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Jacking With Jim

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Jacking With Jim by Jackinnm@yahoo.com (Jackinnm@yahoo.com)
When I was 28, I went camping one summer weekend with Jim, a former neighbor who was my age and recently divorced, as I was. We took his camper van, which had a big double bed in the back, and drove to a very remote spot in the woods where there were no other campers. After fixing dinner on a portable charcoal grill we'd brought, we undressed and got ready for bed.
I noticed Jim's eyes staring avidly at my prick, taking in the long nippled foreskin that covered the big head, and saw that his cock, unlike mine, had a thick brown circular scar ring an inch behind the head. That explained his curiosity.
The bare purple head of his cock was helmet shaped, like mine, and with the flaring rim I think looks very sexy. When he stood up, his heavy-ended cock swung side to side, again like mine.
"Gotta take a pee before turning in," he said. I followed him outside, and stood beside him as he aimed his prick at the trunk of a big tree. I pulled my foreskin back halfway to clear the slit and my yellow stream joined his.
"I wondered how uncut guys peed," he said. "You skin back all the time?"
"I have to or the stream splatters all over the place and gets on me." I pulled back harder to uncover the entire head, as I felt he'd enjoy seeing it.
"Almost looks like mine with the skin pulled back," he said. "Only you've got that thick collar behind the rim now."
"Yeah, our tips look a lot alike. Both our rims flare the same way."
"That looks nice," he said. I noticed Jim's prick beginning to swell as his stream tapered off. I was finished too, and milked my shaft to bring up the last drops, which I shook off before sliding the hood forward to cover the head. We went back inside the van, where we lay on the mattress facing each other. Jim's prick was almost fully hard now, and to tell the truth, mine was beginning to swell in response.
"Looks like you're pretty horny," I commented, jerking my chin down towards his groin.
"I am. I'd planned to jack myself after you fell asleep." He reached for a bottle of baby oil in his pack. My prick was more engorged now, obvious to both of us. As we lay facing each other, the tips were almost touching.
"Let's both do it, since we're in the mood," I suggested, and saw his eyes light up.
"Yeah, I'd like to see how an uncut guy does it. I wish I were uncut."
"You use oil, I guess. I just slide my foreskin up and down the head." I demonstrated my favorite stroke for him, slowly sliding my foreskin back and forth. Jim's hand snaked out and he asked:
"Mind if I try it?" I nodded and removed my hand to let his fingers wrap around my engorged prick. I felt a hard throb in my cock-root at his touch.
"Go ahead, but let me do you too." Jim handed me the oil and I poured some onto my palm, then wrapped my fingers around his hard prick, working the oil slowly into his sensitive tissues. Jim shuddered and his fingers tightened around my prick as he slid my foreskin up and down.
"Man, this feels so good," he said as his fingers worked on my prick, sending tingles into the head and down my shaft. I caressed his prick, concentrating on the head and neck, which I knew were his sensitive spots.
"I like it too," I said. "You're gonna make me cum if you keep it up."
"I want to make you cum. You'll cream before I can, because you uncut guys are more sensitive, anyway." His hand continued its maddening caress along my prick, dragging my foreskin along the head, the wet friction making my cock throb.
"It's better if one of us cums first," I said. "That way, we can concentrate on each other's orgasms. I felt my glans becoming firmly engorged, going into its final swelling. "You do me, then I'll work on your prick, and I know I'll enjoy watching your prick creaming."
"Your tip's turning darker," Jim commented as his fingers drew my foreskin back all the way to reveal the swollen head. "Mine does too, a few seconds before I pop." Jim pulled my hood forward again, watching the skin ride over my flaring rim and run downhill to the end of my hard purple glans. Now I felt the familiar tingle begin in my rim, and spread all over the head. I was seconds away, and my breathing became heavier. I still caressed his swollen cock, but knew I'd get there before he did.
"You're there," Jim exclaimed as a heavy clear gush poured from my gaping slit, the precursor of my orgasm. His next stroke sent a lightning bolt down my shaft, and my cock-root convulsed as I cried out helplessly, dropping into the abyss. My pock-root pounded and the first burning jet seared its way up my shaft, but my eyes closed tightly and I didn't see it surge through the lips of my slit or pour out onto the blanket. My cock throbbed again and again, while I yelped and groaned in blissful agony.
Jim's hand had stopped stroking as my orgasm had faded, and when I opened my eyes I saw him smiling at me. My hand still encircled his lubricated flesh, and I resumed stroking, now aware that I'd stopped when my orgasm had hit.
"That was something to see," he said. "You were really creaming all over the place. My cock was softening now, and the foreskin crawled slowly up to cover the precious head. I twisted my fingers around his glans, feeling it harden and lose it spongy texture.
"Now I'm going to make you cum," I said as I continued to massage his sensitive tissues. "Your tip's getting hard, and turning darker, and you're going to blast off any time."
"Oh, yeah, do it to me," Jim said as he lay back on the mattress. His legs spread wider, and I cupped his balls, pressing my fingertips into the sensitive tissue behind them. My fingertips felt his cock-root throb, and I knew he was close, his excitement having been fueled by watching and feeling me come.
I saw Jim's face contort as his breathing grew labored, and I kept up the effort, wanting him to feel the same explosive sensations I'd just enjoyed. His glans was hot in my hand, partly from the friction, and I twisted my fist quickly to send him over the edge.
"OOOOWWWWWW!" he yelled as his prick throbbed heavily in my encircling fingers, and a thick white gush shot from the hole in the end. As his cream spread over his stomach, his prick throbbed again, and Jim's head snapped back against the mattress. His hips lifted, thrusting his engorged prick deeper into my fist, and I felt it throb again, sending another creamy gush into the air. Jim was moaning helplessly, lost in ecstasy.
After a few more jets, Jim suddenly became rigid and said "Stop!" I knew his tip had become super-sensitive with his orgasm, and that any further friction would cause him distress. Many silent moments passed, and then he opened his eyes.
"Man, that was good," he said. "Felt better than if I'd done it myself."
"Same for me, Jim. Your fingers did more for my prick than mine could have. I really shot hard when you made me come."
"I'm glad we did this," he said. "I feel really good about it." I hugged him to me and rubbed my cheek against his.
"We'll have to do it again," I said. "Maybe next time I can pull my foreskin over your tip, so you can feel what it's like to have skin on it."
"I know I'd love that," he said. "Maybe in the morning?" We did, but that's another story.



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