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Jodi's Awakening

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Jodi Part 1: VouyerismJodi is a 22 year old University student going to school in Toronto, Canada. She works as a bar tender at a local club. She has had her share of boyfriends, but is currently single and loving it. Jodi is a 5'6", 110 pound brunette with stunning blue eyes and long hair to her shoulders. She has perfect skin, eyebrows, and body. She has 36C breasts, and she likes to keep her pubic hair neatly trimmed. Jodi lives on the second floor of a rented house on Jarvis St. All the houses in the neighborhood, because of their age, are close together. She has her own bathroom, bedroom, living room and balcony, but she has to share the kitchen downstairs with her two roommates. My story begins late in the evening, on a Tuesday night after she has returned from one of her night classes.It was a stressful day. Too much sociology homework she thought as she entered the house. Her roommates Erin and Dave had gone to the Phoenix club, so no one was home. She liked that. Even though she had her own floor, she liked the notion of having no one around to bother her, or to play the music too loud etc. She paused to lock the door behind her, then she placed her books on the table by the door. As she slipped off her coat she glanced at herself in the mirror. She admired herself, noticing how sexy she looked today. She was wearing a white baby-tee and her favorite pair of jeans. She liked the way her bra was outlined in the shirt. She knew the guys did too. Her jeans fit her well too, showing off her perfect buttocks and hips.She went into the kitchen and fixed herself a snack. Cheese and crackers. It was nearly 10pm and she wanted to watch tv, so she went upstairs to her floor. She glanced at herself again before climbing the stairs. She felt sexy tonight. She went into her living room and turned on the Tv, sat down and began to munch on her snack when she realized that she forgot to get something to drink. A little to lazy to go back downstairs, she decided to get some water from the bathroom. Jodi's bathroom is on the east side of the house, with a window that looks out to her neighbor's house. Living next door is your typical family. Mom, Dad, brother and sister. The son of the family is Trevor. He is a seventeen year old high school student, and Jody has always thought of him as "cute" Sometimes when she is thinking her darkest thoughts she fantasizes about seducing him. Trevor is about 6', well built with brown hair and eyes. Too young, she always says.As she entered the bathroom, she looked out of her bathroom window and noticed that Trevor's blinds were open to his room. With the exception of today, she always kept the blinds down on her bathroom because the window is not frosted, and she is always afraid that Trevor could spy on her from his bedroom window; which was a mere 10 feet away. Sometimes she wishes he was spying on her. It turned her on to think of that. But today both of their blinds were open, and because she was feeling uninhibited, she thought she would spy on him.She turned off the light in her bathroom, walked over to the window and sat on her vanity chair. As if it was perfectly timed, Trevor entered his room. He was wearing only a blue towel around his waist, and his hair was dripping wet. He had just gotten out of the shower. How naughty, she thought as she admired his muscular young body. Trevor stopped in front of his bed and unwrapped his towel. A surge of energy went through Jodi's body as Trevor's penis dangled freely between his legs. She'd always wondered what it looked like. It was very nice. It was about four inches long (probably because it was soft, she thought) and circumcised. He had very large balls and his damp pubic hair stood out and curled. As he dried his hair with the towel, his penis swayed back and forth. She liked seeing this cute young stud naked before her. She began to feel herself dampen with excitement. Trevor turned and walked to his dresser and Jodi drew in a deep breath. Her nipples began to stand out on her shirt, and she crossed her legs, feeling her moist lips rub together. Trevor had an incredible ass, and as he bent over to get something out of the drawer, she whispered "Oh God!" to herself as her right hand found her nipple over her shirt. Trevor turned around again and proceeded to put on a pair of white boxer shorts. Jodi protested in her mind as his beautiful penis was covered by his boxers. Trevor slipped into his bed, which was by the window, and he began to watch tv.Fuck! Jodi did not want him to go to bed. She got up, frustrated, and walked into her bedroom. She removed her t-shirt and bra, letting her 36C breasts free. Looking at them in the mirror didn't help at all. She was even more turned on than before. She slowly undid the button on her jeans, and unzipped her fly. As she stood in front of the mirror, she slipped her right hand into her panties, and began to feel the wetness of her pussy. Looking at herself, topless, wearing nothing but jeans and panties she thought to herself..."If he were watching me now, he wouldn't be sleeping!" She went and laid down on her