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Jakarta Hi Jinks

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Meeting up with a cute Asian guy.


Jakarta hi jinks

I had been in Jakarta a few months, and the only sex was of the five-fingered widow variety, and in a city full of very cute Asian guys, this seemed a terrible waste. But my language skills were minimal at the time, and in a huge city, it seemed a bit daunting to try and meet up with someone.

A few months into the scene, and my employers decided to hold a small party to celebrate their third anniversary of something or the other, and had invited all staff, their families and so on.

It was typically Asian (for this part of the world) so there was little if any alcohol, lots of the fizzy high sugar stuff and some very nice food. Talking of nice food, there was some delightful eye candy! Was there ever!! A few very cute Asian lads standing around chatting, and an occasional glance my way, as I was obviously on my own.

So I headed over to the group, and introduced myself, and they spoke quite reasonable English, much better than my local bahasa. A few drifted away, as if by pre-arrangement, and I was left chatting to a very nice lad of Chinese descent, aged about 22. We exchanged the usual pleasantries, and he asked where I lived, which turned out to be walking distance from his place, and I tentatively asked if he'd like to drop in sometime.

Much to my surprise, he agreed at once, so we arranged that he come for supper after work the following Friday. I could hardly wait for the next few days to drag by, but Friday night arrived at last, and right on 6pm, there was Ron, at the front door.

Now at this stage, I had no idea what Ron's sexual orientation was, and as there was a rather large age difference between us, I did not want to hit on him too hard or too obviously. So, I invited Ron inside, and as the climate is such that coats and jackets are not worn, he was in a very nice sleeveless business shirt, which showed up his solid build rather nicely. I wasn't sure what to do, so I hugged him briefly, patted him on the back and was about to let go, when he hugged me very tight and didn't let go. This seemed interesting, so while we were locked together, I took the opportunity to nibble on his ear lobe. This brought an immediate response-a loud Mmmmmmm-and a sigh! So I continued to nibble while holding Ron tight, and as we were body to body, I could feel something large and hard starting to push into me from below.

So I lowered one hand and gently felt this growing hardness, and Ron did the same to me; there was no doubt where our interests were, so I moved my head around a bit, and landed a large juicy kiss on his lips. We locked lips for an age-and we were both so hard. I started fumbling at my trousers to lower them, and Ron did the same.

In seconds were we both in our socks only, and large erections pointing skywards; Ron's cute and uncut cock with a bead of pre-cum on it, and a beautiful bush of dense black pubic hair, and my average cut cock surrounded by medium brown hair.

I had the air conditioner running in the bedroom, and I took Ron by the hand and led him inside, both of us sitting on my single bed, which suddenly seemed to be way too small. I lay on the bed and gently pulled Ron over to me, so we were face to face, and cock to cock. I wrapped my legs around his so we could feel each other's cocks against our thighs, and became immersed in a very long kiss. Ron's cock was dripping pre-cum by this stage, and I felt as if mine would burst.

Then Ron asked me to do something, which became a routine for many months to come. He asked me to lay on my stomach, while he lay on top of me, and placed his dripping cock on my buttocks and started to slide up and down. His pre-cum did the job it was made for, and lubed my back nicely, while Ron took most of his weight on his elbows, but kissing my neck and cheeks as he moved.

It wasn't long before his breathing started getting ragged, and his rubbing speeded up, and then a large shudder ran through his body, and my cool air-conditioned back was splattered with hot liquid. Ron gave a loud sigh of contentment, and sank down onto me, smearing the cum between us and we just lay there in bliss.

A few minutes later, I was asked to turn over, and my very hard cock rose to the surface, and Ron expertly massaged me to orgasm, and I exploded my load over my stomach and chest.

We were two very happy chappies, and knew that we were going to be close friends in the future. It turned out that way, and for almost a year, we had regular sex in this fashion, either mid-week or a weekend splurge. Neither of us went the whole way-we were happy with our efforts, and it was indeed bare back, and very safe!



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