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Just a Country Boy...

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40 years ago and it still gets me hard remembering...just one in a whole series.


In September my parents left me home to tend the livestock while they went to visit my uncle in Georgia who had suffered a mild heart attack. They left late Friday night and planned on driving all night. It was always a treat to have the house and farm to myself so that I could indulge myself in any adolescent activity that came to mind. After milking the cow, straining the milk, tossing a bale of fescue to her and our mule, spreading cracked wheat to the chickens, and mixing the gruel for the pigs my chores were complete and the evening was mine. I locked all the doors to the house and removed my bib overalls and flannel shirt and settled in the 'big chair' totally nude with a Pepsi on the arm, a good western on the TV, and my hard little cock in my hand. Somewhere during the final chase sequence when the hero rides out after the bad guy and leaps from his horse and subdues the villain, I fell asleep only to awaken to the sounds of the returning birds and the bellowing of the cow needing her morning milking and breakfast. Rousing myself and pulling on my overalls over my upright little cock, I made my way to the barn, kind of admiring the bulge in the front of the overalls...the coarse fabric further stimulating it as I walked. I slipped my hand inside for a quick few strokes but resolved to nurse the sensation until I could hold back no longer. The distraction of the chores and the cool morning mist temporarily subdued my lust. As I was carrying the full bucket of milk to the house, Wayne, from the next farm, stopped the Ford tractor that he was driving and said that his cousin, Brenda, was spending the weekend and asked me if I had time later to come over and meet her and could I help them put some hay in the hayloft before his Dad got home from the glass plant. I told him that I would if I had time and continued on to the house and fixed some fatback and eggs for breakfast. Wayne was my age and had two older brothers...perfect for a farm family. I had suspected that the two older brothers had indulged in some interesting activities since they had made references to 'stinging' one another during campouts in the woods...I had also noticed that they would disappear into the shadows beyond the light of the campfire occasionally. I had also observed them totally nude cavorting around their back pasture in a rain filled pool on occasion but thought nothing of it because I had done much the same but in the privacy of the forest and by myself. Around noon, after hanging out the laundry that my Mom had left in the washer the night before I put on my jeans (the only one's that I owned since overalls were the standard farm dress) and a clean T-shirt which was normally only worn on Sunday under an uncomfortably starched white shirt and walked the dusty half mile to the neighboring farm where Wayne and his brothers lived. Approaching the white two-story farmhouse I did not see any activity and the truck was not there. I knocked on the door without any answer. Standing on the porch I wondered if they had played a joke on me again and weren't home. As I was about to leave I thought I heard a noise in the big barn and decided that they must be putting up the hay that Wayne had told me about. I walked down the wooden steps and across the footbridge beside the vegetable garden to the weathered gray barn and definitely could hear someone inside but only faintly. Since they had played jokes on me before and expecting them to try and scare me I slipped around the side through the blackberry vines and peered through the inch wide cracks between the boards. It took a little while for my eyes to adjust to the dim light inside. What I first saw was Ralph, the second oldest brother, walking the rafters without a stitch on but with a very large hard on which bounced as he walked. I had never seen him in such a state and assumed that he must be alone and I started to leave quietly and leave him to his fun. 