bed, preparing to masturbate herself. She slipped off her jeans and let them fall on the floor beside the bed. As she began to feel the wetness on her white panties, she couldn't stop thinking about Trevor. She decided to look one more time.Jodi got out of bed, wearing nothing but her moist white panties and walked into the bathroom, and sat on her vanity chair again, in the dark. Trevor was watching his television. His white bed sheets were pulled up to the top of his stomach, and his eyes were glued to the screen. Jodi could not see the what was on the tv. She could only see its blue light reflect off Trevor's body. He lay there, with his left hand behind his head, and the other at his side grasping the remote control. Then something unexpected happened. Trevor readjusted himself and drew his right hand to his crotch. "An itch?" she thought. By no means was this an itch. With his right hand, Trevor began to slowly message his crotch though his sheets and underwear...his eyes fixed on the screen. "Was he watching a porno?" Jodi thought to herself... he must have been."Oh yes baby" she moaned to herself as she began to grind herself against the corner of the chair. With her left hand on the window ledge, and the other on her nipple, she couldn't take her eyes off him. Trevor began to stroke his cock, which was still concealed under his sheet and underwear. Jodi could feel goose bumps form all over her body. Her nipples were hard, now and she began to whisper to herself..."Take it out, stroke it for me!"She watched and ground herself against the chair as Trevor kicked off his bed sheets. He was lying on his bed, with his sheets in a ball near his knees. Jodi could see by the outline of his penis in his boxers that he was much larger than the four inches she had seen earlier when he was soft. After adjusting something with the remote control, he grabbed his erection again and pumped it through his shorts.Jodi was now fingering herself with her right hand which was inside the elastic band of her panties. "I want to see it!" she exclaimed to herself. As if he could hear her, he took both his hands, grabbed the waistband of his underwear, and pulled off his boxers. Jodi sighed as she watched his cock spring into the air. It was beautiful. It looked to be close to 8", perfectly straight and thick, its head filled with blood. With his left hand, he grabbed his balls, and he slowly, rhythmically began to stroke his penis with his right hand, from the bottom to the top, and over again. Jodi watched in amazement as she fumbled with her panties, trying to take them off with only one hand. Her panties, soaked in her juices, fell to the floor. She then leaned back on the chair and spread her legs, placing her feet on the window ledge. She moved her hands all over her body. She began to breathe harder as her left hand caressed her erect nipples. Her right hand found its way down her stomach and into the neatly trimmed triangle of hair surrounding her sex. Matching Trevor's sensual stroking rhythm she thrust two fingers into her pussy. The sounds of her juices turned her on, and she wished she could hear the sound of Trevor's hand rubbing his fantastic cock.Trevor would speed up and slow down, teasing himself. He occasionally would let go of his manhood and grasp the remote control to re-cue one of his favorite scenes. It was an awesome sight for Jodi to see his cock, free from the clench of his hands. Because of its weight, it would point slightly towards his face. She loved to see it pulsate in time to his heartbeat. Sweat began to form on Jodi's stomach, and between her breasts and thighs. She was so incredibly wet now. Her right hand made tiny circles around her clitoris which was soaked with her own juices. She had never watched another man masturbate before, and this was one of the most intense sexual experiences of her entire life. She was so close to coming, but she wanted to see him first.Trevor began to stroke faster...then he would stop and press his cock up against his stomach. His back would arch, then he would let go of it, and run his hands up to his chest. "He's delaying his orgasm" Jodi said to herself. Trevor would then take ahold of it again and pump slowly, then faster, then slowly again. Jodi was so close to coming, her entire body was covered in goose bumps...the tiny blonde hairs on her thighs were standing up, her nipples were dark red and erect. Her brown pubic hair was soaked in her juices as her hand continued to dance on her clitoris. Then she saw Trevor stop, and reposition himself higher in his bed. With his huge hard on pulsating in the air, he re-cued the tape one last time. This was it, she thought "he wants to come."He took his right hand and gave his balls a squeeze, then he began to stroke at a medium pace. He moved his hips rhythmically and moved his legs back and forth on the bed; all the while his eyes were glued to he screen. Jodi's legs began to tremble, trying everything she could to hold on for just a couple more minutes. "Oh Jesus Christ" she moaned as she saw Trevor speed up. He was stroking feverishly now, faster than he had all night. She could see his chest rise and fall with his quick breaths. Suddenly, his legs stretched out