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Jacking with Jill

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Jacking with Jill by Anonymous
My soon to be wife and I were living downtown in a major metropolitan city onthe east coast. It was about two years after we graduated from college andthe only apartment we could afford was a small, two bedroom near a majoruniversity. My wife, Sarah, had a friend who was one year behind her atschool, and had just graduated the previous May. Her name was Jill and I hadalways had been attracted to her. She was our age, 24, single , with shoulderlength brown hair, brown eyes and a truly outstanding body. She was trim, butvery shapely with very large breasts. My estimate is that she is about a 36Dbra size.
Well, she called up Sarah one evening and asked if she could stay with us fora few weeks as she was moving into the same city, but had no job or apartmentlined up yet. My wife of course said it would be ok and she moved in laterthat week.
I of course was very happy about this. I knew that nothing would ever happen,but of course I could always indulge my fantasies while masturbating. Thatfirst week I must have jerked off three or four times dreaming of a glorioustwo on one between Sarah, Jill and myself.
Anyway, one evening, I had the apartement to myself. My wife was attendinggraduate classes, and Jill was going to be out late at a movie. She said shewanted to spend some time alone to relax. I had told both my wife and Jillthat I was going to be out at a bar pretty late with some friends. This ofcourse was a lie. I had intended on staying home, and treating myself to along masturbation session.
Well, i was about a half an hour into my solitude, when I whipped out aplayboy, and decided to have some fun. I was on my bed, really getting intoit. I was on my back, with the playboy opened up to the centerfold. Therewas this gorgeous blonde model with her cute, tight ass standing before me. Iwas stroking myself while i cupped my balls and occasionally pinched a nipple.
All of a sudden, Jill opens my door.....and is just standing there, watchingme. I am so embarrassed at this point I just pull the covers over my nakedbody, and close my eyes. I can't believe someone saw me doing that. Justthen, Jill says, "hey, mike, just relax, it's ok. Everyone masturbates,including me. In fact, that is why i am home early. I was hoping to havesome time alone with myself. But, now that you are here, i guess we couldhave some fun together, if, it is ok with you"
I of course was very pleased to hear this. Jill then proceded to take off herclothing. When she got naked down to her bra and panties, i thought i wasgoing to come right then. Her breasts were so beautiful. They were veryperky for being so big. She finally undid her bra, and stepped out of herpanties. Oh my, so nice. She lay down next to me and slowly started to playwith her boobs. She then looked at me as if to say, "well, are you going tojust watch me"?...I took that as a que to resume stroking. But my eyes werejust watching her hands play. She would kind of lift her breasts up, and thenlet them fall slowly, every once in a while softly pinching her nipples.Eventually she moved a hand down to her clitoris, and began to make slow, softcircles around it. She then moved her legs apart, with her knees bent. Shemoved one hand underneath her ass to insert a finger. Oh my, i was soooooclose to cumming. Her other hand then massaged her clitoris. The whole timegoing, ohhhhhhhh....mmmmmm.....this feels sooooo good, doesn't it?....mike, weshould do this more together.
Well, eventually she sped up her hands, and let me tell you....i will neverforget the look on her face when she came....it was so incredibly hot,......she clinched up every muscle it seemed, and just went, oh, oh,oh....mmmmmmm......I of course had come right along with her.....i shot gobsof come through the air onto my chest and thighs...well, anyway, that is mystory, i have to go masturbate now......isn't it great...!!!!!!



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