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Jerking With Dad

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A very fictional story, this time about a son walking in on his father which leads to an afternoon of bonding through masturbation

This all happened back when I was 19 and my dad was, I believe, 43. My parents had always been in a happy marriage, and even though my mom was about 6 years older, they never made it seem like the age difference was ever any kind of issue. A year or so before this, however, I started to notice a change in her demeanor. Someone who had always been cheerful suddenly would become angry at little things, or would just have a depressed feeling throughout the day. My dad explained to me that she had started going through menopause early and it was really taking a toll on her, and also said that it changed her sexual needs as well...basically she was almost never in the mood anymore. He understood that it was just a part of life, and thus, took matters into his own hands. A lot. Even at that point, he apparently masturbated once or twice a day, every day, and some days...three times. More than I did!

Anyway, mom was a hospital worker and she was in the schedule every other weekend, so dad and I had the house to ourselves for about 13 hours both Saturday and Sunday. With that, one thing that we shared in common was that we both liked to walk around naked. Not necessarily because there was anything naughty about it, but just because we enjoyed the freedom of walking around bare. Now, I'm not saying it didn't make my own masturbation easier, but naked for the sake of being naked was the ultimate goal. 


This particular Saturday, I had gotten up and went down to the kitchen to put the coffee on. I didn't sleep that great the night before, so since I woke up feeling off I didn't masturbate. I did, however, still have a nice chub from my morning wood that had subsided, and I loved the way it felt bouncing back and forth as I walked. When the coffee was ready I poured my own cup, and I figured dad might need some as well. I took both cups down to their bedroom and, while the door wasn't shut, it was about 3/4 of the way closed. I said out loud, "Morning coffee delivery," and slowly pushed the door open with my foot, and dad said, "oh, thanks bud," as he set down a magazine he was looking at and pulled the sheet over his crotch. He scooted up towards the head of the bed and I gave him his cup, falling a drink of it before setting it on the night stand, saying, "Oh, that's good this morning." We chatted for a minute, ignoring the elephant in the room which was the full tent dad was pitching under the sheet. I decided to have a little fun with him, asking, "So...what's with the sheet? We getting bashful now?" He kind of smirked and said "nah, I was masturbating when you walked in. Just figured I would cover up." I smiled and nodded, saying "yeah, I know. That sheet isn't leaving anything to the imagination." He kind of chuckled and took another drink of his coffee. I stood there leaning against his dresser as we talked, and I saw that his erection didn't go down at all. In fact, I could see a small wet spot start to form at the tip. I looked down at it and then back up to him, telling him "you might as well just lose the sheet. I don't think that erection's gonna go away on it's own like that." He looked down and said "yeah...you're probably right," sliding the sheet off and exposing his rock hard penis. I do have to say...dad has a nice cock. Somewhere around 6.5-7 inches with a nice girth. I definitely took after mom's side in that regard, being about a quarter under 6 with an average thickness. I used to be a little embarrassed in comparison, but I learned over time that the average was smaller than I was, and I should just enjoy what I have. 



I could feel myself staring to get aroused at the whole situation, and I motioned over to the magazine, asking what he was looking at. He handed it to me, and this wasn't just your average Playboy; this was a straight up porn magazine. Page after page of sex, blowjobs and masturbation. I set my coffee down and started flipping through it. "Whoa...this is some hardcore stuff. Good thing mom doesn't mind you looking at it." He stifled a laugh. "Mind? She's the one that bought them for me! I got a whole stack of them in that cabinet. Go ahead and take a couple if you want...they'll really help you out." "Yeah...maybe I will," I said still looking through the pages. Not only did I now have a fully engorged erection standing right in front of him, but I glanced down and he had a solid stream of precum hanging from his tip. I handed the magazine back to him and sat down at his feet, saying "I'm sorry I barged in on you, you should take care of that." "Yeah, I will after you've gone." I pulled one leg up on the bed with my other toes still on the floor and shook my head. "No, go ahead. It's your bedroom. We're guys. We both masturbate. Go ahead and jerk off." "Well...ok. If you say so." He then scooted back down, flipped to a new page, pressed the soles of his feet together and started stroking his shaft. He quickly got back into a groove, pumping his fist in rhythm and occasionally letting out a deep sigh or a soft moan. I couldn't believe what was happening...not only was my dad masturbating right in front of me, but I encouraged him to do it! Just from watching him, my cock was bouncing back and forth with every heartbeat and I could feel a trickle of precum running down my shaft. He was really getting into it, stroking faster, rubbing his feet together, now audibly moaning. After a couple more minutes he was almost whimpering, muttering that he was going to cum. I don't think I blinked once as he gave a few more strokes before he lifted his butt off the mattress and a thick stream of cum shot a foot in the air, splashing back onto his cock and hand. The more he stroked, the more cum shot and flowed out into his thick patch of pubes. 



