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Just like Mike

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Mike was like the brother I never had-we even looked so much alike that people actually thought we were brothers. We had lived in the same neighborhood eversince I can remember. Despite our age difference, he was 4 years older, we had a lot in common. We were both only children in single parent household. He would often include me in the things he was doing like swimming, riding bikes, or skateboarding. I wanted to be just like Mike. When he was 13 my mom started letting him 'babysit' me on the rare occasions when she would go out some place. I always liked it when Mike would watch me because he always made sure we had fun.

Now Mike is 16 and I am 12. My mom had to go out of town to visit my sick aunt and was going to have me stay with the old widow down the street. I begged her not to make me stay with that mean old bag. I suggested that she let Mike watch me for the weekend. After all he had watched over me many times, he lived right down the block, and he could drive now! Mom thought it over and talked with Mike's mom ultimately deciding it would be ok and would put extra money in Mike's pocket. I was so excited about Mike babysitting me I could not wait until Friday afternoon.

Mike arrive just as mom was about to leave. She read him the riot act-no drinking, drugs, or girls. Then gave him spending money for us and went over the emergency contact list. FINALLY she left leaving us alone. I grabbed Mike's duffel bag and went to put it in my room figuring he could have the top bunk. But he stopped me and said he would prefer to sleep in the guest room which had a double bed. I was kind of hurt but said OK.

It was cool. He drove us to the skate park where we skateboarded for a while then stopped on our way home for dinner, a real treat for me because mom was not big on fast food. We were tired when we got home and just sat down to watch TV. We were watching an episode where DJ discovers masturbation. Mike was laughing his ass off. I, on the other hand, did not get it at all. I must admit I was a bit naive being an only child in a house with no father. I asked Mike what was so funny. 'He's jackin' off dude'

'What's that?' I asked.

'You never jacked off before little dude?'

'I don't think so. What is it?' I asked blushing a bit because he made it seem as if I should know.

'You got hair around your weenie?' Mike asked.

I could feel my face turning red as I answered softly 'A little bit.'

'Cool-want me to show you?' Mike said with a big grin on his face.

'I guess' I stammered.

So up the stairs we went. I had a very strange feeling in the pit of my stomach and was quite nervous. We got to the guest room. Mike closed the door behind him. Mike told me to strip as he pulled his shirt over his head showcasing his thick brown armpit hair. I did not have half the hair under my arms that he did-I started blushing. I had never seen another boy naked before much less an older boy! I started to blush badly as I sheepishly took off my shirt. 'Its cool little dude don't be shy!' Mike said as he undid the first button of his jeans. I took off my pants. I finaly looked up once I pulled my legs from my pants. I looked at Mike out of the corner of my eye only to see the whole front of his Joe Boxers tenting in front of him. I Knew I did not have anything close to that in my boxers and went to put my pants on. Mike stopped me. 'You nervous' Mike calmly asked.

'Yes' I whispered. Then he gently grabs my arm-saying ' Let's just lay down on the bed for a couple minutes. It'll be OK' So we lay down on the bed and Mike starts petting my chest and stomach. I guess he was trying to calm me down. But it also felt strange-a feeling like I had never felt before. Then he started rubbing my thigh getting closer to my balls with evey stroke. Then he asked 'Are you ready to learn now buddy'

'I guess' I nervously replyed. Mike grabs the waist band of my boxers and pulls them off exposing my hairy totally limp dick and medium sized low hanging balls. With his hands he grabs my limp little boy cock massaging it until it grew into a nice 5.5 inch hardon. 'Wicked nice' exclaims Mike. 'You take mine off now'

I reached over. I was feeling horny now-different than I EVER had before. I wanted to see exactly what his looked like hard! No touchy feely first for this guy. I whipped his shorts right off exposing his big-little bigger than mine- hairy-definitely hairy than mine-throbbing boner with huge low hanging hairy balls. His scent intoxicated me as it eminated from his sweaty boy boxers. 'Touch it if you want.' Mike purrs.

My hand was shaking badly as I moved it over and started to caress his hard dick. It wasn't all that erotic more like the feeling you get when you examine something new. I played with it for like 2 minutes. Running my fingers up and down this shaft-tracing his throbbing cum tube. I ran my fingers and thumb over the head-causing Mike to moan softly. I played with his balls-rolling each one between my fingers. And I just loved the feeling when I petted his nice thick patch of brown pubic hair. I even made him shudder as I traced the line of hair leading up to his belly button. 'OK stop!' Mike commands 'Time for me to teach you now. Lay back. Put your hands behind your head, relax, and most importantly learn!' He started by tickling my armpits then brushing his fingers over my nipples causing them to become very hard and sensitive. Then he started petting my chest slowly working downward to my stomach. I quivered when he started playing with my belly button. My dick was not even being touched but it was bouncing up and down all by itself begging for some over do attention. Lower and lower he went until he finally reached my pubic hair. It felt so good feeling his fingers comb my short pubes. 'You're gonna have a nice patch when your my age' Mike says reassuringly 'Ya already got more than Tommy!'

'How do you know?' I ask 'You teach him too?'

'Not really. His brother did. I just did it with them one time.' Mike explains. Then he starts stroking my raging hard dick. I gasped loudly as wave after wave of undescribable feelings raced through my entire body. I was shaking and thrusting-groaning and whimpering. In what seemed like no time at all I was out of control. Stream after stream of white stuff spurted from my peehole. I could not even comprehend what was happening to me all I could do was hang on for the ride! Mike stroked me until my dick went soft and I was down to a shallow pant. Mike just kept petting my body until I had regained my composure. 'Whoa nice load little dude! Show me what ya learned now Pauly' Mike whispers.

I was hoping I could do to him what he had just done to me. I wasn't nervous anymore-more anxious than anything. I started doing him just what he had done to me. I petted his pit hair and flicked his nipples. I rubbed his chest and stomach tracing his line of hair right down into the thick of his bush. I did all this much faster than he did because I REALLY wanted to touch his dick again. It was time. The pungent odor of boy sex filled the air-intoxicating both of us. I grabbed his throbbing manhood a started stroking. I could tell by the content smile on his face that he was enjoying it. He also gave some good directions-faster, slower, play with my sack, play with the head. Then I discovered one of my own. I just wrapped my thumb and finger around the base with my other fingers caressing his hairy sack and just worked it. He loved that and began thrusting his hips driving it back and forth. I took my other hand and wrapped it around the rest of his dick. He started fucking my hand with wild abandon. One last deep hard thrust threw him over the edge as his boy juice erupted from his boy volcano. I continued to work him until he was finished and his dick had softened. 'Ohhhh dude that was fucking awesome' Mike panted out as he continued to shake from his explosion.

We just layed there for a few minutes just taking in what had just happened. We did it a bunch more times that night and I slept in the same bed with Mike-naked and hard. The rest of the weekend was spent with Mike showing me all the different ways to jack off, pleasuring each other, and cumming and cumming and cumming! Mike was a great teacher. Tommy and his brother joined us Saturday afternoon and I was eager to show them what I had learned. As I climaxed Tommy he exclaimed 'Dude that's just like Mike does me!' Finally I was just like Mike!



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