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Jerking in a Public Shower

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I finally got the nerve to jerk in a public shower


I work out a lot, and as such I shower after each session. It has been a fantasy of mine to jerk off in the shower, with other guys coming in and out of the room. I finally got to make the fantasy a reality.

I would stand under a shower head, and stroke myself a few times, looking around to see if I was being noticed. This was accomplished by using soap and shampoo, and continually washing my body, as I stroked. Other guys would walk in, and quickly take a shower, and leave. Nothing said, and no one was really looking at the others. Getting my nerve up, I stayed, and started stroking in various positions, like I was taking my shower, and washing my body.

I would turn in circles, and keep an eye on my company, while beginning to deal with a now throbbing dick. Fortunately I thought well enough in advance to bring a bit of baby oil for lube, since water and jerking don't go together that well. As I got hard, a older man walked in. He went over to another shower, and washed off. I was "washing" myself by appearance the entire time. I was also stroking my now very-erect dick. There was no hiding how hard I was, unless I turned around with my back to him. This is what I did. The man stayed only a moment, and left. I began to furiously stroke my dick, since I was alone. Then someone else came in.

This was a younger dude....well endowed....and I watched him by keeping my backside to him, but turning my head, as I continued to "wash" my body. He bathed, stroked his own dick a time, or two, then left.

At this point, I went for it. Stroking hard and fast, with my thumb behind my dickhead (just like my girlfriend does me), I quickly came all over the tile floor. I released a slight moan at the orgasm, then turned to see if anyone was coming in. At that point another younger dude walked in, gave my backside a glance, and proceeded to wash himself. While he was occupied with the shower, I used my hands to direct water to my cum load on the floor. It washed away quickly, and no one was the wiser.

Following this, I continued to stroke myself, while washing, until the dude left. Being alone again, I walked over to my towel. My tighty-whitey briefs were inside. Looking around, I quickly put on the briefs without drying off first. The feel of the wet fabric was erotic, and you could clearly see through the whiteness of the material. I still had a fair-sized hard-on, and stood there massaging my dick through the wet briefs for a moment. I the wrapped the towel around me, walked into the other dressing room, and put on my shirt and shorts, without drying off. Wetlook is a fetish I enjoy, especially on women, and it is something I like to jerk off looking at, or doing.

Once in my car, I proceeded to grab my again-throbbing dick through the wet underwear. I sat there unobserved, and shot another load into my briefs. The warm sensation was enticing. With a big wet stream in the left side of my underwear, I drove off. It didn't take long for it to dry, and get sticky. To me, that is just part of the fun. I don't have a problem with cum on my clothes.

Hope to return and do the shower again soon.



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