'Ralph! Get down off there before you fall and hurt yourself!' a feminine voice which startled me and resounded through the rafters. Shifting my gaze to the second level of the hayloft I beheld a young woman of about 17 sitting between two bales of hay with her white arms resting on each one as though in an armchair. I could just see the side of her face which was sprinkled with freckles, one knee, and the curve of a shoulder. I crouched down among the vines though they were snagging my shirt and pressed my face closer to the crack between the boards, my dick straining the fabric of my jeans at the prospect of what I might see if I could remain undiscovered. Ralph swung effortlessly down from the rough-hewn rafters and landed on both feet upon the loose straw. His erect circumcised prick slapping his stomach several times with the impact and his balls bouncing up and down as though on rubber bands. Apparently Brenda was impressed because she clapped as she stood up. She was wearing a flowered cotton shift which came down to mid thigh but pulled up to reveal the white twin half moons of her bare buttocks as she bent over leaning on the hay saying something to Ralph which I couldn't quite hear and then sat back between the bails of sweet smelling straw with her arms outstretched on either side with her knees almost as far apart as Ralph strode quite proudly toward her with his cock thumping his belly with each step. I reached down and unzipped my jeans freeing my now throbbing member... 'Hey! Look who we have here!' I heard from behind me as Freddie, the oldest brother grabbed me from behind by the arms and almost lifted me off the ground twisting one arm behind me and shoving me toward the door of the barn and up the stairs to the hayloft with my dick still erect and swinging wildly in the dim light that filtered through cracks in the walls. 'I came to help you put up the hay...' I anxiously explained. 'Let him go!' Brenda said disapprovingly as she openly stared at my now diminishing prick. 'No way!' Freddie declared, 'We need to teach the little snoop a lesson!' He continued to hold my arm behind me as he reached around and unbuttoned the top of my jeans and pushed them down with his foot and ordered me to step out of them. Ralph was sitting on a bale of straw almost idly stroking his cock with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. 'C'mon Freddie, he's just a kid.' he said continuing his manipulations. 'If I let you go will you stay put and keep your mouth shut?' he demanded. 'Yes..', I responded hesitantly but I was again becoming aroused because I could see Brenda's almost hairless pussy as she pulled up one knee and embraced it with her arms while staring at me intently. 'Ever seen a pussy up close?', she inquired with an impish look on her face. Freddie was still standing behind me and I could hear his hand thumping his belly as he stroked it. 'And I'll bet you've never seen a dick this big!', he said as he lay it across my shoulder with his sweat moistened balls dangling beneath trickling a bead of perspiration down my back. Brenda reached out and took the head of his cock and stroked the side of my cheek with it but I turned my face away quickly feeling very embarrassed but not a little excited as she reached between her legs sliding her finger slowly into herself before withdrawing it, running her wet finger tips across my lower lip and lubricating my now full blown hardon with her juices. Slipping her shift over her head her smallish pink tipped white breasts almost glowed in a beam of sunlight as she leaned forward, pulled up my T-shirt and took one of my nipples and then the other between her lips alternately sucking and nibbling at them while running her finger lightly down the length of my cock and massaging my balls. Over her back I saw Ralph walk up behind her pumping his cock as he dropped to his knees and slid his almost purple dick back and forth between the cheeks of her ass while pushing them together around it. With an arrested moan and a sudden stiffening of his entire body huge globs of semen spewed from his engorged cock head in great pulses almost reaching to the back of her head buried against my chest. Raising her head from my nipples she drew close to my face as if going to kiss me but turned abruptly to the side and took Freddie's swollen hot pink penis into her mouth making circular motions with her head and plunging down upon it with her warm wet cheek rubbing against mine. Pulling away suddenly cum splashed on her face and ran down my chest as Freddie came very quickly while grasping my shoulders until his fingers seemed bound to bury themselves into my skin. Brenda drew back and rubbed Freddie's semen all over my chest and stomach ending with both her hands around my now straining dick and pushed me gently back onto the scratchy straw continuing to stroke me with both hands...then moving forward over my hips and plunging down upon me furiously with her head thrown back, her small breasts pointing skyward, and her mouth open wide until I exploded in a blinding orgasm thrusting my hips so suddenly upward that Brenda might have been thrown off had she not held my waist so firmly. 'Someone's coming!!', Freddie whispered suddenly and we all scrambled for our clothes. Brenda slipped on her shift and went out the back down the ladder and the three of us hurriedly began throwing the hay bales around and talking loudly. 'You all need any help?', we heard Wayne shout from below,'I didn't expect you come so early...'



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