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Jane Loved to Masturbate - Anywhere, Anytime

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Jane brightens a dark highway ride.

I posted a story recently about a girlfriend I had named Jane. She was the most sensual, sexual woman I ever met and she was responsible for enticing me to have sex in many adventurous places. I fantasize about her a lot. While we were dating, we would often spend a weekend at a vacation home my family owned in the mountains of New Hampshire. Only rarely would we have the place to ourselves which resulted in us being naked for most of the weekend, especially when we got out on the lake in our boat. We loved to take the boat out at night. We'd shut the engine off in a remote spot, strip off our clothes, have a drink or two and spend some time skinny dipping and having sex. Getting back to my original story, this was not one of those times. We were on the road driving from Boston to New Hampshire. We usually drove late at night when the roads were fairly empty. We knew that my family would be at the house and we wouldn't have many opportunities for sex. On occasions like that, Jane would always want to get off during the two hour ride up. I had a pick up truck at the time with a full bench seat in the front. This made it very easy to move around the cab. When we got out of the city onto the wide interstate highways, Jane slid over next to me and began to kiss my neck and rub my crotch. I knew ahead of time what was coming so I was already hard. Jane rubbed my cock through my pants for a few minutes before she unbuckled and unzipped my pants. She took out my cock and stroked it for a long time while kissing my neck and putting her tongue in my ear. At the same time, she had her hand in her stretch pants and was rubbing her pussy. By the enthusiasm she was showing, I knew she was much hornier than normal on this occasion. She pulled her pants down and then completely off. She then sat back on her side of the seat and put her feet on the dashboard. Her legs were open and I could see her beautiful shaved pussy. She still had my cock in her left hand while her right hand went to work on herself. She was rubbing her lips and circling her clit. Occasionally she would put a finger or two deep into her pussy and then put it in her mouth or my mouth to lick her juices off. She let go of my cock and concentrated on herself and rubbed herself furiously until she came. I loved watching her cum when she masturbated. She was usually still horny after cumming the first time.

She leaned over and put my cock in her mouth. It wasn't unusual for her to suck me while we were driving and I was hoping it would be the case this night. This time she only sucked me for a minute or two. Then she did something new. She threw her right leg over me and straddled my lap while facing me. Yes, I was still driving but slowly and carefully. She grabbed my cock and slipped it under her pussy. Jane was laying against my chest and breathing heavily into my ear. She slowly slipped up and down my cock. I knew I would cum quickly. We both came pretty quickly at that point. After cumming, she stayed in that position for several more minutes. She loved to keep my cock under her until it got soft. She eventually got off of my lap and returned to her side of the seat. She didn't put her pants back on though. She spent most of the rest of the ride bottomless occasionally rubbing her pussy. She loved to think that someone could look into the truck and see her naked and maybe masturbate to the image of her beautiful pussy. Many years later, I'm still cumming to the image.



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