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Jerking Off In Public Professionally

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This is another story told to me by a trusted source - a good friend and one of the people who actually did it.


The conversation over beers was about jerking off. As usual, I steered the conversation in that direction because I love talking about masturbation, and it opens up the most fascinating discussions. James piped in that he had tried making money by jerking off in public for the first time just yesterday. This stopped the rest of us in our tracks. We wanted to hear more, so James told us the whole story.

It seems James, his sister Paula, and their friend Will all needed money. (James is as poor as a church mouse.) They found out about a website in which anyone can go on webcam and broadcast themselves doing sexy things, and others can be encouraged to pay tokens in appreciation, which are redeemable for money. The three of them discussed the idea for days. On the one hand, they know that most of the broadcasters are from other countries. Columbia is one of the countries from which people appear most often. Evidently, going on cam and getting tokens isn't all that lucrative, since few people in Europe or the US, where the economy is at a much higher (expensive) level do it. But, they figured they had to try. And, with practice and experience, they might be able to make sufficient money. Furthermore, it would cost nothing to try.

Now the three of them had never done anything sexual together, other than James and Paula playing doctor just a little bit as children. But that didn't count. All they really did is look at each others' genitals. Will, who had many times stated that he is bisexual, was very interested in the idea. Paula and James weren't so sure.

Days went by. No one had the courage to just say, "OK, let's do it!" No one had the courage to try it themselves. But the idea wouldn't leave them alone. Finally, one Saturday afternoon, when all three were available, and when Internet activity was running high, they made the decision. They weren't going to do it. Just too crazy. Hold on, I'm just kidding! Yes, they decided to get naked and go on cam together.

James set up the computer and webcam, clicked into the website, entered his password, and turned on the camera. So far, all three were wearing their clothes, and the camera was aimed at an empty bed. As was arranged beforehand, Will would go first. He had picked the short straw.

James tells me that Will was so reluctant that they came within a whisker of cancelling the whole thing. Paula reminded them they were doing it for the money, and money they did indeed need. Somehow, that put Will at ease, or at least at ease enough to do a bit of a strip show while standing up on the bed.

Will is a tall guy, like 6'3" and very skinny. He has short, curly, black hair and a very white complexion. As Paula and James soon found out, he has that curly black hair all over. It is really thick on his chest, and even on his back. At first, they had the camera aimed wrong. For the first two minutes after Will started stripping, all the public could see were his feet and legs. James corrected the angle, and checked for how many people were watching. Zero! No one was watching.

Fortunately, that didn't discourage them. James was next, and joined Will by slowly stripping off his clothes. Now James couldn't be more opposite of Will. He is Asian, about 5' 6" tall, not quite pudgy, but well-rounded, and has long flowing black hair on his head. Other than a bit more hair around his crotch area, he is naturally as smooth as a billiard ball.

Now both of them were standing on the bed, trying to dance a little bit, with their soft cocks waving around. Paula said, "You guys are pathetic!" With that, she quickly stripped and stood between them. James' cock rose to attention immediately. Will stayed soft. James said he was rather embarrassed, even though erections were expected to be part of the show. First, that was his sister standing there. She hadn't seen his willie since they called it a willie. Second, Will wasn't hard, and that bothered him. No one likes being the odd man out.

Paula reached in both directions, softly cupping Will's balls with her right hand, and touching her fingertips to the tip of James' rigid penis with her left hand. They had the computer monitor set up so that they could see the viewer count. Still zero.

Ten minutes went by, and they finally figured out that standing on the bed was silly. So, they adjusted the camera, and all reclined on the bed. Visitor count: 7. Yay! No tokens yet, though.

Someone wrote in the chat window that he'd like someone to suck Paula's generous sized tits with the nicely protruding nipples surrounded by large, brown disks. She has naturally dark hair, like her brother, but she colors it blond, which at first strikes one as odd, since she is clearly Asian. She shaves her crotch entirely, or at least she did for the show.

