowing soft fabric in summer skirts. He was discreet given the circumstances. He couldn’t let on that he could and did clearly see the outlines of her soft curving ass when she went to cut a few flowers, the sun streaming in all around her. Instead he stayed seated and felt his cock grow hard immediately. He’d pretend to be reading and he’d instead slip one hand under the book and press his swollen member. Not being able to stroke it openly doubled the pleasure he felt. It became a little ritual for him. He’d talk to her, watch her, “read” and enjoy himself and when it grew too hard to bear (no pun intended), he’d find a chance when her head was turned or she was busy and he’d slip away and into his room. There he would lie on the bed, naked and stroking himself slowly at first, imagining what she looked like. He thought of her lovely ass and how much he wanted to caress it and press himself up against it. He thought of her breasts which weren’t huge but perfect handfuls for him. So often now he’d seen her nipples grow hard as they sat there talking or taking a walk. He found them a constant distraction and now, in his room, he’d imagine touching them, licking them, sucking them. He’d give soft nibbles to one and imagine her response. All the while he was thinking of this, he’d be stroking himself vigorously now. The final treat was in imagining her legs spreading open for him to slide down and taste. He knew he would love to eat her sweet pussy for hours. He could even imagine her moans and cries as she came again and again before he stopped, ready to insert his cock. By now it was so hard and his balls so full and tight that he couldn’t hold back. He’d give in as he imagined them fucking…and he would shoot his cum all over his chest, huge, hard spurts—all for her.
One night there was a full moon and they sat up later than expected. She had wanted margaritas and had so carefully prepared them. They both drank a bit too much and as the evening drew on, they both fell asleep on the porch. They’d been sitting in the old fashioned glider—a relic from the ‘50s or ‘60s—swinging it gently as they talked. It seemed they’d never run out of things to say to one another and in their slightly drunken state, they each talked of their breakups and why the relationships had ended. Somehow the endless talk drifted into a soft, gentle sleep, with Sara curled up on her side, her head resting on his chest.
They had both been out on the porch till late sleeping this way. They seemed to wake at the same time, neither feeling awkward at this closeness they had experienced together. They had simply said their goodnights and headed for their rooms.
But Sara had been up by seven and she wanted to surprise him with breakfast this morning. She threw on a loose sundress and went downstairs to the kitchen. She decided that it would be great to cut some fresh herbs for the omelets that she intended to make, so she grabbed a little basket and a pair of scissors and headed outside. She made her way through the garden and looked around. Maybe some fresh chives, a little rosemary, some cilantro. Yes, that would be perfect. She would even get a tomato and make it southwestern style. As she was about to bend down to cut the chives she looked up at the house. She was only about ten feet away and she glanced up. She saw him.
He stood by the sink, brushing his teeth, and he was naked. She was immediately embarrassed and realized that there weren’t blinds on the windows. Who needed them with this seclusion? She quickly looked away, mortified at seeing him like this. But she couldn’t bring herself to not look back. This time her glance lingered. She saw him turn and her eyes took him in from the back. Nice muscular tanned shoulders. Her eyes moved down to his bare backside and as she noticed the firm round cheeks and she found a familiar stirring within herself down below. She had to look away, but just as this thought crossed her mind, he turned a little and she saw his penis dangling there between his legs. It looked incredibly powerful even though it wasn’t erect. He wasn’t looking down so he hadn’t seen her look at him this way. She tried to look away again, but the sight of his rather thick cock just right there in front of her eyes was having its effects on her. She loved how it looked, and it appeared like it would be very thick and long when it was erect. She felt flushed and she immediately stooped down and cut the chives. She threw them in the basket and looked up once more watching him step into the shower and closing the curtain. She found her hand involuntarily reaching between her legs now, knowing there was dampness between them. As she stroked her pussy one long stroke, she found that she just couldn’t take it. She was very aroused and there was no turning back.
She went into the house and put the basket on the table and immediately went into the downstairs bathroom. Now she noticed there were no blinds here either and she was so self conscious. Had he seen her looking? It didn’t matter right now. She moved down to the floor, on the soft bathroom carpet. She hiked up the dress and her right hand moved to muff not believing how incredibly wet she was already. She took her left hand and put two fingers in her mouth and then took this hand and slid it inside her raised dress right up to her breasts. She pulled the bra aside and traced her right nipple with her wet fingers. She imaged that his wet lips were brushing it, sucking on it, pulling it into his mouth. Her other fingers moved inside of her very deeply. It wasn’t too long before she felt her body start to explode, squeezing her own fingers tightly with muffy. It was once again a very powerful, erotic orgasm. She wanted to continue but she sensed that he might be out of the shower and she didn’t know if she could control her moaning if she continued. She quickly adjusted her bra and stood up, the dress falling down, covering her. God, she reeked of her own sweet scents of sex. Maybe she would go upstairs and shower before he came down. And she was going to write this morning, no chance of that now!
Just as she exited the bathroom she saw him enter the kitchen wearing a low cut pair of surfer shorts, no shirt, just a towel draped over one shoulder. She found herself flushed from her morning activity as well as from the sight of him, now knowing exactly what was concealed by those shorts. She found her eyes glancing down. “Wow, Sara” she thought, “control yourself. How are you going to make it through two months?”