and his toes curled, he arched his back and threw his head back into his pillow. At that moment he stopped his speeded stroking, and the first shot of semen spirted from the tip of his penis and landed on his shoulder. He began to stroke slowly and he shuddered as three more shots of warm cum lept from his cock and landed on his chest and stomach. Jodi couldn't take it any more.... as Trevor lay on his bed, holding his erect penis with his cum covered hands, Jodi threw her head back and panted loudly as the first waves of orgasm crashed through her. Her legs straightened and her body grew rigid as she moaned and convulsed for 30 seconds. It was one of the hardest orgasms she had ever given herself. She continued to rub herself in circles until her clitoris was so sensitive it was painful to rub any longer. After her orgasm, she was still in shock and trembling. She was covered with sweat and her juices. Trevor got out of bed, his penis still semi-erect. He took a towel out of his laundry pile and wiped the cum off of his shoulder, his chest, stomach and penis. As he lay back down, on top of his sheets, Jodi watched as his penis regained its original size.Totally exhausted, Jodi picked herself up off the chair, leaving her panties on the floor. On her way out of the bathroom, she turned towards the window and blew Trevor a kiss and whispered "You were great baby." Until tomorrow, she thought. Tomorrow.Jodi part 2: BabysittingJodi hated waiting for them to get home. Here she is, 22 years old, and babysitting. But the Andresons were family friends and she knew she couldn't say no. Their 8 month old daughter was asleep in the baby's room, and Stephen Anderson, the 15 year old troublemaker of the family was at a friend's house. It was just after 11pm, and she wasn't expecting the Andersons home until at least 3am. They really were partiers.Dressed in her grey sweat pants an her Notre Dame sweater, she flopped herself down on the couch in the family room in front of the 33inch tv screen. As she flipped through the channels, her attention was drawn to the movie network. Oh... it was one of their cheap b-rated porns. She laughed at the plot, and the bad acting, but she couldn't turn away. It made her feel somewhat naughty watching this movie in someone else's house. It wasn't a sick porn or anything... you never see his penis...unless it's soft, she thought.After a quick check on the baby, she returned to the family room. Switching back to the movie channel, she saw that the guy on the screen was working out. He was gorgeous and built. He did exercises in his house while a woman watched from the bushes outside. "Yeah, right!" she thought. "This kind of shit never really happens." Wearing only a pair of black spandex bottoms, he completed his bench presses with the camera paying close attention to his muscular arms and tight stomach.. He rose from the bench and proceeded to the bedroom where there was also another open window for the woman outside to spy through. These events reminded her of the experience with her neighbor, Trevor, just a few weeks ago. The screen's male character stood infront of his mirror and admired his body. The camera acted as if they were his eyes...coming in close on many of his body parts. The enormous bulge in his pants sent a rush though her. The camera then dissolved to a shot of the woman outside sliding her hands into her pants, and she began to caress herself as she peered into the window.Jodi began to moisten with desire as this scene got hotter and hotter. The man then stopped flexing and the camera cut to a full body shot of him from behind. Casually, he slipped off his spandex bottoms and stood there. The sight of his tight buttocks sent goose bumps through Jodi and she felt her nipples harden under her sweater. Just then the camera dissolved to a shot of his feet and began to climb up the length of the front of his body...past his knees, over his muscular, tanned thighs... " Oh Jesus!" Jodi whispered under her breath as his soft penis entered the shot. It was very large, neatly trimmed and circumsized. It hung below his testicles about two inches.. The camera stopped, and Jodi giggled to herself as she thought about what the Andersons would think seeing her in their family room watching a giant penis on tv. At that moment the man's right hand entered the frame and slowly took his soft penis, and grasped it tightly. Jodi began to grind her fist into her crotch from the outside of her sweats. She was soaked through her white panties, but she didn't care. The movie cut to a shot from behind of this gorgeous bodybuilder masturbating. Jodi was a bit bummed that they didn't show his erect cock, but she used her imagination as she slowly let her right hand slip into her sweats and panties. The movie cut from a shot of him, to a shot of the woman outside the window. They were both masturbating, and so was Jodi. Just as she readjusted herself on the couch so she could get better access to her clitoris, she heard the back door rattle. Quickly she pulled her hand out of her pants and changed the channel.Fuck! She thought... Stephen was home. He came into the room and said hello. Jodi replied with a blush and a smile. "What would he think?" she