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Kenyan Housekeeping (1)

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A few years ago I used to have to travel to Africa on business quite a bit and it was in a hotel in Kenya that this story came about.

The hotel in question was part of a 'hospitality training college' where Kenyan students studied the hotel trade and gained experience whilst working within the hotel. It was quite basic place but spotlessly clean, comfortable and with a good menu.

Late one afternoon I got back to the hotel after a particularly sweaty afternoon in meetings in Nairobi. I had a shower once I got back to the room and had a couple of hours to kill before we had planned to meet in the bar for a couple of beers before dinner. After my shower I just laid on the bed letting the AC chill my body and watching a bit of TV.

I must have dropped off to sleep as the next thing I knew was a loud knock at the door. I awoke immediately thinking it was one of the guys in our party and yelled 'yep, one minute' as I headed for the bathroom to get a towel to preserve my modesty. Before I even got halfway towards the bathroom the door to the room opened and a large black girl in her 20s stepped in to the room calling out 'room service'. I immediately froze; covering my crotch with my hand and said 'wait a minute please' but whether she didn't hear me or didn't understand me she kept coming into the room looking unfazed by my nakedness. By the time she had stepped into the room properly she was standing between the bathroom and me so I had no way of getting to a towel without squeezing past her ample form. She explained that she had come to the room for 'turn down service' and went into the bathroom and began hanging up the towels and doing the things that housemaids do.

By this stage I thought that if she wasn't bothered by my nakedness why should I be and took my hands away from my crotch letting by dick and balls swing free. At this point she was in the bathroom and therefore couldn't really see me but I decided to make the most of the opportunity and stood in the doorway, with my crotch on full display and asked her to hand me a towel. I can't claim that I had a hard on at this stage although there was certainly some blood flowing to it! She merely smiled at me and handed me one of the large towels. She then asked me how long I was staying in the hotel and whether I was in Kenya for business or pleasure etc so I took my time putting the towel around my waist whilst answering her questions.

I then returned to the main part of the room and gave my cock a few strokes whilst she finished off in the bathroom. As she came out of the bathroom she almost caught me playing with myself and wrapped the towel around my waist and just held it shut with my hand. She then began shutting the curtains, preparing the bed etc whilst I stood talking to her and squeezing my cock through the towel which by this time was fully erect. Once she had finished her chores she asked if there was anything else she could get me. I said that everything was fine and as I did so I opened the towel to tighten it around me properly. The timing was perfect; just as I opened the towel she looked directly at me and must have got a good view of my erect cock standing out from my body. I then crossed the room and took quite a generous tip out of my wallet which made her eyes light up.

As she left the room she turned round and said, 'have a nice stay' just as I threw the towel on the bed again getting a view of my rampant cock. As soon as the door closed I went into the bathroom and only took a few minutes to shoot a large load into the sink thinking about her seeing my cock.

Unfortunately I left the hotel the next day however returned a couple of weeks later for further fun. I submit that story once I have some more time.



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