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Jerking With the Enemy

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This only happened a few weeks ago, and I hope I'm able to submit another one soon.


I'm a simple person. I get by okay in school, I do okay in sports, nobody has any beef with me. That was all until this one kid got transfered to my school last year. The short story is that he bothered me so much that I failed and got sent to summer school, and so did he. So everything was a bit better. I did well, then the damn teacher told us that we had a group project, and I got stuck with the same guy. So that day he drove over to my house and met my parents. I still lived with them since I wasn't able to go to college because I was held back. I introduced him. I said, 'Mom and dad, this is Scotty. He's my new partner for this project we're doing in school.' They shook his hand and we all got aquainted. Then mom and dad told me their big plans. They said, 'Mike, this weekend is our anniversary if you can remember. So we're going to go enjoy it in the mountains where we can connect some more. You'll have this whole weekend by yourself to do this project, so get it done.' I told them I would. Then Scotty, with a wry smile suggested if he could come and stay the weekend so we could get it done together. Mom and dad said that it was fine, and I groaned internally.

So that Friday my parents left for their anniversary weekend. Then, to my dismay, Scotty arrived a few hours later with a duffel packed with all his things. Immediately he said, 'Got any soda in the fridge?' I stand up and tell him straight up that I knew he didn't like me and that I certainly didn't like him. I continue by saying that I would do the whole project, put his name on it, and turn it in, if only he would get out of my house and never come back. After I finished this verbal onslaught, Scotty smiled and told me, 'Dude, your so wrong about what you said. Well, most of it anyway. I know you can't stand me, but I can certainly stand you. It's fun watching you blow up over me. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to stay the weekend like I told your folks. I'm going to help you with this project like our idiotic teacher said. And I'm going to bother you the whole time, whether you like it or not.' He then went to the fridge, got a soda, flopped down on my couch, and turned on the TV. This was going to be a long weekend.

So Saturday rolled around. We started on the project when I woke up, and the whole time Scotty kept bothering me with every little detail I forgot to put in. Time rolled on. Near the end of the day Scotty conked out on the couch while I continued on the project. I took my computer into my room so that I could have a little downtime from that idiot. A little while later I heard something strange coming from the living room. I immediatly thought that Scotty was breaking something and I ran out of my room. I turned the corner to see into the living room and was about to curse Scotty out when I was met with a very strange sight. Scotty was pounding away at his dick while he was watching some porn. I was stunned. He turned his head and saw that I was staring at him. He said, 'Enjoying the show? Please tell me that you know what I'm doing, because if you don't your missing out.' I answered, 'Ya your jacking off.' He laughed and said, 'Thank God! You do have some balls after all. Have you ever done this?' I told him ya and then he asked if I wanted to join in. I immediatly pulled my pants off, tossed my shirt, locked the door, and sat down beside him. His dick was a little shorter than my 7 inch, but his had the added benefit of foreskin, and I didn't. We were slowly pumping away, me full fisted, and Scotty was thumb and index fingering his. Then Scotty reached over and grabbed my meat. He looked at me and said, 'Is this okay?' I didn't object and he started to pump me. I slowly reached over and started to pump him. I suddenly longed for some foreskin because it felt really good. So we kept pumping away. After a few minutes, he came all over his abs and on my hand. At the sight of him cumming, so did I. We both laughed and Scotty spoke up saying, 'So are we cool or do we still hate each other?' I thought a bit and said, 'Maybe...we'll see how the rest of the weekend goes.'

We both smiled and then Scotty did the unexpected. He picked both of my legs up and put them on the couch so that I was completely on the couch. Then Scotty got on top of me and began to dry hump me. He looked at me and smiled, while our cum started to mix and helped us to rub up against one another better. HE said, 'Any change in that decision yet?' I asked him, 'Are you just trying to gain my trust by jacking with me even though we have nothing else in common.' He said, 'No, we're just having a little fun. And at the end of the weekend if we become best pals then I have no complaints.' Then at that moment we both came together, letting our juices mix on us once again.

We took a shower together to wash the cum off our bodies and the whole time in there, we explored each others bodies. After we did that we dried off and finished the project. By now it was really late and we both went to my room to go to bed. Since I had an older brother, I had an extra bed for Scotty to sleep in. The moment I laid my head down I fell fast asleep.

When I woke up I was surprised to see Scotty...right next to me...on my bed. He was still asleep but he had his arm around me, with his boner sticking right into my back. I started to jack him nice and slowly. He started to stir just a bit so I slowed my pace down and then I kissed him on the cheek. He instantly awoke and apologized for what I did. He looked at me and said, 'You missed.' Then he leaned even closer and our lips met. I was so surprised. I quickened my pace and Scotty came into my sheets. He took my dick in hand and started to jack me. Scotty told me, 'Let me return the favor.' He spit into his hand and slowly jacked my dick. With his other hand he rubbed my up and down. Then his hand rested on my ass. He slowly rubbed my hole and then stuck a finger right into it. I felt a little pain and he stopppd jacking for a moment and asked, 'Do you want me to stop?' I opened my eyes and told him, 'No it feels good keep going.' He licked his finger and gently rubbed my hole, then stuck his finger back into it. Once again there was that little pain. He started to rub my dick again. After a moment or so I came the most I had in a long time right in the sheets. We got up, took a shower, and washed my sheets. After that we finalized the project and before he left, Scotty asked me, 'So are we friends or are we still enemies?' I laughed and said, 'Definately friends. I hope that we get to do what we did this weekend again. He then exited the house.

My parents came back a few hours later and asked how we faired on our own. I told them, 'We got along just great.' We turned in the project and both passed. After a little while Scotty and I became as thick-as-thieves. We had just as many jack off days as we did that weekend and continued it well into college. I hope that Scotty will remember it just like I did.



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