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Just One of Those Days

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I couldn't wait to get home.  My car just had to do.


Today was just one of those days.   It had been several days since my last orgasm, just due to a really busy week and weekend.  I woke up horny, but I was a bit later than usual so I didn't have time to take care of it.  I showered and dressed for work, and by the time I got there I was already wishing I'd been able to have my time.

I had meetings all morning, but I had a hard time concentrating during them.  I needed to come.   It was one of those days where I was so sensitive that I could feel my labia against my panties even if I wasn't moving or walking.  And when I did get up and walk, I felt it even more.  I could sense my nipples rubbing against the inside of my bra.   My precious areas were so sensitive, it felt like I was naked, except I wasn't.

Since I was at work, I couldn't go to any of my fun materials (solotouch, tumblr, porn, etc.).  Somehow, I managed to struggle through the day and even managed to be somewhat productive.  At one point, I did get on my phone and check out the new lingerie line at my favorite store.  My pussy pulsed and ached in anticipation.

Finally, five o'clock rolled around.  When I got in my car to leave work, I knew that my body needed some release and I couldn't wait until I got home.  I got in my car, reached up my skirt, and pulled off my panties.  I didn't have a terribly long commute, but it was just long enough.  It was also mainly through a large neighborhood, and a couple really straight, long roads.   I knew I'd be able to drive well while still paying a little attention to my lady bits.   

I was already wet when I pulled off my panties, so much that they had a large wet spot on them.  I started rubbing my clit and fingering myself as I drove away.   It didn't take long for me to really feel the need to come.  Several little mini-orgasms, spasms really, washed over me as my body prepared for the big orgasm.    As I drove along, I got stimulation from the other people I saw:  the jogging woman wearing tight running shorts that showed off her ass.  The girl out for a walk in her yoga pants and granny pantylines.  The mid-20's mom in her blue yoga pants and her thong lines.    

I finally pulled over in the park and I reached my climax, my orgasm washing over me as my pussy contracted around my two fingers.  The contractions seemed to last forever.  My nipples straining against my bra, begging to be let out.  My juices flowing out of me as I moaned in pleasure.  

I reached into my purse and pulled out my already wet panties, mopping up my juices.   As I soaked up the last of my cum, the mom with the blue yoga pants walked by my car.   I smiled and she smiled back at me.  I don't think she saw anything. 

Then I remembered that I had to stop by the grocery store on the way home.   I pulled myself together and cleaned up the inside of my skirt as best as I could.   Thankfully it was black, so you couldn't see the wet spot.  But as I walked through the store, pantyless, I could certainly feel it in my post-orgasmic bliss.



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