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Jerking By The Pool

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A fantasy story about two friends who couldn't help but masturbate by the pool. 

Back during the summer when I was 15, a friend of mine and his family moved into a new house. It was on the other side of town but was about the same distance from my house, had a good amount of privacy in the back and most importantly, had an in-ground pool. One morning I had called him and he was talking about laying out in the sun for a while, and I knew that would lead to some pool time so I told him I would be over in about a half hour. I switched into my swim trunks and biked over, and he answered the door still in his boxers and said he was about to get ready to go out. I just waited in the kitchen looking out at that cement oasis and he came back downstairs a couple minutes later, but to my surprise he had on sunglasses, sandals, a towel over his shoulder...and nothing else. Neither of us were exactly bashful about seeing each other naked, but that was either changing after a practice or showering during a sleepover or something like that. He looked over his sunglasses at me and said, "Um...you getting ready?" "I am ready." "You can't get all-over sun dressed like that." "So, what...you want me to get undressed?" "It's not like anyone's gonna see you." I just kind of shrugged and said ok as I started taking off my clothes until I was as bare as well, save for my flip-flops. He then walked outside and I followed, although I looked both ways before stepping into the patio. 


We both set our towels on a lounge chair and spread out, the hot sun causing me to start sweating and glow in no time. He on the other hand had some south of the border in him, so the sun wasn't taking the same toll. I had also noticed more today than any other time that his cock and balls were much darker than the rest of him. Speaking of his cock, it was a little on the unusual side; he wasn't very long but had nice girth, and also had a large skin ring under the head. He had explained before that once he started getting bigger his foreskin wouldn't retract like it was supposed to, so he had to get circumcised when he was 10. At that point they were worried about affecting him getting erections afterward, so they left extra skin compared to the usual since they didn't know how long his penis would end up being. THAT turned out to be a non-issue...as even when he was hard he still had some bunched-up skin on the underside. He got used to it, though, and said he didn't have to lube up when he masturbated. 


Anyway, we laid out in the sun for about a half hour, mostly just bullshitting about sports and the upcoming school year. When we started talking about some of the girls in our class, I noticed his cock beginning to stir. It didn't take long before it was pointing straight up in the air, slightly bobbing back and forth with his pulse. Like I had said he wasn't very long, probably about an inch shorter than me, but was definitely thicker. He laid there like that for maybe 5 minutes before he said, "Ok, I gotta jerk this thing off," while grabbing it and slowly starting to stroke. While he casually masturbated I asked him, "You want me to turn the other way or something?" "You can watch me, I don't care. Not like I'm doing a new thing." He leaned his head back and got into a steady rhythm, now full-blown masturbating right by me. It wasn't long that I had a rock-hard erection of my own just from seeing him doing the deed, and before I knew it I was stroking right alongside him. Since he started a little bit before me he was much closer to his orgasm, and he was already squirming around in the lounger and breathing hard. It only took a couple more minutes before he was mumbling, "I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum..." and then rolled over facing me, shooting out a thick load of cum onto the patio. I watched as each glob of cum landed on the concrete, just imagining how good each shot felt flying from his cock.

After his orgasm subsided he laid there for a minute squeezing out the rest and wiping it on his towel, then kicked off his sandals and jumped in the pool. Just the water splashing out and hitting me felt like heaven in the bright sun. He swam back and forth a couple times before coming to the side and resting his arms on the edge. "Hurry up and cum. The water feels great." "I'm trying to...I'm just not there yet." "Well, the faster you cum, the faster you can be in this glorious, cool water. I bet if Sara was here you'd cum really fast." That was a girl in our class that was out of my league that I had a crush on. "Yeah...she'd probably be naked, too. Watching you stroke yourself...she might get turned on herself and have to give a little rub." I closed my eyes and stroked faster. "Oh yeah..." I whispered, "I'm stroking my cock for you, Sara...I wanna cum for you..." "She might even lay there with you, taking hold of your cock and stroking it for you before jumping on it, riding you into you cum." "Oh, oh yeah, I wanna fuck you Sara, take every inch of my cock in that tight pussy..." I was stroking hard and my balls were bouncing around, my toes were curling hard against my flip-flops. "She tells you not to pull out, she wants to feel your cum shooting deep inside her...empty your balls inside her pussy." That was all I could take. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum!" I jumped up and sat at the edge of the lounger, pointing my cock at the concrete and shooting rope after rope of gooey cum right in front of him. I couldn't help but close my eyes and giggle...not just because no one had ever watched me masturbate before, much less cum, but he basically talked me through having fantasy sex with my crush. "That looked like it felt good." Catching my breath, I said, "Oh yeah...really good...so good..." "I bet. I'd have to jerk off twice to shoot that much cum." I just laughed as I squeezed out the rest and wiped it off before getting up and doing a cannonball into the water, not even bothering to take off my flip-flops. I had never gone skinny dipping before, but it was incredibly liberating being in the cool water while I was naked. 



We horsed around in the water for about an hour before the sun got to be too much and we went back inside, although we stayed naked and masturbated one more time in his room before his mom came home. This time we both went at the same time, talking about girls in our class and cumming pretty much together. When his mom came home we were already back downstairs and she went out to check the water in the pool, and when she came back in she asked, "What's all over the ground by the chairs?" My heart pounded but he kind of stumbled and said, "Oh, we were out earlier and I guess we got sloppy with the sunscreen." "Oh, well, ok," she said kind of with a sly look. We both knew that she figured out right away that it was from us masturbating, but she never said a word about it. I guess she figured that boys with be boys. 





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