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Jerking and Sucking in the Back of a Car and the Cinema

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Met a large teenage quiet girl on the net, met her and got it on with her.


Lynsey was a girl I got talking online to from a dating site many moons ago. She was a bit younger than me, only 18, and seemed quite eager to chat but I got the impression she was a bit shy all at the same time. She was a big girl, very large around the hips.

Talk and the emails we exchanged was a bit normal until one late night of chatting she came out and said

"I was really horny last night"

I was like holy fuck, this is going to get interesting.

I said "why was that?"

 She said "thinking of you. lets just say it involved my finger and my clit."

Well holy shit. I couldn't believe it. So to cut a long story short, we got talking dirty (exchanging phone numbers so we could send dirty texts at a later date) about sex and what our history was (turns out she'd only relatively recently lost her virginity and hadn't had many partners, also said her last boyfriend dumped her the day after she refused to give him a blowjob). She told me she had a few pictures she took the previous night. She wasn't sure she should send them but she did anyway. They were two selfies (back before the term became the thing) of her lying in bed with her tits out. God they were massive. I told her i was going to print them out and jerk off to them, which I did.

The next night we chatted again and I asked if she would send a few more pics for me. I asked for a full body shot of her in the mirror in only her undies. She happily complied and got a picture of her in her white undies and red bra. She did have incredibly large hips and it was obvious she was a very big girl but I was so turned on that I got sexy pics. I then asked for a nude one and in two minutes she had gone into her room and gave a full naked pic. I got a few more but the best one was a 20 second audio clip of her cumming from a masturbation session.

Anyway, we talked about meeting up. she lived about 30 miles in a small seaside town in the UK (where my granny lived). I was working for a few hours on the following Saturday but I suggested meeting up, afterwards, hang out for a bit and then go catch a movie. She seemed up for it and we talked about how good it would be to meet up and do things. She had only kissed three men in her life and I said to her, would you like to make it four? she was very keen and it seemed to be well on.

That Saturday I finished work at around 1pm and I headed up to the town and agreed to meet her in the fast food cafe car park. I texted her and told her I was there. She said she was also and she thought she could see me. I stood outside the car and saw her walking towards me. We smiled, said hello and asked her if she wanted to go for a drive. She was up for that so she got in and I drove up to the reservoir/forest area on the outskirts of the town. On the way it was just typical small talk until we arrived. We got out and walked along before I just looked at her, she looked at me, and then we kissed.
"Four now is it?" I joked.
We carried on kissing before deciding to go somewhere a little more private. We went in amongst the tress out of sight of everyone who may have been walking about. We started kissing again and I got a good grope of her tits. She then told me she was wearing her red bra that I liked so much. I lifted her top up and saw she was telling the truth I lifted the red bra up and exposed her tits to me. I gave her nipples a good suck while my hand went down and rubbed her groin on the outside of her trousers.
"Does that feel good?" I asked
"not really cause your not touching it" she said.
Fuck it I thought so I stuck my hand down the inside of her trousers and felt her pussy. She didn't object at all. it was wet with a little hair.
It was getting a bit cold (it was November) so we went back into the car and sat in the back seat, holding hands. We went through the picture on her phone that she took. I told her which one I jerked off to and then we listened to her audio file. It was hot as fuck.
We went back to the kissing and then the fingering. I got her to pull her trousers off so I could get better access to her twat, and to her surprise instead of fingering her, I went down on her! Now l'll be honest, it wasn't pleasant. I think it was the combination of sweat and cum, but I went ahead and gave it a good lick.
Well it was time for my turn I thought so I got her to unzip my trousers and pull her out. She did so and then started to gently stroke it for me. She did tell me I was the smallest of the dicks she held but it was the person attached to it that counts. She continued to stroke me in a slow constant rhythm. I did say I would really appreciate a blowjob but she just apologised and said 'sorry the thought just turns my stomach'. So she carried on with the handjob, knowing I was a little disappointed. Luckily I got near that point and announced I was getting close. She sped up and whammm! I fired my load.

"Thanks" I said.

So we went back into town, got some food and then went down to the cinema. We got two tickets for the 4pm screening. What was even better we were the only two in the cinema.
So I got a horny idea while the trailers were on. Inspired by the Alanis Moresset song I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her. She sighed, saying 'I can't believe I'm doing this' stood up, pulled her trousers down, sat on the seat and I then proceeded to giver her oral. Didn't spend too long doing it as we weren't too sure if someone might join us, but I carried on until the film started.

During the first half hour of the film I took my dick out and brought her hand over to it. I was still soft but she had a good play.
"You're all small now. I prefer you when you're hard. Put him away, I'll play with him later."
Begrudgingly I did, but in the last 15 minutes I pulled it out again all hard and stiff.
I turned to her and told her to stroke me. She happily complied and reached over and stroked me while looking me in the face. She kept going and I felt it building up.
"You going to come?" she said.
That did it for me and I blew my load right away. She handed me a tissue which I used to wipe my dick and which I then threw on the floor which caused her to laugh.
Two minutes later a staff member came in to check the screen (close call) which caused us both to giggle. We missed the end of the film so I've no idea how it ended. I do remember being a fire at the end and Sarah Michelle Gellar being there.

We left and she gave me a kiss in the car park before I went back to my car. She said she'd love to do it again sometime and we agreed to meet again sometime during that week.

We did meet up the next week, of course this is a masturbation site so I can't really talk about how she decided to give me her first ever blowjob in the back seat of her car (she didn't like it but she discovered she liked doing it if I wore a condom) and then she let me fuck her (not easy fucking a big girl in the back of a corsa). We meet up loads of times, for coming fun, fast food and movies. Eventually she wanted more than a casual thing so we ended up going our separate ways.

I do still have her pics and audios which I still jerk off to today.



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