“I was going to take a quick swim before breakfast,” he said.
“Oh, and good morning,” he added. He noticed the look of shock in her eyes at seeing him and he had no idea what it represented. He tried to make light of it and walked over to her and extended his hand.
“Sam, remember?” he said. He loved teasing her like this.
She took his hand and had a dumbfounded look in her eyes. For some reason he lifted her hand and gave the back of it a little kiss. She saw his eyes widen a little as he did this. She hadn’t washed up and she felt like she could just die right there on the spot.
He released her hand and she grew crimson. “Something smells good,” he said with a wicked little smile. “What’s for breakfast?” She quickly walked over to the counter, having to move away from his staring eyes. He had smelled her scent on her hand, how could he not have? Shit, she could smell her own body right now. She wanted to die, he knew. And she was worried about him catching her looking at him through the window, now he knew that she had been masturbating in the downstairs’ bathroom.
”I was going to make omelets,” she managed to get out.
“Tell you what, why don’t you join me for a morning swim then we will cook together.
“Sounds good,” she answered, but she really wanted any excuse to get out of the kitchen and go wash her hands right now.
“Meet you out there,” he said as he left through the kitchen door.
Ten minutes later he saw her walk out onto the porch wearing a robe, he also caught a hint of the top of her suit revealing the swell of her breasts and he wondered just how long he could take this. She approached the lake and started to undo the robe. He noticed that her eyes saw his trunks on the railing. She looked over at him in the water.
“Oh, sorry, I never wear them when I’m alone. If it bothers you, I can put them back on. It’s not like you can see anything.”
Sara thought that this was very true, the water was dark and he was in chest deep right now and you couldn’t see into the water.
“It just feels so good this way,” he said. “Don’t feel you have to, but if you want, I will be a gentleman and look away, just tell me when you are in.” With that he turned his head away so as not to look. But the thought of her slipping off her suit aroused him immediately and he didn’t have to look down to see how swollen and eager his cock was his wake up jack off.
There was no way he could see and Sara contemplated this. He seemed serious and this act did seem harmless. Why should she be prudish? She trusted him. Her mind said, “What the hell?”
“No peaking or I won’t ever trust you again,” she said. With that she stripped off the robe. Actually she had wanted him to see her body in the bathing suit, she wanted to see that glimmer in his eye when he took in her body. But she guessed there would be other times for that. She reached behind her and undid the tie letting her breasts fall free. She stripped down the bottoms and stepped in the hot tub, one foot at a time. He hadn’t lifted his head and she was feeling so aroused again right now, quickly walking into the lake, them both naked.
“In,” she said. She made sure that she was in up to her neck and she saw that you could just see the swell of her breasts below the water.
He looked up. “Good morning. Great way to start the day, huh?” he said. “I was looking forward to this when I first saw the place.” Sara did admit it felt wonderful and she put swam around a little now, yet still staying near him. She kept imagining his cock and what she had seen. She wondered how the reality of them both being naked was affecting him. He started to swim seriously now and she did the same.
They made small talk, discussing the plans for the day and the writing schedule. After breakfast they both planned to put in four to five good strong hours and she was pleased with that. Her book was showing great progress. Maybe it was the country air, she thought.
After a half hour, she said, “Bout time for me to get out. I will make us some coffee and start cutting up the ingredients. Um, do you mind turning your head?”
“No problem.” As he turned he put his hands over his eyes and smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t peak.” She turned and stood up. But he found that he couldn’t resist one little peak.
“What was the harm anyway?” he thought. He saw her naked back and watched as her ass emerged from the water. God she looked so sexy. Her shoulders were just so lovely, the curve of her back, the nicely shaped curves of her ass, her lean muscular legs. He also caught a glimpse, just as she lifted one leg to step back into her bathing suit bottom, of the soft small patch of pubic hair just peaking through her opened legs. He saw some beads of water dripping from her lower soft brown locks, glistening from the water. He thought of this sight, but he was thinking of it drenched with something else other than water. It made him instantly hard again, seeing her this way. He closed his eyes, this lovely vision filling his head.
Finally he heard, “I’m out,” and he looked up. She had put her bathing suit back on, not bothering with the suit and he found himself sinking further into the water, hoping that she couldn’t see the state he was in, which of course, she couldn’t. He would stay in the water for ten more minutes and find a way to fix this state of arousal that was starting to actually ache. He made sure that she couldn’t see through the kitchen window, that is, if she decided to look out.
As Sara approached the house, she had the feeling that he was in the state that he was actually in, completely hard. How could he not be aroused, them both naked like this? She was also quite sure that he had taken a little peak and this secretly excited her to no end. She might need a little writing break later this morning, she might just think up a little different scenario than them in the lake. She fought the urge to rip off her bathing suit and jump back in the water with him. She imagined moving very close to him, their eyes locked, staring at each other, then beginning to explore the wonders of each other’s body. She pushed the thought out of head and went inside. The summer, after all, was still young.



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