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Keeping my man

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The things I did to keep my man


Back in high school, towards the end of our senior year, I had heard from some of the other girls that my boyfriend was being enticed by other slutty girls. They were flirting with him, touching him laughing at all his stupid 'jokes.' He was one of the few good ones left. He had several university prospects still in mind, and had offers from some which included a full ride. He was a smart guy, while all the other guys I knew had no real future. So I wanted to keep my man.

Until then, all we had done is some kissing, with tongue, he'd grab my arm or tummy, and occasionally he had tried to go for a boob either from around my shoulder or as he was stroking my belly. But I put a stop to that. I didn't want him to think I was some sort of easy slut. I wanted him to know I had goods that weren't shared with everybody. And I also let him think I was a virgin, but that's another story.

We had already been 18 for a while, so the pressure was there even more than normal.

But the Friday that I heard this poontang slut was all over him, I knew I had to do something to keep him with me. so the next time we went to the park in his car, which had one of those bench seats in front, so we could have some easy fun, I didn't stop him like I normally do. He was hesitant to put his arm higher than my belly as he stroked it, and just as I felt him reach the bottom of my bra, I groaned ever so sexily. I told him he could go ahead and touch, and I was even wearing one of those shirts that's a half-button on top. I already had two buttons undone, and three to go.

Being a gentleman, he grabbed just the bottom of my firm boob and gave it some soft squeezes. It felt really good. I moaned again. Hoping I want moving too fast for him, I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt until it reached my belly, and took one side and pulled it away from my body, looking into his eyes and gesturing to the new path I had made. He took the hint and went to grab my breast over my bra.

Another moan came from my mouth, and none of them had been faked.

We kissed some more as he groped my almost bare boob, then I reached again with my hand and grabbed the edge of my bra, pulling it ever so slightly so part of my nipple was in view. He didn't need to be encouraged by me anymore, and reached in to grab my bare flesh. It felt so good. He was so tender. He caressed my nipple and brushed against it, and felt around it, and squeezed the little part I gave him bare access to.

It was so hot.

Then I pulled back, to his disappointment, but I arched back so I could easily access e button on my jeans, and I unbuttoned them, pulling them down just a tad so the tops of my panties would be visible, along with a little of my pubic hair. At the time, girls still had hair down there, not too trimmed.

I told him he could touch there too.

We had told each other before that we were both virgins and hadn't really had sex before. I know I was lying, but I'm not sure about him. He knew all the terminology and all those dirty words, but I'm not sure if he was really experienced.

Anyways, he reached into my pants, under my panties, until he touched my soft lips, and started to caress them.

Mmm, I moaned some more.

Thinking I hadn't quite finished making him forget the hussy, I reached over to his fly as he rubbed me, and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his zipper down. Without looking (because I'm an 'innocent' girl who's never seen such a thing), I blindly felt around his underwear, then when I pulled it away from his body I squealed a little when I felt his hard uncut penis and the very wet liquid at the tip. I asked him if it was ok, feigning innocence, and he said yes, all while we continued rubbing my mound. I slowly stroked his hard meat as much as I could in the confined area, mainly just squeezing and shaking back and forth, because how am I supposed to know how to give a handjob (wink, wink).

He made me feel really good while I hope I gave him some pleasure.

But time was not on our side. It had taken me too long that night to initiate this episode, and before I knew it it was time for him to drop me off at home, because I was a good girl who rarely stayed out past her curfew.

As you would guess, after he dropped me off at home I had to finish what we started in my own room, all by myself, while I'm guessing he spent that night stroking himself to my sweet, innocent body, instead of that tall, curvy hussy who wore skin-tight jeans that showed off her ass and too-tight shirts, showing off what looked like big breasts, but were actually all the same size as mine, I just wore looser fitting clothing. She was a whole foot taller than me, but my curves, which matched hers, were put into a smaller package, heehee.

In the end, I kept my man, and we have a wonderful family together while he works as an engineer in some office downtown, making us afford the things we need, and want.

The last time I heard from her was actually over the phone. I can't remember exactly what it was. Consolidating student loans or paying off a credit card. I can't remember. But she was the person on the other line. At first I sorta recognized her voice, but she of course knew it was me because I had to give her all my info. She then went on to ask if I was still with my old boyfriend, I told her yes and she kinda scoffed. It was the funniest thing, on my end.

Sorry for sidetracking at the end there. But just thought I'd share my story with you guys. Hope it was a decent read. Let me know what you think of it please.



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