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Kissing Game Leads to More

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My first sexual experience


In my previous submission, Maggie at Work, I mentioned that I've been a very sexual person for as long as I can remember, and even at the age of six I was often preoccupied with showing off my erections.

Technically, I guess my earliest experiences weren't really sexual. I was simply proud of my stiffy. My first experience showing it off to another girl my age came when I was maybe nine or ten. This was my buddy Katy, very much a tomboy, but who asked me one day if I could show her my 'thing.' Another boy in school had shown her his, and she was interested in seeing if mine was any different. As luck would have it, I had a spontaneous stiffy at the time, and she didn't have to ask me twice to drop my pants.

Katy went the extra mile to strip down completely, but I'll admit, this was more about me showing my erection to someone than seeing a girl naked. At that age, I wasn't really interested in the opposite gender yet, and she had a flat chest and a hairless slit anyway. It turned out to be a kind of non experience. It was cool to see what a girl looked like naked, and after that first encounter, I'd sometimes pull down my pants in front of her if I happened to be hard, and she'd usually respond with a big grin and with pulling down her pants, but like I said it was more about me being proud of my erections than about wanting to see her naked.

So my first actual sexual experience didn't come until the age of 13 or 14. At that time, my family had moved to the opposite end of the country. I had lost touch with Katy, but I had a new buddy, Rachael. I guess she was another tomboy. She loved to play basketball and she was better at talking trash than any guy friend I had. But unlike with Katy, I was starting to realize her feminine qualities. Rache had a really cute face and, sometimes when we were in our swimsuits on a hot summer day, I saw that she had small but noticeable bumps on her chest.

Yes, I am writing in very simple terms here, but there is a good reason. My understanding of anything sexual was extremely simple. This was well before the internet. It was around the time I had discovered masturbating and I had realized I wanted to see every girl - even every woman - naked, but my sexual knowledge was almost zero. My friends and I discovered a few Playboy magazines and my entire concept of sex at the time was based on that. So I knew girls liked to have their slits touched, even licked, but I didn't know actual sex involved a penis in a vagina.

Rache and I spent a lot of time together. As I said, we loved to play basketball. We went to the local pool. We even just spent time at her house or mine to watch television. She was my best bud without a dick.

The day everything changed was when we were on my bed and watching some show on MTV (you know, back when there was still music). Rache was wearing a sleeveless tank top and snuggled up to me. We were often like this, kind of spooning, and I don't know why I never read more into it before. Suddenly I noticed her bare shoulders, and I had the overwhelming urge to kiss them while running my fingertips up and down her arms. She giggled a few times but then said "Wow! That feels really good!"

I liked making Rache feel good. It took a while but eventually our game progressed to my lifting her shirt a bit and stroking her stomach while also kissing her neck. It seemed really innocent at first, but then she began sitting on my lap and lifting her shirt all the way to her neck. She was wearing a training bra, but initially I'd just kiss her chest while running my finger tips up and down her bare back. It gave me a stiffy pretty much every time and I liked that her crotch was pressed up against it.

It was just like yesterday. Her training bra had a clasp in the front. One day I decided to open it and see those bumps for myself. Rache didn't protest. I was suddenly faced with nipples that were kind of flat but very puffy. Instinctively I began to play with them in my hands while also kissing, licking, and sucking on them. Rache let out a loud sigh and I figured this was another way of making her feel good. I had just touched my first breasts.

This turned into our kissing game. If we were together alone, I'd kiss and stroke her gently, and I was always excited when there was also an opportunity for her to remove her top and her bra. She never returned the favor to kiss and stroke me but I also never cared about that.

As I said, it gave me an erection most times and I was always happy when she was pressed against it. Did she feel it? Did she like it? I also never thought of that for a long time.

The second big change was when she was straddling on my lap again, me kissing her budding breasts, a raging stiffy pressing against her, and I suddenly decided I wanted to show her what she might have been feeling all along. I pulled Rachael off me and onto the bed, and I said that I had a surprise I wanted to show her. I was wearing shorts and dropped them and my underwear in just a split second. My erection was pressing hard against my stomach and those were the days that trying to bend it down a little bit could hurt.

She got wild eyes and asked me to sit down next to her. Of course there were lots of questions. Are you always like this? When does this happen? Does this hurt? Can I touch it?

Oh, could she touch it? Hell, yeah. Even if I knew how to masturbate at that point, the concept of a handjob was still lost on me, yet I also figured it would really feel good if she grabbed my stiffy.

I never had to ask Rache. She also pulled down her pants and underwear to reveal her vagina that was sprouting its first pubic hairs. As much as I loved her puffy boobs, this got me even more excited. I felt a wave of electricity going through my body. I didn't really understand those sexual feelings at the time but I knew I wanted her cunt against my throbbing dick again. She knew it as well and promptly sat back down on me.

So our kissing game evolved to us being totally naked whenever we got the chance, and Rache's developing pussy was pressed firmly against my hard erection.

The third and final big change came one hot August or September day. We had both been in our swim clothes and easily removed everything to continue our kissing game. I leaned back and pulled Rache on top of me. I was kissing her neck but the big excitement was about feeling her on top of my erection. I guess she felt the same way, because she began pressing her pussy up and down on top of me. I grabbed her ass and helped her with her rhythm.

It was the first time another person gave me an orgasm. Even though Rachael's pussy was straddling my shaft, having her weight on my penis and having her move up and down stimulated my begging head in short time. Several waves of cum shot between our bodies. There was an initial embarrassment and I was scared she might find it gross. But it seems she knew more about sex than I thought because she happily giggled, "Ha, look! I made you spunk!"

Now it was my turn. Again, I didn't know about sex, even much about the female anatomy, but I had read a few times that a girl's slit was a very sensitive area. At that age, it took me only a split second to get horny again, and I rotated Rache onto the bed and began kissing her ankles. I had her legs pulled up so they were extended at a ninety degree angle and I was also stroking her calfs while continuing to move our kissing game down to her thighs.

I spent a few minutes doing this, and when both my mouth and my fingertips reached her vulva, it seemed only natural to plant a big kiss on her pussy.

Rachael was good at expressing when things felt good but I had never heard a loud sigh from her like this. It seemed like her whole body vibrated when I began kissing her slit. Maybe it was her clit? I didn't know at the time, I just knew to alternate between kissing her pussy and running my tongue up and down her slit. Eventually she reached down to grab my head with surprising force and begged "Don't stop!"

Her body convulsed and it felt like she was trying to push my entire face down into her pussy. Then she happily giggled, "Now you made me spunk!" Like the clueless idiot I was, I asked her that I didn't see any cum from her?



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