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Jacking and Jilling on the Front Porch

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Reading the linked story reminded me of something that happened between me and my neighbor many years ago.


When I was a teenager, there was a family who lived down the road from us. We lived in a rural area on a dirt road so there wasn't much traffic. This family had a daughter who was one year older than me and I spent as much time around her as I could because she was one hot babe. Joann and I would often sit on her front porch in the swing and talk as we swung. We talked about many things and sex was one of them. At that age I had never been with a girl and Joann was still a virgin but we both talked about what we would like to do.

One day the subject of masturbation came up. Joann asked me if I jacked off. At first I told her no, but when she said, 'Oh come on, you can tell me,' I admitted that I did, and often. I didn't know the term that girls used but I was pretty sure it was not jacking off so I asked her if she ever finger fucked her pussy. Her answer was, 'All the time.'

That led to I'll do it in front of you if you will do it in front of me. I cannot tell you the number of days we sat in her swing and I watched as she played with her pussy under her shorts and I jacked off for her. We would sit at each end of the swing and lean back aginst the sides so that we were faceing each other. I started pulling my pants and under pants down around my ankles and eventually Joann would stand up and pull her shorts and panties down. If we heard a car coming it was easy to stand up and pull our clothes up.

I was totally fascinated with Joann's pussy. She had lips covered with light brown hair that would get puffy when she got excited. She would pull her lips apart showing the pink inner flesh. Once excited her little clit would poke out from it's hood. She would take her finger and circle her clit for a little bit then she would stick a couple of fingers into her vagina. They would always come out wetter than when they went in and then she would massage her clit some more.

I loved watching her face when she had an orgasm but loved watching her pussy also. She would make all kinds of faces when she came and her little pussy hole would open and close with the contraction that she had. I could see her ass clenching also. After she came it would be my time. I would have precum leaking out of the end of my dick by the time she finished which made for good lubrication. Joann would sit and stare at my dick as I jacked off. When she could see that I was about to cum she would spread her legs as if she was going to catch my cum with her pussy. Many times my cum landed on various parts of her body. I always wanted to touch her pussy but she would not let me because she felt that that would not be right. Joann would always have to pee after she came so she would hop down off the porch and squat and pee in the yard. To me, watching a girl pee is a beautiful thing. By the time she had stopped peeing I would have to go also.

Joann and I spent many lazy summer days in that swing giving ourselves pleasure. Jacking off with her watching was so much more exciting than doing it by myself.



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