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Jeans With No Panties

Posted by: Age: 18 Posted on: 21 comments
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So I read this technique on here recently about not wearing any panties while wearing jeans. So I thought I would try it for myself.

So, I was really excited to try this but I didn't want to end up having an orgasm in the middle of a public place. I decided to take a walk in the near-by forest. I put on my tightest pair of jeans and made sure that they would rub against my clit by taking a couple of steps in my room. It worked so I began my walk. The feeling against my clit was great, a lovely slow rubbing against it. The excitement had already made me slightly wet but I could feel myself getting wetter as I walked on. After this wonderful warm feeling and pleasure from my pussy went on for a while I wasn't sure I'd be able to cum from it. It was just a constant, nice feeling. The feeling soon started intensifying though. I could feel a small jolt go through me each step I took. But I knew I couldn't cum where I was. I wasn't in the forest yet and was still on the street. I took longer, slower steps. This was so I could get further with less rubbing. I tried to calm myself down as well, and stop thinking about my clit rubbing against my jeans. I got to the forest and sped up my walking again. I was back at the point of the rubbing simply being a nice feeling. Then after a while again the feeling increased and the small jolts began again. I'm sure I was walking slightly strangely now and twitching a bit with every step. Even with the small jolts I felt I needed to walk faster if I was to orgasm. So I sped up. I felt the feeling building as the orgasm approached. I'm glad no one was around to see me when the orgasm came. I pressed my hand against my pussy through my jeans and my knees crossed and legs buckled slightly. I was leaning forward as well (my long hair possibly getting close to the ground) with my eyes closed and my mouth open. I made sure to hold back my moans but a couple may have escaped by accident. After a little while the orgasm ended and I straightened up. I took a step forward and felt the jeans rub against my sensitive clit. I twitched and stopped. I couldn't take another step forward, it was far too sensitive. So I could do nothing but stand there for a while. I pretend to be really interested in my surroundings in case anyone else was to wonder across the path I was on, but no one did. I walked home taking the long, slow steps so as to not cum again. This was because I was out of the forest soon and back on the street, where I didn't want people to see me orgasm. If anyone has any other techniques you think I should try please suggest them.



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