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Jacuzzi Jizzin Hands Free

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Inspired by the recent stories of cumming without touching.
For a few years I made my home in a rented apartment that had a small central courtyard. In fact each apartment had it's own little courtyard nestled between two bedrooms and the lounge. It was the only point where the apartment was double storey on all four sides and it served well as an open air but private breakfast area or in my case jacuzzi area. The jacuzzi was finished mottled mosaic making it feel a lot more elegant and comfortable than the plastic and fibre glass alternatives - especially on bare skin.I knew that using a jacuzzi felt great and that it was potentially a lot of fun but didn't realise just how much fun it could be until I had my own. Some of the most sexually charged episodes of my life evolved around that jacuzzi and I will share a few of them with you starting today with solo events.As with any jacuzzi there were several recessed jets forcefully circulating aerated water and they all differed slightly in their angle and intensity making each jet suited to certain things. I guess if you were just interested in general massage you wouldn't become quite as aware of the differences ;-) Having tried all the jets in all the possible ways I settled on a favourite technique for when I was alone and wanted some very quick and intense fun.Kneeling where you'd normally sit, facing outwards it was quite easy to position my already hard penis directly in the flow from any one of the jets. With a small tilt or swivel at my hips I could adjust the point on my penis where most of the water impact happened. I'd learnt painfully not to let it strike head on as the gush into my shaft and urethra was too forceful to be pleasant. I preferred to let it strike the sensitive underside of my cock head and would start off with my penis about 6' from the jet ultimately being only an inch or two away by the time I came. With a bit of practice I could jiggle to let the water flow down alternate sides and easily return to a position where it struck me just right. The over all experience was like a turbo charged blow job from a truly talented partner and I was very hard put to make it last more than 5 minutes.Having perfected the technique with numerous toe curling shattering orgasms I challenged myself to keep the sensation strictly in the groin. This differs a lot from using a swimming pool inflow because the pressure is so much greater and the water is sumptuously warm and often scented and bubbly too.I truly miss that jacuzzi.



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