As he recovered from his orgasm, I was already slowly stroking myself...I needed to cum SO BAD! Thankfully, when he glanced down and saw me, he reached down with the magazine and said "here, make it a good one." I set it down and rested on my elbow with my knees spread apart, quickly stroking myself as dad laid there, hands on his chest, watching me masturbate. I stared at the magazine intently as my fist moved up and down on my shaft, only stopping to turn the page. As turned on as I was, I knew that it wasn't going to be very long before I blew my load, and I would be lucky if I even lasted as long as he did. Nevertheless, I pumped my cock like the horny teen that I was, getting closer and closer to that wonderful orgasm. I could feel it staring to build; my toes were wiggling like crazy and precum was pouring from my piss slit. There was no turning back now...dad was going to watch me cum. I rolled over onto my back and pulled up my knees, my feet now in the air and my anus pulled wide open. I was letting out those familiar 'oh, oh, oh' moans when suddenly...I came. I looked over at dad and our eyes locked as the first shot spewed out onto my chest - him with a small smile, me with my mouth hanging open and a look of absolute pleasure. I looked back down to see the next couple shots land on my belly, and the more I stroked the more flowed out onto my fist. When I was finally finished I almost melted into the mattress, breathing hard and lying there in a state of bliss. After a minute or so dad asked me "felt good, didn't it?" "Yeah...real good." "Damn I love masturbating..." he said grabbing the tissue box off his night stand, taking one out and handing it to me. "Me too. Especially when I'm edging." Wiping up my load, the tissue was stopping wet before I even finished. I kind of chuckled, saying "wow, I really came. Two tissues." He smiled and said "yep, that didn't look like an orgasm, that looked like a CUM."



We threw away all the wet evidence and he said "let's say wet go down and get some breakfast. I'll make us some pancakes." We walked down to the kitchen bare and I sat at the table while he mixed and cooked, his still blood-rich cock flopping and bouncing around as he worked. We chatted while we ate and then made our way to the living room and tried to watch some of the lousy late Saturday morning TV. I'm not sure how long we sat on the couch, but partly from the events earlier and just being a hormonal teen, I could feel my cock starting to rise again. In mere seconds it was standing straight up and I made sure to comment on it. "Look at that...looks like someone's ready to play again." Dad looked over and said "so soon? I thought you might be good for the day as hard as you came earlier." "Nah, I probably could have cum twice if I would have kept going," shaking it back and forth with my fingers at the base. His own cock was starting to rise again, and he said "don't start yet, let's do this right." He got up and walked out of the room, his half erection bobbing left and right as he walked. He came back a minute later with a blank VHS and popped it into the player, and when it started playing it was in the middle of a scene...and what a scene it was. It was some porn from the late 80's/early 90's, and there was a woman with massive breasts bouncing on a guys lap with an equally large cock, while a third guy stood to her side getting sucked. Dad's cock sprung up the rest of the way in an instant, and in no time we sat side by side on the couch stroking. For the next 10 minutes or so we sat in silence, aside from the squishing of precum as we pumped together. The scene had changed to the woman getting double penetrated by the guys, and it was getting to be too much for me to handle. My stroking got faster and my breathing got deeper, but dad noticed it and said "no, not yet, let's edge for a while." I let go and tried to hold back my cum the best I could, my toes gripping the carpet as a small bead of cum formed at my slit. I finally took a deep breath as my pending orgasm faded, dad telling me "nice catch." "That was close...a few more strokes and I would have blown." I stayed still for the moment until I felt I was in the clear, then went back to stroking myself, albeit with a slower, steady pace. A couple times over the next 20 minutes dad let go and say there with his eyes closed, his cock twitching...almost begging to be touched to release his next load of semen. I had to stop myself again as well, with a line of precum now stringing from my slit to just above my pubes. Eventually dad said "ok, there's only about 5 minutes left. We need to cum." We both sped up our stroking, focusing on the two cocks sliding in and out of both her holes. I tried to hold on until the end but couldn't, shooting thick ropes all over myself, being careful not to get any on the couch. Dad was a little more disciplined, biting his lip and staying right on the edge until the first guy pulled out and blew his load all over her wide open asshole and the other guy's balls. He came right as the second guy did, slipping from her pussy and stroking as his cum shot everywhere. Dad was moaning in absolute ecstacy; it was definitely one of those orgasms you feel all the way down to your toes. He was writhing on the couch, stroking and squeezing until every drop was milked out of his shaft. He finally sat there almost motionless, cock still in hand as it started going soft, eyes closed and breathing deep. I could tell he needed a minute so I hurried back to the kitchen and got us some paper towels to sop up all the cum.



When we finally collected our thoughts he said he was going to hop in the shower to rinse off the stickiness, and I said was going to take one right after. He also said we should probably keep all of this to ourselves. "You know your mother doesn't mind us masturbating, but we should probably keep this our little secret. Especially the second one...she wouldn't be too happy of she knew we were masturbating on her couch." I agreed and and we went on to our cleanup; he decided to get dressed afterwards, I just threw on some gym shorts without underwear, electing to spend the rest of the evening shirtless and barefoot. After that day we didn't keep jerking off together, even though we did still spend our solo weekends nude, keeping the masturbation to our respective bedrooms, many times more than once. 




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