thought. HE excused himself, saying that he would be in his room. Jodi gazed at the tv screen, now on CNN and thought about how embarassed he would be if he would have caught her. Still wet and horny, Jodi desperately wanted to go home and finish what she started. She figured that Stephen could handle the rest of the night alone... he was 15 and all. Jodi walked to his room and opened his door.As she peered in, Stephen jumped up and nervously shouted "what!" "Nothing... I just wanted to tell you that I'm leaving." Jodi said. She looked at him, he was shirtless and covered to the stomach with his sheets. A surge of unexpected sexual energy washed though her. She could see the outline of his erection through his blanket. Stephen, following her line of sight got imediately embarassed and raised his knees...hoping she wouldn't notice. It must have been the night for masturbating Jodi thought. Her horniness threw her inhibitions out the window."What were you doing?" she asked slyly."Nothing....uuh...okay?" Stephan replied covering himself more."You're 15 right?" Jodi asked."I know what 15 year old boys do all the time, what, do you think that 22 year old girls don't?""What are you talking about?" Stephen asked."You were masturbating, weren't you?" She couldn't believe she was asking this." Well....fuck you then...so what!" He was trying to be tough about getting caught."There's nothing wrong with it... why did you stop?" she was really hot now. "Why don't you keep going and show me what you know""Why don't you show ME what YOU know" Stephen asked forcefully."You show me, and I'll show you... just do what you do all the time."Stephen was really horny... he would have done anything she said. He slipped his hands under the comvers and started to stroke himself...looking away from her."I want to see it." Jodi whispered."No!" he replied."I'll show you my breasts" Jodi said... and she removed her sweatshirt and her bra. Stephen's jaw almost dropped to the floor. He focused intensely on her beautiful breasts as he pulled the sheet away. His erect cock sprung into the air, and it pulsated with his heartbeat."Very nice" Jodi said as she examined it. It was straight and thin, about 7 inches long. It pointed towards his face and his testicles were pulled tightly against his body. His hand played with his pubic hair... keep going she thought as he began to stroke again. He used fast short strokes that made his balls bounce slightly."Stop!" she exclaimed. Almost out of breath, Stephen stopped and looked up from her breasts to her face. "I will be right back" she said. Jodi hasetly made it to the bathroom, and took the baby lotion out of the vanity, then paused, looked at herself in the mirror, topless. She could feel her juices trickle down her crotch as she cupped her pussy and gave it one, tight squeeze. She re entered Stephen's room and walked over to the side of his bed. As she gazed at him, she fought with herself. Oh how she wanted to jump on top of him and give him a blowjob that would make him pass out. But she wasn't ready for that yet."Have you ever tried lotion?""No" he replied.She removed the cap, and hovered the bottle right above the tip of his penis. As she poured the oil on to the end and the shaft it driped into is pubic hair and trickled onto his testicles. As she bent over, he began to caress one of her breasts, and his thumb rolled over one of her nipples. Jodi shivered and smiled at him."Okay" she said "stroke it slow." He began to follow her instructions. His right hand made a synthetic pussy around his penis, and he began to moan in pleasure. She bent over him again and allowed him to put one of her nipples his mouth, only for a second, then she pulled away. Kneeling on the edge of his bed, she admired how he looked, his hard penis glistened with oil, the sound of his slick strokes drove her wild. He caresed her breasts with his left hand, making both nipples stand at attention.As she watched this young stud stroke his cock for her, he removed his left hand from her breasts and cupped his balls."I'm going to come!" he exclaimed."Come for me!" Jody shouted under her breath. He began to stroke faster and faster with his right hand, his left cupped his balls, and his back arched. He threw his head back into his pillow and Jodi gasped as the first spurt of cum shop out of his cock on onto his chest. He cried out as three more shot across his chest and stomach. He lay there panting for a moment, and he pulled a towel out of the bed and began to clean himself up. As he did this, she removed her sweats and stood before him wearing only her panties."Let me see you" he panted. She sat on the bed opposite him, legs apart, and began to remove her panties. He began to touch himself again, and his cock was still hard. She sat with her legs spread apart. He gaized intensly at her wet pussy."Can you see how wet it is?" she asked in an erotic voice. All Stephen could do is shake his head yes. Jodi lowered her right hand to her clitoris, and began to make quick, tiny circles with her fingers. 