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Jack's Mother (Part 1)

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My friend's hot mom!


I'd always thought my best friend's mom to be really hot. He is 18 she is 44 and single. She is about 5'8' tall, very slim but with nice shapely tits and has shoulder length blonde hair. She is very quiet and doesn't socialise much and as long as I have known Jack and Sue she has never to my knowledge had a boyfriend, despite being very attractive. I sort of got the impression she'd been let down by guys in the past so was happy to be single....

Me and Jack hang out a lot together and I would often sleep at his house in the spare room. I'd seen Sue in her little dressing gown a few times and thought she had a really nice body with long sexy legs, but had never seen any more of her than that, certainly not even in bra and panties never mind naked.

One Saturday night Jack and I went out together, we got back to his quite late and I went to the spare room. Next morning I woke up to see Sue standing over me.....

'I knocked earlier but there was no answer, so I did you some breakfast anyway' she said. 'Jack got a phone call earlier and has had to go to work' (He had a part time job at the local golf course) 'He's taken the car so if you want a lift home feel free to hang around till he gets back. He tried to wake you'

She handed me the tray with the breakfast on and sat on the edge of the bed, her short robe riding up to show her legs......We chatted a little as I ate, and I felt myself staring at her legs and trying to sneak a look down the front at her breasts. She leaned forward a little as we talked and I could see she wasn't wearing a bra. Was she flirting and flashing????

I was naked under the duvet, and began to feel myself stiffen.....

'Would you like a coffee Keith?' she asked. I was so disappointed, the flirting must have been in my imagination.....'Yeah I'd love one' I answered. As she stood up her robe fell open, revealing an amazing body for a woman of her age. I didn't know what to look at, her round breasts, her long legs, but of course my eyes were drawn to her neatly trimmed pussy. Just a little strip of hair above her lips. She stumbled in her haste to cover herself up and I jumped out of bed to grab her, sending the breakfast tray and it's contents tumbling to the floor. I apologised for making a mess and then realised I was stood holding her hand completely naked.

She looked down at me in shock, her gaze drawn to my semi erect cock........'Is that the effect I had on you' she laughed. 'Yeah' I replied 'and that was BEFORE your robe fell open......'

She laughed again 'So if I open it again what would happen?' 'Dunno' I replied 'I'd probably have to run to the bathroom and have a wank to make it go down!'

She looked at me more seriously now 'Do I have that effect on you Keith, even though I'm older than your mom?' 'Oh yes' I whispered 'You look amazing'

She reached down and undid her robe, letting it fall to the floor 'Just do it here, no need to run to the bathroom....' As I stood admiring her I began to stiffen and within seconds I was fully erect. She reached down and took hold of my cock around the shaft and slowly started wanking me. She sat on the edge of the bed and continued stroking me, her grip really tight, as she cupped and squeezed my balls with her other hand.

Her face was almost in line with my cock as she wanked me and I thought she was going to put it in her mouth. I looked down at her and she was really concentrating on what she was doing, only leaving go of my balls occasionally to touch herself. 'Oh yeah' I moaned, feeling myself building up. 'Touch yourself Sue, I'd love to see you cum as well'

She looked up at me 'Not this time, we'll concentrate on you for now'.

Within a few more strokes I felt myself about to come and warned her. She just kept on pumping until I began to shoot all over her face, hair and tits. I looked down at her and couldn't believe how big a load I'd shot, she was covered!

'I'd best get cleaned up, Jack will be home soon' she said. 'It's my turn next time though, if you want a next time that is....'

'Oh yeah' I said 'I really want that'. I took her head in my hands and kissed her on the mouth. I could taste my cum. She looked surprised. 'I didn't think guys liked to kiss after doing that to a girl'

'Doesn't bother me' I said, 'In fact it's a bit of a turn on!' 'Wow' she answered 'I know something I'd love to try next time then!'

Luckily the next time turned out to be just a few days away!



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