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Kathleen and Her Friend Jane

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An erotic meeting with my wife's friend Kathleen and her friend Jane.


As you will read from my last submission, my wife's friend Kathleen and I had a sexual conversation on the phone one night, resulting in my admittance to her of having a nylon fetish, and her admittance to me for her liking of wearing nylon and how sexy it makes her feel.

This resulted in a one-off mutual masturbation session in my office at home when she came to visit, when my wife had just popped down the road to an elderly neighbour. Apart from her flashing me with nearly black hold-up stockings or opaque tights, with white or red lacy panties showing on two further visits, we had agreed that we wouldn't go any further, as it would endanger our collective friendship, but nevertheless felt it was exciting.

A couple of weekends ago my wife asked me if I was going near Kathleen's home town, as she wasn't due to visit for a few weeks and S wanted me to pick up an old sewing machine that Kathleen was getting rid of, which my daughter-in-law was in need of. I said I could call in on my way through on the Wednesday. My wife rang her to make the arrangements, and Kathleen said a time, and mentioned she would probably have her friend Jane with her at the house, (who I hadn't met) as they had arranged to meet that day to go shopping, but not to worry just come along.

I arrived at Kathleen's house at 2:00pm on the Wednesday, and admit that I was a quite aroused in the hope of catching a glimpse of her legs or panties in nylon, if she was in her usual dress or skirt. I knocked on her door and was greeted by her dressed in a red shirt with short sleeves, with her cleavage showing enough to excite but not too slutty. I looked down and saw she was wearing a lovely pleated black skirt, positioned a few inches above her knees, with nearly black shiny lurex tights or hold-up's on, with flat black open-toed sandals on her feet, showing the toe reinforcement. I immediately hardened and commented on her new short hair style which looked great. I felt my cock swell further as she smiled and I kissed her on her lips and was shown through to the living room.

I was greeted by her friend Jane who I can only describe as a stunner. (I found out later she was 46), quite tall at about six foot, slim, blonde hair cropped short, nice eyes, small breasts in a nice white lacy half cup bra, wearing a white, almost transparent silky blouse and red long legged tailored shorts, and you guessed it, solid black shiny lurex tights covering her well-formed long legs and white flat open-toed sandals showing the toe reinforcement. I kissed her on the cheek and sat down on an easy chair, whilst she sat back on the couch. She crossed her legs and I was drawn to her shiny thighs immediately, but tried not to stare.

Kathleen asked me if I would like a drink. I saw they were into wine on the table, but I just asked for tea. Jane and I got into a general conversation about my work, how far I had travelled etc.

Kathleen came through and put my drink on the coffee table, and sat down next to Jane. When she did that her pleated skirt raised up to half way up her thighs, and I found it difficult not to stare at both sets of nylon-clad legs in front of me. I felt my cock go harder, and with my hands in my lap I pushed down, trying to press my blood engorged cock back down. More general conversation followed, it was difficult to concentrate with two good looking women in front of me both wearing excitable clothing.

Kathleen and Jane continued to drink and got more giggly, and then Kathleen said, 'Jane and I went into town earlier, do you like what we bought?' Saying that she ran her hands up and down her pale black nylon-clad thighs, pushing her skirt almost up to her pussy area, not exposing her panties, but enough to show me she was wearing shiny tights. 'Yes' I said, 'Very nice'. Jane uncrossed her legs, opened them slightly, showing me the tightness of the material at her shorts crotch, and rubbed her hands up and down her black nylon clad thighs. They both laughed.

I was gobsmacked when Kathleen said 'Jane and I are close friends like S and I, but unlike S (my wife), I hope you don't mind but I told her about your liking for nylon and what we did a few weeks ago'. 'Yes' said Jane, 'I also like the feel of nylon on my legs, especially when walking and moving. It's so sexy to feel the nylon slide against your skin. I shave every few days, even in places you can't imagine, (laugh). I was so turned on when Kathleen told me you had wanked together, so we decided to get dressed up for you in your favourites' and laughed again.