'I like to make circles....uh....around...mmm." She could barely make out the sentence. She was already on the brink of her climax. Stephen began to buck his hips with every stroke of his penis. She used her left hand to stablalize herself on he bed. Jodi moaned and breathed faster."Oh....you made me so horny....hhh....I want you to come with me....okay?" Hearing her say this made Stephen speed up his rhythmic strokes. There they were, a fifteen year old teenager and his 22 year old babysitter sharing one of the most intimate experiences with one another. The breathing was fast and sparatic, the sounds of their sexes, her wet pussy and his oil-glistening penis were enough to make anyone come. Then, it began to hit her. "Oh now! Come now!" She screamed as her orgasm slashed though her. She jerked violently on the bed as he ejaculated again onto his oil and sweat covered body. Just as he finished his last spasm they heard a car pull into the driveway. His parents were home.....Jodi part 3: Jodi's best friendJodi came home after class to find that both her roommates had gone home for the weekend."Great" she thought to herself. No one was going to be around to bother her. She walked upstairs to her room, and checked her messages. She was happy to hear that one of her closest friends was coming to visit that night. She was arriving on the train at 10pm, in only one hour. She said on the message that she would be tired, and she just wanted to hang out for the night. They could party harder on Saturday night.Jodi couldn't wait.... She hadn't seen Erica in over four months. They had been friends since they were very young, and after they had moved away from each other to attend college, it became a treat for them to visit.Erica was tiny, blonde and very cute... just completely adorable. Her hair was trimmed just above her shoulders, she had stunning blue eyes. Her body was slender, much like Jodi's, but her breasts were not near as full. They were 34B's, but they were beautiful.Jodi undressed, and slipped into a pair of blue and white boxers, and a blue tank top. She kept on her red silk bra, and matching bikini underwear she wore that day. She went down stairs and watched TV and waited for Erica.Erica finally arrived, and Jodi was ecstatic. They spent almost two hours catching up on what they had missed. Erica was still beautiful, she wore a pair of faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt that had a red heart embroidered over the front.At around midnight, Erica suggested that they watch some video of her vacation to Bermuda. Jodi agreed and went into her roommate Erin's room to get the VCR. She brought it out and hooked it to the living room TV. After she powered it on, she noticed that there was a tape in the machine. After ejecting it, she noticed that the label read simply "meat" It was a rental from a local video store, and the title "meat" made Erica giggle."What are you laughing at?" Jody asked."It sounds like a porn title." giggled Erica. "Put it in and find out!"Jodi popped the tape back into the VCR. She pressed play....and what they saw made the two of the gasp in shock. It was a completely naked man...taking a shower. Jodi laughed aloud. "We can't watch this.... it's Erin's!""No way!" replied Erica "Keep it in!... he's gorgeous"He was indeed one of the most beautiful creatures she had ever laid her eyes on. He must have been 6' tall, he was muscular, with no tan lines. He was just a gorgeous as any Chippendale model she had ever seen in her life."God.. What I would give to have that." Erica sighed."He has the most amazing ass!" Jodi repliedHe turned, and the girls remained silent as the camera revealed his penis. It hung flaccid, long and straight. Soapy water glided through his neatly trimmed pubic hair and off of the end of his limp cock, which must have been 6" long."That's the longest soft penis I have ever seen" exclaimed Jodi."It's beautiful" agreed Erica.Jodi sat on the couch, sort of on her side with her legs stretched along the couch. Erica lay on her stomach on the floor, with a large sectional pillow under her chin. The movie was very high quality, with beautiful music and camera angles. This was no cheap porn. Jodi felt herself getting turned on...After about 5 minutes of shower footage, the male model then walked out of the bathroom, dripping wet into the bedroom where he began to dry himself off. After many intense body shots of him drying himself, he fell into his bed and placed his arms behind he head. The movie then dissolved into shots of a beautiful woman dancing provocatively alone. He was daydreaming... of his girlfriend?, wife?, lover? The movie dissolved between shots of the woman, and shots of his male body. As the camera panned down to his penis, Erica gasped as she noticed it begin to throb and grow."Christ!, it's getting hard" she sighed.Just then the tape stopped, and Erica turned over and sat up. "What the fuck?"Jodi looked at her and said " I can't watch any more of this... I think he's going to jerk off""After what I've just seen, I'm going to have to jerk myself off too" Erica said."Oh come on" Jodi replied."Don't tell me you don't want to... I can see your nipples through that tank top!"Though she didn't want to admit it, Jodi desperately wanted to watch the rest of the video. She wanted so badly to see this hunk masturbate for her.Jokingly, Erica said "I'll stop watching it if