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Jayney.....the Bitch!

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Ive just read her story about Chris! Fuck! Lucky slut! Ok, if it's a contest she wants.....but I have one up on her. This isn't particularly sexy, so maybe the censors will not allow it, but I've already talked to mum about mum and dads swinging...here's what happened and what happened afterwards.


Mum and dad are swingers. They enjoy having sex with other people, and watching each other having sex with other people. Yesterday, mum had a day off from work and I wanted to talk to her about it. So, I asked her to help me give my room a complete tidy up. While we were in there I couldn't work out how to,start the conversation, so in the end I just blurted it out. 

"Mum. I know you and dad are swingers. Er....why? How did it start? What do you get out of it?"

Here's what mum said.

"Your dad and I have been together since school. We are deeply in love and nothing can threaten our relationship. One day, while we were making love, your dad said he would like to see me with another man....or woman. In turn, I told him that it has long been a fantasy of mine to see him with another woman. It went from there. I love watching him with another girl, knowing that he is mine, and I'm lending him to her."

I thought about this for a while before saying "I guess I can see that, but doesn't it make you jealous?" Mum replied, "Not at all. You see, he's fucking (woah! My mum? Using that word?) her for me. He's giving me pleasure as I watch his cock move in and out of her. I often like to just sit and watch him and masturbate at the same time. I always time my climax with his, not hers." 

I felt a distinct dampness between my legs as we had this incredibly intimate conversation as we worked in my room. Since I was only wearing a loose skirt, and I get really really wet when I'm horny, I was a little worried about my scent becoming noticeable.

Mum went on "it's also amazing to fuck your dad after we've had sex with others. It's something about reclaiming each other I think. Your dads cock, tasting of another girl, and me, filled with someone else's sperm is just amazing." Then she smiled sweetly and said "And now, Claire, I'm going to leave you to take care of that very wet pussy between your legs." She popped a little kiss on my cheek and left the room, leaving my door open.

She was right, I was aching to get at myself, but what's with the door thing? It' was just me and mum home, so damn it, who cares. 

I took my top off, and my skirt. Instantly, my room was full of my scent. I had got wetter than for a while. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs. The soaked material covering my pussy made the cotton undies feel more like satin or silk. I locked my mind onto mum and dad and imagined I was there to watch them at a swingers session. In my mind, dad was fucking another woman, and mum was watching him, playing with herself at the same time. 

Oh I could imagine his cock spreading her cunt lips wide as he fucked her, and mum had a dildo in her pussy matchingnhis thrusts. That made me reach for my trusty candle. I pulled my panties aside, and began to fuck myself with my new-found toy. I have a habit of biting the knuckle of my thumb when I'm really horny and I did this. I marched the I,Abi army thrusts of my dad into this mysterious girl, and those of my mums dildo. I began to wonder if a dildo feels any different to a candle, I suppose it must. 

As I got closer to orgasm, I began humping my hips. I felt my panties biting into me, and that bought a'someone's forcing me' element into it. I love that thought. Then, and I don't know why, in my head, my mind gave me an image of my mum, still watching dad, but there was sperm running from her cunt from where another man had cum inside her, and that sent me over. ....noisily. 

It took a while,for me to come back to earth after what had been a really erotic orgasm. As I opened my eyes, I saw mum leaning on my doorpost. She had been watching, well, not all, but certainly a good part of my masturbation. She smiled and said "I think it's time I got you a little present." 

The next afternoon, when I got home there was a box on my bed, wrapped up with a bow, like a birthday gift. Inside was a vibrating dildo. A pretty lifelike cock, about 8" long. Wow! 

Tonight, that gets a test! 

Mum also said something interesting. She said there are swingers clubs, but also that naturist clubs have a lot,of,this going on, not officially, of course, but there is a lot of research that says over exposure to the sun is dangerous, and that a lot,of sun clubs are thinly disguised swingers clubs. She said that there is a club near where we live......hmmmm! I don't want to,do that. Not yet, at least. But she did talk about vanilla swingers. People that will not go the whole way. They might allow themselves to be masturbated, or masturbate someone else, but not fuck. 

I would do that, and I told her so. Again, I got that little smile, and, well, who knows what she's planning.



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