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Just Between Friends

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Just Between Friends
- by Rich

My parents and I live just a few minutes from a married couple whom they've been friends with for years. During the summer we visited their house, where they also hosted two cousins with their 18-year-old daughter. The daughter, Stacey, is a lady I've admired for quite some time. Although she is a bit too much on the wild side for me, she is wonderfully intelligent. She is an art student with a lot of creativity and an assertive personality, very independent. And to go with that, she is very attractive and very voluptuous.
We have mildly flirted with each other for most of the time that we have known each other. We could always feel the attraction between us, I being only three years older than her. I also have held interests in art and music, and we formed a sort of connection because of this. Stacey, as I have said, is fine to speak to and fine to look at. She is about 5' 6" with a firm build, long, black hair, dark brown eyes, a large mouth, thick lips, and a cleft chin. Her shoulders are slightly sloped, her breasts large. Her skin is of an Italian olive color, smooth and flawless. Her legs are thick and muscular, being a jogger.
Stacey has been a subject of my masturbation fantasies for a while now. I have masturbated from when I was 16 years old (a late starter, actually) and now jerk off at least once a day. It has often been my fantasy to share passions with her, that is, until the meeting we had in the summer. That afternoon, everyone was in conversation, spread over the back lawn. It ended up by chance that Stacey and I were sitting in the family room on the bottom floor of the house. We were silent for a few moments and I finally noticed that she was looking at me, smiling. I thought it was just another one of our silly jokes, because we have always had a good laugh, in a mean sort of way, but as I started to laugh lightly, she asked in her firm voice "Do you like me?." I laughed harder and said "No, I can't stand you." Sarcasm is always a good cue for us to play tricks. She got up from her chair and sat next to me on the couch. "I mean, stupid, do you like ME?" And she cupped her covered breasts with her hands through a blue T-shirt. She was wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals at the time.
I was turned on immediately. I asked her "What about me? What do you think of me?" She said softly "I think your cock must be nice and sweet." "Would you like to see it?," I said. She didn't answer me, but drew towards me on the couch with her thick lips and we kissed. Stacey knew that we could be caught out in the open, so she took me by the arm to the bathroom in the corner of the room. She shut the door and locked it. It's a long, yellow-tiled room with a window where the sunlight shines in during the afternoon hours. We stood together, looked into each other's eyes. She took my hands and urged me to feel her breasts from over her shirt. We began to kiss, first on the lips firmly, then over our ears and necks. "Do you have protection?," I asked her. It was something I didn't want to ask at the moment, but had to. "No," she said. "Don't you want to jerk off? It's safer." I was more than willing to agree. Anyway, full-blown sex was too much for a first time alone together. We continued to kiss and took off each other's shirts. She was wearing a white bra with her olive-tinted breasts, C-cupped, bulging out seductively. I worked my mouth and tongue down her neck, shoulders, and upper chest to them, indulging in the salty taste of her skin. She began to moan lightly, which led to my further arousal.
She began to finger my body, which, without bragging, is firm and tight. She kissed my chest and I unclasped her bra to reveal her breasts, large and jutting. I took them into the palms of my hands and sucked their large nipples. She moaned more loudly, but carefully enough not to risk being heard by anyone in the house. Finally, we pulled down each other's shorts and began to work over our asses and genitals. My erection was hard and firm, and she relished it. "It's ready to cum, I know it," she said. She took it in her firm, artistic hands and began to stroke me lightly. "Rub the head more," I said softly. She did so and my pleasure heightened. I continued, as controlled as I could, to finger and lick her breasts, kiss her, lightly finger her clitoris, which was very distinct, and squeeze her rear. I teased her navel, too, for good measure. I lightly slid two fingers in and out of her moist vagina. Soon, my penis was shooting out my fluid, more than ever before, and she soon leaned back against the bathroom wall, fully pleased. It was a great release. I tasted her yield, and we hugged each other tightly, enjoying the experience.
My fantasies of her are as strong as ever. I imagine having sex with her, missionary position, rear-entry, Stacey on top. We've confided in our masturbating to thoughts of one another. And we're looking very forward to the next time, although we're just staying friends.



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