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Jacuzzi Showoff

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Jacuzzi showoff
About 8 years ago, when I was in my late 20's, we had an above ground jacuzzi put into the back yard with a gazebo and all the amenities. This was in southern California, so it was available pretty much the entire year, and I loved it. Of course the bubbles and the strong jets just make all your troubles float away, but about the 3rd time I was in there I managed to pass over a jet in just the right position that the force went right between my legs. Talk about meeting your new best friend! As a girl who always enjoyed the art of masturbation, this opened up all kind of new possibilities. From that day on, I enjoyed many wonderful orgasms either with the pressure pulsing through my swimsuit, or, especially at night when darkness shielded me from possible spying neighbors, in the nude. Sometimes my husband would just cradle my shoulders and back and I would put by head back and cum over and over, and many times it was while he was at work and the kids in school (and preschool).
The jacuzzi was only about 10' from the house, and with the gazebo around it and the 6' fence around the yard, I would sometimes find the nerve during the day to go in and then remove my suit in the water. If I was bold I would later get out totally bare to the world (watching carefully to make sure no one was really watching) and dry off on the deck, even daring to walk to the patio and in the door still nude. As far as I knew, the closest I came to being seen was when the guy behind us suddenly appeared on his roof to do a minor repair, and I scurried inside very fast before he turned in my direction!
But then one glorious day, shortly before moving away from California, I headed out for the hot water on a very crisp, almost chilly morning. Coffee in one hand, towel in the other, and wearing a somewhat revealing yellow bikini (string top, high cut bottom- but not a thong). I was feeling a little anxious that morning for a nice private session with those forceful jets of water. I slipped into the water, took a nice sip of hot coffee, and sighed as the hot water enveloped me. Oh yes. No rush here. This one would be nice. Kids were at school and I had all the time in the world. This one would be a naked, legs open, try not to moan too loud kind of fun.
Just as I started to sit up to untie my top, I heard him. The sideyard fence was only about 6' away and I was positive I heard movement. Could just be the neighbor's dog. As I peered at the tiny cracks in the fence I realized that there were several knotholes missing in the boards. I saw movement, and then the unmistakable sight of the kid next door- about 12 or 13 at the time. Josh was a great kid, kinda quiet, and he seemed to be taking quite an interest in me and the jacuzzi. I almost called out his name to tease him about spying, but I didn't want to embarrass him. I looked away from the fence and sunk back down in the water.
I started wondering how long he had been there. Had he seen me walk out in my bikini? Had he ever been peeking before- oh my God- if so, what had he seen in the past? It was entirely possible that he had seen me playing there in the past. And hey, why wasn't he in school anyway? ( I found out later he was home "sick") I laid there and sipped coffee, waiting, but he just hovered by that fence, trying to be as quiet as possible. Here I was, 28-years-old, married and a mother of two, and this kid was watching me. I wondered if he was aroused, especially if he had seen me take off my suit in the past or masturbate in the water. I actually was surprised to feel myself getting into it- flattered that I was his fantasy girl and that he might be learning about the opposite sex from watching me.
To test my feelings as well as to see if I had his attention, I stood up in the water, revealing myself from mid-thigh and above, letting him see my wet little bikini. He was watching all right. I stretched and basically posed for him, silently shaming myself for teasing him. Going from the hot water to the cool morning air gave me little goosebumps and not so little points on the front of my top! As I sat back down in the welcome bubbles I knew I had his attention, and I felt like a glamorous model being admired and worshiped. I reached back, letting my top once again rise from the water, and turned up the jets. I deserved a reward for being so bold and so kind to a curious young man, so I slid a little to one side until the jet was hitting against the inside of my thigh. Very casually, I readjusted my position as the force got closer . . . and then right at the top of my leg at the edge of my bottoms. I was teasing myself. I doubt he knew at that point as I remained composed, but knowing he could see even my face as I became aroused was exciting to me. As is always the case, the more excited I become, the fewer inhibitions I have. I started moving my legs slowly open and closed, teasing myself further, and arched my back to make my top rise out of the bubbles. I reached up and ran my hand over by chest, stopping to gently caress my right breast and squeeze the tip just a little. A shiver ran down my back at the feel of my hard nipple under the material. I really didn't mind if he saw it.
By now the thought of proceeding to my orgasm with or without my audience was all that mattered. That jet was dancing right next to my pussy for a while now and I was anxious to invite it up inside, to feel that strong, hot blast force itself past my labia and into my vagina. Part of me wanted to stop, feeling it was way over the line to do this in front of the neighbor's kid, but the desire won out. I reached down and pulled the material aside to expose my most private area to the stream, and then impaled myself on it, feeling the strong rush press against my outer lips then roughly push between them and inside. It felt like the hot water shot straight up into my belly as I dropped my head back and let it happen. I came in about 20 seconds, one nice spasm after another as I tried to keep from screaming out. It was incredible.
When I finally slid away from the pounding jet, I was exhausted and gasping for air. Both hands instinctively went between my legs- I was numb and sore and thoroughly satisfied. I pulled my bottoms back in place to cover myself and glanced up- he was still there. He had watched the whole thing! I was definitely a little embarrassed, but way to blissed out to care. After a few minutes to calm down and catch my breath, I crawled out of the jacuzzi and started to dry myself. He was still watching. I felt like a sexual animal- after that I was ready for anything!
As I dried off I noticed the return of the chilly bumps and my erect nipples. I found myself actually wishing I had taken off my suit before doing it now- I remember wondering if he was excited. Almost dry and ready to go inside, I smiled to myself and dropped my towel back on the chair. Giving my audience a nice side view, I reached behind my back and untied the top, then flipped it up over my head and off! There you go Josh, I thought. You've earned your first look at real live boobs! I dried off some more, letting him see me topless from all angles, my nipples rock-hard and standing up proudly! I'm only a 34B but have very nice thick, dark nipples, and I wanted him to see them!
I considered taking off the bottoms as well, but I was (and still am) a little self-conscious about myself down there. My lips kind of stick out quite a bit and I have always been a little self-conscious of that. Of course now, many years later, I have managed to let a few people see them (see my other story "ballgame masturbation"), and looking back, I wish I had let him see me, but I turned and walked to the patio, wearing just my little yellow bottoms, and went back in the house.
Well there it is- another masturbation highlight from my past. Hope you all liked it! XO, Sharon



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