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Jessica's Office

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A dream come true, I have had thoughts of having Jessica in her office for awhile now. Well she finally gave me the chance and I took it lol. 

Early last week I started noticing something up with Jessica, something wasn't right with her. I had planned on flying up Friday to surprise her for the weekend since Bethany would be out of town with her sister but ended up going earlier. 


On Tuesday evening I received a series of odd messages from a person she had been talking to on here, coupled with those she hadn't been taking my calls or responding to my messages like she normally does. 



Well Bethany and I were pretty sure we figured out what was going on so Wednesday morning (Valentine's day). Bethany told me I needed to go up then and not wait until Friday so we booked the flight, and I went. 



We also set up an amazing evening for us but I believe Jess tells about that in her latest story so I won't retell that now.



Once Jess and I have our wonderful evening together we go back to her place and talk and I find out our suspicions of what was going on was true (not my story to divulge so I will let her tell that if and when she decides).



That night I knew she needed me as a friend and not a lover so I just held her while we slept. Thursday was a rough day but we got through it. Thursday night I knew Jess was hornier than hell (so was I to be honest) but again I knew she needed a friend instead of a lover so I got her off and held her while she slept (her latest story gives the details).



Friday comes around and we make plans to go out with some of Bethany and my old coworkers (and hopefully have some mindblowing sex). The evening starts out with Jess teasing the shit out of me every chance she gets and I'm thinking to myself finally I'm going to get to show her how horny I am. 



Well about 8pm Jess gets a call that an employee of hers has tanked a very large deal so she has to leave and go try and save the deal. I end up staying with one of my old coworkers as I know she will be at the office all night. 



Saturday I get up, go to Jess' house to let my phone charge, take a shower and get ready to meet up with Jess. I shower, jump on my phone to check some messages and run across more drama, this isn't going to be a good day. 



Long story short Jessica and I give each other access to our messages so we can compare notes and figure this out. We get it figured out and I spend Saturday night consoling her. Damn I am soaked and horny by this point lol. 



Sunday morning Jessica gets up, has decided to move on and suggests we go have some fun. To which I happily agree. 



We each shower and when I get done she tells me she had picked out a dress she would like me to wear so I put it on. 



We get in her car to head out and then she says, "I need to stop by the office a minute, I have a surprise for you there."



Now I'm thinking she bought me something and forgot to give it to me yesterday or something. 



We get to her office, it's a huge office on the 31st floor with a wall of windows overlooking the city, has its own private bathroom, 2 couches, a gas fireplace, several high back leather chairs, a huge fluffy white rug in front of the fireplace, a TV and a built in sound system. 



As we walk in she locks the door behind us, takes the remote and turns the fireplace and the sound system on, opens the blinds on the wall of windows and sits down at her desk. She moves some things around on her desk and says "come here I have a surprise for you".



As I walk towards her I'm hoping I know what the surprise is. 



When I get to her she's in her chair facing me, she reaches under my dress and slowly removes my panties before standing up. 



"So when I was reading the messages you'd received  I read where you told her it was a dream of yours to fuck me in my office," she said.



"For a long time," I said as she leaned in and began kissing me passionately. 



"Well today its my turn to make your fantasy come true," she replied. "I can't believe we have been together 4 days and I've let this bother me so much I haven't even made love to you. But that's all about to change."



She sits me up on her desk, puts me feet on the arms of her chair either side of her and dives between my legs like she was in the Olympics going for the gold. 



And oh a gold metal she deserves. It didn't take long at all before she had me moaning her name as my orgasm poured through me as I held the back of her head and rode her mouth looking out the windows at the beautiful view of the city. 



Once my orgasm has subsided she comes up and kisses me (my god her face is covered in my delicious juices), takes me my the hand and leads me to the rug in front of the fireplace. 



"I have always thought you looked hotter than hell in this dress," she says as she lifts it over my head. 



"I'm so glad you're feeling better," I say removing her dress, "and thank you for making my fantasy come true too."



We lay in floor and I begin to make love to her as tenderly as possible. I start by passionately playing a little tongue ping- pong, nibbling on her ears (this dives her crazy), slowly kissing every inch or so down her body towards her beautiful breasts finally sucking one of her nipples between my lips. She has the most amazing nipples I've ever seen, they just invite you to suck on them. 



While sucking her nipples I run my left hand down her torso, stopping to play with her bellybutton piercing a second or so. Once I reach between her legs I am met by a river of the sweetest juices you've ever tasted. 



I collect as much of the juices as possible on my fingers before bringing my hand up and depositing the juices on her nipples. 



I then bring my fingers to her mouth and she sucks them clean before returning my hand back to the juices and my mouth on her nipples. 



It doesn't take long before I can tell she is getting close so I start working her nipples and clit harder to push her over the edge. 



"Oh my God Kristine I'm gonna cum," she announces as her back arches off the floor, her legs clamp shut and her knees draw up. 



As her orgasm subsides she gets me up and leads me over to one of the couches. 



"I have always wanted to try tribbing, are you OK with that? " she asks.



"Hell yes I am," I answer as I lay back on the couch on my side, one leg in the floor the other planted firmly on the couch as she contorts herself into place. 



The sound of our juices mingling is intoxicating, the feel of our vaginas doing the two-step is amazing, and the moans coming from within us is overwhelming. 



It didn't take long before we were both screaming each other's name as our orgasms come crashing down on us.



We both collapse on the couch catching our breathe as we laugh when she says, "I wonder if that looked as bad as I thought we were doing it. I couldn't help but think to myself I wonder if we looked like to monkeys fucking."



We both laugh hysterically as I say, "It doesn't matter what we liked like, it felt amazing and that's what matters."



After recovering a bit we moved back to the rug and cuddled a bit before bringing each other off at least 2 me times before we showered off again, got dressed and went about our day. 



Things will be ok rabbit, we will be here to get you through whatever may come up. I'm ready glad I decided to come spend this time with you and glad you're coming to spend some time with us. 



Love you Jess!!






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