James wasn't about to do that to his own sister, so Will did the job, and the next thing you know, his cock was hard as a rock. So now, reclining on the bed was Paula, with one man on each side, each sporting a huge erection, and Will sucking her right nipple. She asked James to suck her left nipple. He refused. She pleaded. He relented. Now, she had one guy on each nipple.

If the camera could have zoomed in, you'd have seen that Paula's pussy was getting nicely wet, and her slightly larger than average clit was showing out of her inner labia a bit.

Will started idly toying with her labia. Interestingly, James saw that, and did the same. So Will was fingering her right inner labia, kind of slipping it through his fingertips, and James was doing the same to her left one.

They had all prearranged that no one would have orgasms prematurely. Or at least they'd try not to. The idea was that no one was to loose interest and be a party-pooper before they had collected lots of tokens. But Paula just couldn't hold back, and had a crashing orgasm, much to the delight of Will and James. Fortunately, she's one of those women who can easily orgasm over and over again, not like most men.

They had forgotten about the visitor count, but James glanced over and had to look again before he called the screen to Paula's and Will's attention: Visitors: 1,100. Tokens: 200!

It was starting to work! No longer abashed, Will reached over, and did what he had secretly hoped to do for months: He started fondling James' balls and cock. James pulled away, but then immediately leaned back in, letting Will know that he was in line with that course of action. Little did James know, that he was about to really, really enjoy Will's ministrations.

In the meantime, Paula started stroking Will, but he had to have her stop after a moment, because he was getting too close. If one of the guys ejaculated at this point, it would ruin everything.

Someone wrote in the chat area that he'd give 500 tokens to see assholes, lots of assholes.

Without discussing it, James aimed the camera differently, zooming it in as well, and all three of them turned around, kneeling on all fours, with Paula in the middle, and with their asses facing the camera. You couldn't really see their assholes, so James got up and kneeling behind Paula, and to one side, he spread her ass cheeks. Then he went over to Will and did the same thing.

Back to Paula, and he had her reposition herself so that her ass was spread wide, and started circling his index finger around her asshole, occasionally brushing over it. He almost came spontaneously, so he had to stop. He went over to Will, repositioned him a bit so his asshole region was clearly visible on cam, and did the same to him. James had figured doing this to Will would help bring him off the ejaculatory brink, but it didn't really. He started getting excited about Will's asshole, so he backed out of the scene altogether. Will took over, kneeling behind Paula, and not only brushed his index fingertip over her anus, but then he licked his finger making it good and wet, and then started working his finger into Paula's ass. She came again, and he felt the contractions of her rectum against his finger. It didn't help that James had started reaching under him and had been stroking his erection. Bang, Will started shooting a good pool of cum on the bed. So much for not cumming too soon!

They knew that the three of them wouldn't be able to perform much longer, so as Will started wilting and went off-screen, Paula instructed her brother to lay face up on the bed. She reached over to the webcam to show a close-up of James' cock, and then, without a word, she started stroking him, with long, solid up and down strokes. In just a few seconds, James was ejaculating onto his sister's hand and his belly, with one squirt hitting him on the cheek. The camera picked it up clearly, and as it turns out, 4,700 people witnessed the event.

In the end, they had collected 788 tokens, which when cashed in, turned out to be $78.80. Divided by three people $26.00 per person. Not enough to earn a living, but the three of them intend to do it again. They are very encouraged to learn how to do it better, and make more money. They have already started planning some specific strategies:

1. There'll be no fucking. James does not want to enter his sister in that way. He will limit himself to putting fingers in her. He and Will both agree that they will not penetrate each other. They think rubbers would not play well on camera, and while both are quite certain they are disease-free, they want to stay that way. Plus, they've heard that masturbation activities pay better than out-and-out fucking on the website.

2. There'll be no kissing. They are friends, and want it to stay that way. They feel that kissing might take it to a level that they can't handle.

3. They'll stay a threesome. They will not invite others because that would divide the money too far. Also, they figure they'll become experts and don't want to have to train a new person.

4. The guys will try to figure out how to last longer before ejaculating.

5. They are all 100% committed to learning how to make a good living putting on their masturbation shows. They tell me they are going on at 3:00 pm this afternoon. I'm looking forward to watching online!



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