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Jogging Buddies

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Jogging Buddies by freddy@texas.net (freddy@texas.net)
My friend Paul had been away on vacation with his girlfriend for a week.Paul and I are jogging buddies and sometimes hit the gym together. Pauland Melanie had gone to the coast (Galveston) for a week. Melanies fromGalveston and so they were able to stay with her sister andbrother-in-law to save money. Melanie is a petite girl with long, darkred hair down to the middle of her back. Pauls tall, short dark hairand green eyes.
Paul had to return after a week of vacationing to go back to work.Melanie teaches school and, since it was summer break, decided to stayanother week in Galveston to visit with her sister and her folks. Paulcalled me the afternoon he got back into Austin. He was excited to beback, away from his girlfriends deeply religious sister and herhusband. There, they weren't even allowed to drink beer, much less gethigh.
Paul came over and we commenced to party as if there were no tomorrow.(Actually, it was a Saturday night, so we knew we'd be able to wake uplate the next morning with hangovers.) I knew that Paul was in no shapeto ride his bicycle back to his house, and I certainly didn't want todrive him back home feeling the way I did. I helped Paul up off of thecouch and told him to sleep in my bed... that I would sleep on the couchwith my dog. He thanked me and stumbled with my arm around his shouldersdown the hall and into my bedroom. He fell quite easily onto the bed,smiling and saying incoherent things. I walked to the other side of thebed and pulled his Tshirt up and over his head. Paul's chest was not asbig as mine (I lift weights more than he) but it was very nicelychiseled. I walked back to the other side of the bed and knelt down toremove the Nikes that I was familiar with, having run next to them forthe past year. I loosened the strings and pulled them and his whitesocks off. I didn't think Paul would be comfortable sleeping in hisjeans, so I decided to pull those off since he usually wore boxers. As Istarted to undo the buttons on his 501s, Paul's hands stopped mine. Hesaid, "That's okay, I can do this part." With that he began slowlyundoing each snap. "But you can help pull them off," he smiled. I pulledthem off to see the tan he had gotten playing in the hot Texas sun.Tonight Paul wasn't wearing anything under his jeans. His thighs weretanned from about midway, white on the upper half due to his surfer-typetrunks.
"Don't sleep on the couch, dummy," he said drunkenly. "We're friends...sleep here with me in your own bed." I agreed, and soon the two of uswere falling to sleep in the early morning hours, on our sides with ourbacks to each other. I don't know what time it was, but I awoke to theheat of Paul's sunburn pressed up against me. During his sleep, he hadpulled up behind me with his hairy chest against my back and one legintertwined with mine. This was probably the way he slept with Mel, Ifigured, as I drifted back to sleep. I was to be awakened again soon.
Paul's arm had moved down to around my waist, his hand was tuckedbetween my thighs, just below my balls. I could feel his hardon pressingthe crack of my butt. His flat stomach was pushed against the small ofmy back and his chin was resting in the crook of my neck. His hand movedover my shaved balls and grasped firmly the base of my cock. "I'vealways wanted to be uncut," Paul whispered in my ear, referring to mygrowing boner. "I've always wanted to know what it felt like to be uncutand jack off," he continued. "It's okay," I answered. "Just do it."
Paul's hand felt good... it was slightly rough and calloused due to hislandscaping job. He lingered over my shaved balls before returning to myhardon. He began a slow stroke, which he began to match in the thrustsof his own hard cock between my ass cheeks. I had always though that Iwas an avid precummer (which Paul was also finding out) but Paul'specker was leaking out nice amounts which lubed my crack for nicemovement between my glutes.
I could tell by Paul's pressure against my backside that he was close.This heightened my excitement, and I decided not to hold back any longerand cum with him. As I began unloading my sticky mess into his hand, hebegan covering my ass and lower back with his juice. We ground ourbodies against each other's, and his hand moved against my stomach andchest, smearing the wonderful aroma of jism on my own body. In no timeflat we were back asleep. In a few hours, though, we hopped into myshower in tandem, due to the sexual glue that was between us.
After we cleaned up I thought the situation might be awkward. Paul,though, wanted to talk more about what had happened. "My cousins wereuncut," he said, "and I always thought their dicks were somehowprettier. We used to jack off together, but I never got the nerve up toask one of them if I could touch it, feel it." He had lowered his head,as if guilty of something awful. "I would see your dick in the shower atthe gym and it reminded me of those teenage days. I'm sorry, I guess,"he continued. "It's okay," I answered. "Anytime you want to do it again,it's fine with me."
We have done it again, usually after jogging when we come to my place toshower. Paul and Melanie live together and he doesn't want to let on toher what's going on. But that's cool... makes it more exciting to beinvolved in something "taboo."



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