I was taken aback by the conversation, and of course my cock was now rock hard, and didn't bother hiding the fact. I said, 'Well, it's true, I have loved nylon for years now. I expect we were both to blame for what we did, but we agreed that we wouldn't take it any further. But at this moment, with you two in front of me dressed the way you are, I feel really dirty and horny, do you mind if I pull my cock out and wank'

Kathleen said, 'Wow, I don't mind if you want to, I don't expect you do Jane?' Jane looked a little flushed and looking straight at me said 'Take your cock out, show us how hard you are'.

I pulled down my zip fly, and undid my trousers, and slipped them off and then pulled my hard cock out of my briefs. 'Oh nice' said Jane, and I slipped my balls outside of my briefs, making them tight and full against my cock. I held my hard cock in my left hand and slowly started to wank.

Kathleen then put her hand under her skirt and judging by her arm movements was slowly rubbing her pussy. Jane on the other hand, with her eyes fixed on my cock then glimpsed across to Kathleen and gasped when she saw what she was doing, and opened her legs wide so she was touching Kathleens legs, nylon to nylon. She then put her left hand onto her shorts and undid her belt and buttons, pulling them open and down slightly, exposing her white lacy panties/thong underneath her tights. 'Oh very nice' I said smiling.

With nothing else said all I could hear was our breathing, which was a little heavy now. Kathleen was rubbing herself, and with her left hand pulled up her skirt to slip her hand into her tights, and underneath the red lacey panties she had on. I saw her fingers moving the material in and out, and detected a dark patch of moisture. I started to wank a little harder now, my cock head was swollen and turning deep red. My balls were getting tight. Jane, seeing what Kathleen had done, and still staring at my cock, slipped her hand under her tights and panties, and proceeded to rub her pussy as well.

After a few minutes the two sexy women in front of me were so wet I could hear the sloshing sounds as their fingers plunged in and out of themselves. Both of them were moaning as they diddled themselves, and I could smell the juices they were creating. They were openly rubbing their legs against each other and I could hear the swishing sound nylon makes when legs rub together.

Wanting to be closer to them, I stood up and I walked the few steps over to the couch and stood over the two panting women, who by now were starting to whimper and groan. 'Cum for me girls, finger yourselves hard, come on, do it for me'. They both stared at my cock jerking inches from their faces, I thought they might try and touch me. I was wanking quite hard now, and could feel my spunk begin to rise.

With that Kathleen was the first to explode and pushing herself off the couch jamming her fingers in and out of herself she screamed 'Oh Fuck Jane, I'm coming'.

Jane, seeing how Kathleen was coming off wrapped her right hand around Kathleens left leg and rolled herself onto it and pushing against her leg she humped and screamed out 'Oh you fuck, you dirty fuck, fuck me Kathy', and bucked and gyrated her hips against Kathleens leg and they continued to rub and jerk against each other panting hard.

Of course, this was more than enough for me to handle and I leaned forward and wanking hard I grunted out loud saying 'You dirty bitches, fuck you, I want to fuck you both', and I shot several strings and blobs of cum onto Jane and Kathleens legs and hands. I had the most intense orgasmic sensations in my groin and jerked my cock forward, my knees buckled and I dropped onto my knees, rubbing their legs, pushing my spunk through the nylon into their skin. I fell forward with my head in Jane's lap, and smelt the wonderful aroma of her sex.

Following a lot of bucking and panting from the girls I sat back on my feet with cum all over me, my spunk continued to ooze from my cock. I looked at them both as they lay dazed with my spunk smeared in white patches on their legs. They looked so dirty laying there with their clothes and hair dishevelled.

'Wow, that was some cum' I said. Jane, looking flushed said 'I haven't cum like that for years', Kathleen said just 'Yeh, what a great feeling, I came twice' and then I suppose with embarrassment we all laughed.

Following a clean up, we had a conversation about how this happened, and where this could take us and, of course, they admitted they had set it all up with Kathleen knowing I was horny, and Jane was keen to do it sometime as she had never come off with two people before, but admitted she found masturbating with other women very erotic. I looked at Kathleen and she gave me a knowing smile.

Even though I wasn't going to originally, I said I wouldn't mind repeating the experience with them both as I found the experience mind and cock blowing! Kathleen said perhaps we can arrange something in the future.

I hope to be able to detail it here.



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