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Jerking at the Gym

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I got hard watching ladies workout, and had to relieve myself


I was midway through my workout at a local public gym and horny as usual. As I rested from a set of overhead presses I gazed around at the beautiful women working out around me. There was a middle aged full figured lady jogging on a treadmill to the left of me. With each stride her massive breasts bounced and sent ripples throughout her thin clothed shirt. Her ass also had a noticeable bounce to it, it was big but had a very nice round shape that jiggled as she jogged. I felt a good deal of heat and pleasure rush through my body.

My penis was getting harder and harder! As I didn't want to stare I looked straight ahead. That is when a very fit Asian woman sat down on the machine across from me. She was about 15 feet away, probably in her early twenties. She was wearing a sports bra and I could see her nipples poking out from her small a cup breasts. She had beautiful toned and and tan legs. The machine was an inner/outer thigh machine that spread her legs open. I was fully stiff by this point. I tried to take my mind off of the raging hard-on I now had and completed another set. As my arms moved my shorts rubbed my throbbing cock, my breathing got heavier.

I probably did more reps than I normally could have with the testosterone and blood pumping through my young body. As I again rested I was afraid to move, my hard 7 inch cock would have been very obvious. That in itself was a turn on, sitting there fully erect as I had all of these hot fit bodies surrounding me! I glanced back over to the woman on the treadmill, she still looked amazing. However she had been replaced in my fantasy by the Asian on the thigh machine who was beginning another set. I was hypnotized by the view as her legs spread open rhythmically revealing a near glance at her sweet pussy. I imagined how hot and tight it must be, and how it would feel squeezing my dick each time she closed her shapely thighs together.

By this point I could feel a massive amount of cum built up in my balls aching to shoot out. I couldn't believe what I was seeing or feeling, I felt just seconds away from orgasm right there without directly touching. I was nervous and excited all at once, I didn't know what would happen if I just let it flow out. At this point some precum had already dripped from my sensitive head. I decided to go for it, if I came I would deal with the clean up and the cover up. I relaxed and was ready to explode. Unfortunately now that I was conscious of how close I was it just wouldn't quite happen. I was fighting the urge to rub it a little and help myself out. I finished one more set and sat there a few seconds longer, by now the Asian lady had finished her work on the thigh machine and had her back to me. I decided to make my move and walked through the gym still sporting a very stiff boner. It was exciting to think at any minute someone could notice my hard cock in my shorts. I made my way about 50 feet to the hallway leading to the men's locker room. The locker room was vacant, I started to head back towards the stalls to do my business. On my way I dropped my shorts and let my stiff cock get some air. The thrill was amazing and I sat down bare bottomed onto the cold bench. I didn't care who could catch me at this point and reached down and gave it a firm squeeze. It felt so good, I then slowly stroked it up and down. That was all I could take. My cock shot cum all over about ten good pulses. Me and the floor in front of me was a sticky white mess!



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