you let me watch the rest before I go to sleep... if you know what I mean.""I don't think so... it's coming upstairs with me" Jodi mumbled."So you're going to get yourself off tonight too?" Erica asked."Heh, well.....maybe" Jodi was hesitant to open up that night."Come on... just admit it.. .you masturbate, and so do I. Sometimes I do more that 7 or 8 times a week" Erica was just too turned on to be inhibited at this point "Since we're both going to do it tonight anyway, why don't we both watch the video here and get it over with?"A shot of adrenaline serged through Jodi's body when Erica suggested that. She had never masturbated in front of anyone before, but she knew Erica so well, and she was so turned on, that right now she could have done anything in front of her."Okay... but don't watch me okay?" Jodi said."I'll stay on the floor between you and the TV, and you can stay on the couch." Erica began to unbutton her jeans as she spoke. "You can watch me if you like... I don't really mind."Jodi reached and turned off the lamp near the couch. She then pressed play on the remote control. The movie began again, and Erica turned over and lay on her stomach once again. Just then the model's hand made it to his penis. He began to make it grow in his hands. Jodi slid her right hand into the elastic of her boxers and panties. She began to caress her clitoris, which was now wet with her juices. Her eyes switched from the screen to Erica.As she lay on her stomach, she raised her buttocks, and scooted her jeans down and off her ankles. She rested her chin on the pillow, and slid her right hand into her white panties and began to rub herself.. Jodi could actually hear Erica's wetness as she fondled her pussy. Jodi slid one of her fingers into her pussy, and let out a sigh as she released some of the week's tension. Her skin was turning flush and she could hear Erica start to breathe harder as she watched her ass raise up and down against her fingers.Jodi occasionally glanced to the male figure on the screen, sensuously stroking his massive erection. Erica then sat up and turned to her friend. Jodi froze still and watched as Erica removed her t-shirt and bra. Her breasts were so round and perky they didn't even need a bra to keep them in form. Her small pink nipples were erect with horniness."Keep goin' Jodi...why aren't you getting naked?"She smiled and pulled her hands out of her crotch. It was like she was in a trance... she began to take off her tank top. Her nipples were pressing against the silk of her bra. Seconds later, her beautiful breasts were free from their constraints. "You have awesome breasts" Erica protested. "Please don't be embarrassed by this.""I'm not... I'm just so fucking horny...." Jodi sighed.Erica walked toward the door and pulled a pillow out of one of her bags. She walked over to the couch and stared at Jodi who was again masturbating and watching the movie. Jodi peered over at Erica and watched her remove the pillow case. Erica looked up and began to explain..." I like to rub myself against my pillow. I come really fast that way."Jodi exhaled deeply and sighed "Oh wow!" under her breath. Erica removed her panties and Jodi got her first view of her blonde pubic hair and her pink swollen pussy lips. Erica then laid down on her stomach again, and folded the pillow in half. She then clamped it between her legs and began rocking up and down on the edge of the pillow. Jodi couldn't take it any longer, she tore off her own boxers and soaked silk panties and tossed them on the floor. She stretched out on the couch and parted her legs and began to rub her clitoris in small circles. With her free hand she lightly rubbed her nipples and her stomach. Erica's thrusts grew harder and faster as the model on the screen began to stroke harder. Jodi masturbated in earnest as her eyes switched from the movie to her friend. The room was filled with the sounds and smells sex. The man on the screen groaned and his orgasm began. Jodi stopped and watched as he began to ejaculate onto his muscular chest. Just then she heard Erica make a high pitched moan, and Jodi watched in amazement as Erica began to climax. Her legs began to stiffen and her toes curled as she moaned and breathed in short breaths. Her whole body tensed against the folded pillow between her legs as the pleasurable contractions began. She came so beautifully Jodi thought as she felt herself get closer to her own orgasm.Tired and spent, Erica turned to Jodi and said "Are you gonna come for me now?"Jodi could only nod her head as her circles grew faster. She sounded so exquisite as her juices swished back and forth. "Let me hear you...." Erica insisted Jodi began to moan as of she was in a porno herself. Hearing her own erotic moans was all she needed to send her over the edge. Her orgasm rocked through her as her contractions began. Her ass raised off the couch and her toes curled into the cushion. "Mmmmmmmmm Oh! God! AAAAH!" This was one of her hardest orgasms. As she came down from her high, the two girls looked at each other and laughed. They couldn't believe what they had just done. They weren't embarrassed, it just made them a lot closer.



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