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This happened about 13 years ago. I knew Jerard (26 year old then) through a friend of mine and as most of our interest were quite the same, we clicked and were very good friends then.

Jerard was bald, but was hairy, very hairy, for an Asian guy. I knew he has very bushy chest hair once we went to the beach with a bunch of friends. He was kind of charming to most females, but he was still searching for his Mrs Right. I never interested or knew how big his penis was or any sort of those things...

We talked about anything and everything under the sky, except the topic of sex, which actually included masturbation.

It was about four months after we met, I went to his place for a sleepover after a disco party. We had some drinks, not much, so we were still sober. As Jerard was still single, he was staying with his parents in another room.

After we took our separate shower, I was lying on the mattress on the floor (only with my thorn on as I did not bring extra clothes or shorts), and Jerard was lying on his bed. It was about 3 am and somehow we were not sleepy and very awake. Hence, we started some small talks and I jokingly told him that I needed a wank before going to bed. Jerard said by all means as he didn't care. I asked him 'Sure?' and he replied something which I never expected. 'Keep your sperm for me. Don't waste!' I was in 'shock' ! I asked him what he meant by that and he quietly got up from his bed, on the light, went to the kitchen and got me a glass and locked the bedroom door. He sat on the side of his bed near to where I lied down and said, 'Cum in this glass. Don't waste it. I ate mine most of the time after I jerked off.'

Still, I didn't quite believe it. I started asking him why and he said he just like the taste of it, and since sperm has lots of protein, and it must be very good for the body. This is some of the really crazy idea I ever heard in my whole life. I asked him how often he had it and he said he usually 3 to 4 times a week and he asked me about how often I did it. I told me I did almost the same as him. By then, I guessed the atmosphere was kind of tensed up with the topic 'sex and masturbation' started...

Jerard also told me that he has not been having sex since he broke off with his girlfriend for two years. The girl went off with another guy just 6 months before their planned wedding. He was very very sad and depressed then, but always enjoyed the sex part with the girlfriend. She loves to suck and lick his nipples, rubbed Jerard's ass and always inserted her two or three fingers when they have sex... I was really getting horny after all the sex talks and already having an erection in my tight underwear. Surely, Jerard saw my hardon and told me 'Really, cum in the glass if you really want jerk off. And I think I need to wank, too.'

Hence, I started to rub my crotch with my left hand, and slowly revealed my 6.5' hard cock by pulling my underwear off. Jerard saw and commented that I have a long and fat cock compared to his. I asked him to show me his and he stood up (he already had a hardon) and removed his shorts (no underwear underneath). I saw that his cock was about 5' long and was quite thin. He grabbed his cock with his right hand and started to wank himself. I only commented his cock 'Nice cock.' and both of us were wanking ourselves slowly, with any more talks...

Then, Jerard lied down on his bed and lifted up his legs openly. He was rubbing his anus with the other hand and started to moan softly. I got up from my mattress, sat on his bed next to him. I saw his eyes were closed as he was enjoying the pleasure he gave to himself. I said to him, 'Let me help you.' and started to play with his nipples. Jerard moaned slightly louder and I can feel his body was shaking a little. I knew I was doing something right to him, and decided to do something more daring. I sucked and licked his nipples for about 3 to 4 minutes while Jerard still rubbing and wanking at the same time. He was really enjoying that !

Slowly, I moved myself up from sucking his nipples to his neck. I removed his anus rubbing hand, and started to rub his ass with my middle finger. This was really making both of us very very horny. I can feel that he held my cock and wanking it, and we actually started kissing, with our tongues almost locked together! We held, wanked, kissed, licked each other, but no one actually sucked the other person's cock. After nearly half an hour, Jerard took out a lubricant gel from a drawer and told me to finger fuck him. I applied some lubricant on my index and middle fingers, rubbed his ass, and slowly inserted them in Jerard's ass. I lied on top of him and we were kissing again. At that point, our hard cocks were rubbing together, our mouths and tongue were interlocked, and my fingers were inside him. It was surely one of the best sex I ever had (even with girls).

Suddenly, Jerard stopped kissing me and cried out softly 'I am cumming, I am cumming....' He shot his juice in between our bodies. I didn't see how far he squirted as we were holding each other... I can only feel the wetness on my cock. I moved away from him, and looking at Jerard now very satisfied and spent expression. He opened his eyes, used his fingers and scooped up some of his juice from both our stomachs and ate them. I just kept quiet and waited for my turn to release my horniness.

Jerard told me to lie down on his bed and I did. He started to fondle my cock and licking my nipples, just like what I did to him earlier on, except no ass-play. In less than 2 minutes, I felt that my 'volcano' was going to erupt. I told him that I was going to cum soon and asked him to wank me harder and faster. He did what he was told and moved his face very close to my cock. When the first rope of cum squirting out from my pee-hole, it landed on my chest. Jerard used his mouth to catch the rest of my cum, by placing his lips on my cock head and swallowed all of them. When I was spent, we washed up and talked about the things just happened. We both agreed that he did not suck my cock at all as he was just catching my sperm with his mouth, and sucking cock is not the thing he will do to a guy.

This was not the only time we had this fun, but was the first time for both of us doing with guys. We were very after that and I always gave Jerard a helping hand by rubbing his ass or finger fuck him. I realised that he can cum that way without touching his cock.

Sadly, there was something unhappy happening and we stop contacting each other. I still miss the sex part with Jerard and think of it always...



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