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Jacking With Cousin

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Must be understood that not him or me are gay, we just did it for...our very own pleasure.


I still remember times in which I learned what masturbation was, when I was younger. I really seemed to enjoy it, it felt so good...When I tried it, I became addicted to it, and did it at least once daily.

I have a cousin that is three years older than me, with whom I don't have a good relationship, but there has been definitely history between us.

When we both were younger, we used to touch each other's cocks, just to know how it felt like. We didn't know what we were doing, so we just did it for the pleasure. I must assume that it really turned me on whenever he touched my dick, it felt so well, I was hard as hell, and I loved making him hard as well.

One day, his parents came to my house, and brought him with them (he isn't an only son, but his brother and sister were at a religious celebration), and some friends. While the adults were hanging out in the living room, drinking and talking anything up, my cousin and I were in my room, which was on the second floor. I was laying on the bed, watching TV, and he was on a couch, watching TV with me. We talked a little bit, and concentrated on the TV more than anything.

At that time, we didn't have a maid around the house, and I had to be alone on Wednesdays, because of early dismissal. It was like heaven for me, because I could make all the mess I wanted, and especially, I could watch porn without worries.

There we were, laying in total silence, until he popped the question. 'When you're alone on Wednesdays, do you watch some porn?', he asked, kind of nervous. 'Yeah, and I usually jack off to it', I responded. There was no possible reason I needed to be nervous, since it was a VERY normal thing between men to talk about porn and all that stuff.'You wanna watch some?', I asked him. 'Yeah, its been some time since I had a good jerk off', he said. I got up and grabbed some magazines I had hidden somewhere around, and we started looking at them. I could see that he was quite hard at that moment, and I was too. I felt so turned on, nothing could had stopped me in that instant. I suggested he lay on the bed, so he could be more comfortable, so he did. We stared at the magazines for a while, until I took the first step, and laid my hand on his thigh. He started to shake, as I slowly moved down until I got to his cock, which I softly touched with my hand. He then started to touch me, and unzipped my jeans. I also unzipped his jeans, but I lowered them to his ankles, and he completely took them off me. I was wearing thin white boxers, which gave him a quite a good view of my unit. He was wearing black trousers, but I could see his cock hardened up.

I then took my cock out and started stroking it slowly, and he did the same. I couldn't stop looking at his cock, since it was practically the first time I ever saw another man's penis (Except for my dad's, but it kinda doesn't count). He was kinda darkish foreskin, very hairy, 7 inches, and I was 6 inches, with much hair, and a light brown foreskin.

After a while of slowly stroking, I took his hand and placed it on my dick, which he started to stroke quickly, as I took his and stroked it too.

We were really hard, and I loved how his cock felt in my hand. I took some of the precum he was dripping, and used it as lube, and he did the same. I started jacking him really hard, with fast strokes, as he moaned, and he went faster on me. We did this for a while, until he said, 'Oh, I'm about to cum...keep doing it, faster, it feels so good'. I did it, and stroked him even faster. I could feel his cum going through his cock, which turned me on even more.

He stroked my dick so hard, I couldn't stop moaning, and yelling, 'Oh yes, keep on, it feels way too good!'. He stroked faster, and spat on my penis so that the saliva could lube a bit more. I kept stroking his.

After about 20 minutes of jacking each other off, I came. Ropes of cum came one after each other, on his belly and his thighs. I went faster on him, and I could feel it. Suddenly, he started cumming lots of spurts and ropes that landed on my cock and balls. We both cleaned up, and kept on watching TV. 'That felt so good', I told him, and he nodded.

Nowadays, we keep on doing it, but less frequently. I might post you guys another story so that you can have a good wank with it.



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