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Jacking off for Jaime

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I work in a rather large city in a company that has hundreds of employees yet we are all broken up into groups so in my area there are about 20 of us and we all work the same shift and know each other pretty well. One day the boss introduced us to a knew co- worker named 'Jaime'. She was nice looking, brunette, with what I like to call 'great cock sucking lips' as they were big and red, she looked spanish, about 5'4 and a nice slim figure, she looked really fit.

After work many of us would go out for drinks and over the months, Jaime and I became good friends and she had a great sense of humor with a dirty side to it always making sexual jokes and I wasn't shy to make them right back to her.

Being from a small town, jaime only knew a few people and asked me one day to help her move into a new basement apartment she just got which was now only a few miles to work. I obviously said yes as we were friends so I used my dad's van to drive out to her parents place about 1 hour away with her to pick up her stuff. We got back to her new place around 5pm as we had to make a few trips to get her bed, table and sofa. I hooked up her TV for her as the people upstairs already had the cable setup for her.

She said I could hang around if I want as we bought some beer and ordered a pizza so we figured we would watch a movie. Every guy has sexual thoughts about most chicks they hang out with and although I wondered what she looked like naked and how she screwed, we were always just buddies as I thought of Jaime as just one of the guys because she was so sarcastic and not afraid to say 'tits' or 'cock' around me and we always make sex jokes about each other.

We ended up watching 'Theres Something About Mary' and we had a few beers so we were laughing and having a good time when the part came on when ben stiller 'cleans the pipes' before his big date with mary and ends up getting a big load of cum on his ear which Mary thinks is hairgel.

Anyways, that sparked conversation with her and jaime says 'don't you wish you can cum like that' and I said back jokingly 'who says I can't' jaime now straightens up on the couch and looks at me and says 'yeah right, thats fake, guys can't come that high'. 'when I jerk off, I don't aim at my face because one time I hit it by accident so I always aim straight in the air now' I said to her. 'you serious, you can cum like that' she says as she scoots closer to me on the couch with the look of an excited child opening a new toy. 'sure, its no big deal' I said as I took a swig from my beer trying to act macho.

With surprise Jaime said 'I don't believe you, your'e gonna have to show me'. I looked at her and said 'are you kidding, you want me to jerk off so you can watch me cum', 'ya, are you afraid' she replies, 'no, but your gonna have to provide some incentive for me' I said thinking for sure she was going to back down.

'no problem, take you clothes off' she says and with that, Jaime stands up and takes off her bulky sweater to reveal a little white lace bra that showed off her great c cup tits. Wow, she was serious, so I took off my top and began to pull my pants off. Jaime then pulled her pants down and she was wearing a small black thong underwear that had a little triangle at the front and it was obvious she shaves her pussy. She stood in front of me in her bra and panties as I pulled by pants off and kicked them aside. I just sat there in my underwear now supporting a huge hardon and she said 'don't be shy, might as well get completely naked' so I pulled off my underwear and my dick just stood there. Wow, she said, I thought only girls shaved and she rubbed her hand above my dick where I had shaved off all the hair. 'Nice dick' she said. I asked her to turn around so I can see her ass which she did. I started to stroke my cock with my right hand as she bent down infront of me, her sweet ass only a few feet from me. Her tanned body was slim, her belly button pierced, she smacked her ass cheek and said 'this is why I do all my exercises' and I said 'you have a great ass, a great body' she turned around and showed me the lines that are starting to form in her stomach from all her situps she has been doing as I continued to jerk off.

She sat beside me on the couch and watched me as I stroked my cock with my right hand and held it tightly around the base with my left hand to make it nice and hard and show off the veins. She commented on how nice and thick my cock was and that she always knew that I had a big dick as she said she could see it in my pants at work sometimes. As I jerked off, I stared at her tits and her body as I pictured her sitting on me and just riding my cock as she continued to talk dirty to me and watch me stroke. 'keep jerking that big cock of yours, I want to watch the cum fly, I want you to shoot a big load for me' She kept talking dirty to me as I felt the cum building up in my balls, my cock was at its most erect point as the veins looked like they were ready to burst. Jaime looked so interested in the way I was jerking off asking me if it 'felt good' and 'if I liked her body'. I told her she had an amazing body and thats why I had to cum real soon'

'Are you almost ready to cum, I can see you want to explode for me, you cock is so hard' she says as she inched closer to me on the couch. Suddenly she leaned over and spit out a huge mouthful of saliva that landed right on my cockhead as her lips were only inches away and she said 'work that in, I want to see your cock nice and shiny, stroke it for me, stroke it'. Her warm saliva put me over the edge as my hand was slippery and sliding up and down my shaft, I told her 'I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum', my hand stroking faster, her saliva now dripping down on to my balls as well, I began to pump my hips as the first shot of cum went flying in the air about 3 or 4 feet and landed on my chest and shoulder, 'oh my god' she moaned as I continued to pump my cock as the cum kept squirting out. Several more shots of thick white cum sprayed out and landed on my chest and stomach. Jaimes mouth was open, her eyes fixated on my dick as the cum was now oozing out and running down my hand.

'that was amazing, you cum like a fire hose' she said. 'thats only because you turned me on so much and plus when you spit on my dick, its your fault I came this much' she laughed as she wiped the cum off of me with her sweater. As we got dressed, I rubbed her ass which was nice and tight 'next time, I'll let you jerk me off and see if you can get the same results', 'I'd love too' Jaime says as she walks towards the fridge, 'you want another beer', sure I say. She brings it over to me and sits down beside me and says 'rest for a hour and then its my turn to make you cum' and she just smiled at me with those amazing lips.



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