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Jimmy Got Me Started

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This happened when I was twelve, a couple of months before my thirteenth birthday. My best friend at school (seventh grade) was Jimmy (not his real name). He was about six months older. One day we were at his house, looking through his baseball card collection in his room. Suddenly Jimmy said to me, 'Hey, do you jerk off?' 'What's that?' I said. He said, 'Oh, come on, when your dick gets hard, what do you do?' 'Well, I just wait till it goes down.'

'Let me show you something better to do with it,' he said. 'Let's take off our clothes.' So we did. He was already hard, about six inches cut, and his cock was throbbing. My cock started getting hard too. (I was about the same size.) Jimmy laid back on the bed and started stroking himself, and I started doing the same. After a few minutes, Jimmy started grunting, 'nngh, nngh, nngh' and then 'oh yeah, oh yeah' and then he shot three quick gobs of cum about a foot in the air and up close to his face. He kept stroking and squeezed out three or four more smaller squirts and then just laid back panting.

Then he said, 'OK, your turn.' So I started stroking. Jimmy said, 'Do it faster,' so I did. Suddenly a powerful feeling of pleasure started building in my cock. It kept getting more and more intense, until finally I heard myself grunting the same way Jimmy did, and all of a sudden it was like my cock exploded. I felt something warm droppimg down on my chest and stomach. 'Wow, that was fantastic!' I said. 'That's jerking off,' Jimmy said. 'I gotta do that some more,' I said. Jimmy said, 'I do it every day.'

He got some tissues so we could clean up a little. Then I started getting hard again. Jimmy laughed and said, 'Geez, can't you wait until you get home?' Then he grabbed my cock and said, 'I'll do you, and then you do me.' I said, 'OK.' I was getting close to cumming when Jimmy said, 'Kneel down between my legs so you can cum on me.' He laid on his back with his legs spread, and his cock was hard, and I knelt down as he was pumping me. We started pumping each other together, and suddenly that intense feeling came back to my cock, and I exploded all over Jimmy's stomach and chest. At the same time, I felt Jimmy's cock starting to throb in my hand, and I looked down to see him spurting out jizz, landing on his stomach and chest and mixing with mine. It was so cool.

We cleaned up again, and we couldn't stop grinning and laughing. After that day, we continued to experiment at his house and mine for the next year or so. When we got to high school, we started going out with girls, so we didn't have much interest in each other's cocks anymore. It wasn't that we were gay, the thing was that we were just at the beginning of puberty and had to experiment with our sexuality. Jimmy and I have remained friends, and every once in a while, we look at each other and smile.

I would appreciate your comments on my story.



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