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Jacked off in the john

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Jacked off in the john by Anonymous
About ten years ago I had the most incredible experience involvingmasturbation that I'll probably ever have. Here is what happened:
A friend of mine and I decided to check out some strip joints one night. Itwas mid-winter and very cold. We decided to stop at one familiar placebecause we had seen some pretty good looking women there before. Thisparticular bar was kind of small. It was on the second floor of a buildingand the stage was only about 12 x 12 feet. There weren't many tables andafter they had danced the girls would mingle with whoever was there. Thisplace didn't have continuous dancing and loud music. There would be a set ofthree or four girls one after the other and then the music would stop forabout 15 minutes.
This evening there weren't many guys there--maybe five others in the wholeplace. We got a couple of beers and settled in for the action. The girlsthat evening were really bold. I guess it was because there weren't manypeople there. We were seeing lots of pussy and several of the girls dancedcompletely nude while simulating a lesbian "encounter". I was very hornywatching this to say the least. One very hot looking blonde was my favoriteand I had been watching her every move both on and off stage. She was about 5foot five, her hair was short and she had dark blue eyes. She had shaven herpussy lips but had a really nicely sculpted patch of light blonde pubic hairstarting right above them. She had on a see through robe on and underneathyou could see her G-string which covered very little.
This woman had an unbelievably good looking ass and I remember thinking tomyself that if I could I would jack off right there thinking about fucking herfrom behind. I guess she noticed my staring and she and another dancer cameand sat at the table with me and my friend. We made some sort of small talkover a beer. The blonde (I never found out her name) was sitting right nextto me and she kept asking me things like "Do you like these baby?" whilelooking down at her ample tits. Her nipples were light pink and begging toget sucked and licked. Of course I said yes I liked them a lot.
This girl wouldn't quit! She kept looking straight into my eyes while talkingand running her hands up and down her thighs and over her pussy through thesheer fabric of her g-string. My cock was so hard it was almost painful. Iwas shocked when her hands reached over and unbuckled my belt and unsnapped myjeans. She "What's in here?" She commented that she liked my underwear andthen gave my cock a squeeze through my jockeys. A long, lingering squeeze.My friend didn't even notice this as he was still talking to the other dancer.I was very self-conscious to say the least and she could see that while Iliked what she was doing I was pretty nervous. After all we're right in themiddle of this place and it wasn't dark so anyone who cared to look could seewhat she was doing. She took her hand off my cock and continued talking. Alittle while later, a few minutes maybe, I had to take a piss so I asked herif she could hang on a minute while I used the mens room. She nodded and Igot up and headed for the john.
I entered the bathroom and no one else was there. It was not a huge bathroombut big enough for one of those trough type urinals. I had a littledifficulty getting my cock out of my pants to piss because I was still hard.My cock was throbbing and since no one else was around I started to stroke mycock some. I knew that if anyone came in all I had to do was stop and stuffmy dick back in my pants and no one would be the wiser. A minute or so passedand I thought I'd probably need to stop stroking and actually take a pee.Then I heard the door swing open and stopped stroking and stood there like Iwas finishing up. I heard footsteps behind me and figured another guy waswalking up to use the urinal but I was wrong. It was my little honeypotdancer! But I didn't know it until she walked right up behind me and said "Doyou need any help?"
I didn't know what to say but looked back at her and she was already reachingher hands around me from behind. She grabbed my cock and started to slowlyjack me off right there at the urinal! God it felt good and it was such arush that this girl was doing it! She made little purring noises and a fewoohs and ahhs while she slowly slide her hand up and down my hard seven and ahalf inch pole. I really was amazed that this was happening to me, but justwent with it and was enjoying the sensation when she stopped. She onlystopped long enough to turn me to the right and she knelt down and got rightback in the rythym of it. She really knew how to jack a guy and I could feelmy dick tingling. I could see some precum started to ooze out of the head ofmy dick and she stopped to squeeze it out and rub it around my cock to use asa lubricant.
I was really getting close now and she had this intense look on her face thatI really can't describe, but it turned me on to see her looking that way.With her now slick hand sliding up and down my shaft I couldn't help moaning.Then she started using both hands as she knelt in front of me and I knew itwas now only a mater of twenty seconds or so before my load would be shootingin thick ropes of cum. I had completely lost any interest as to whetheranyone walked in or not by this point, but no one did. I could feel my orgasmbuilding and my cum was almost ready to spurt now. She was jacking me fasterand faster with both hands until... aaaaaaahhhhh!!
That first squirt was more than I usually came in five or six squirts!Instead of moving away or to the side, my dancer moved her head closer andtried to aim my cum into her waiting mouth. That first blast or two was toouncontrollable though and it hit her cheek and lips and her forehead and herhair. It really did splash as it hit her skin. The following shots of cumdid land in her mouth which was now only a fraction of an inch from the tip ofmy cock.
She kept moaning mmmm, mmmm as she continued jacking me off for severalstrokes after I had finished coming. She licked the remaining drops of spermfrom my cockhead and wiped her lips. I couldn't believe she swallowed allthat went in her mouth. I told her that was the best hand job I'd ever hadand she just smiled and told me she thought I needed it. She rose from herknees and helped me stuff my cock back into my underwear and jeans. Once Iwas buckled up and presentable she gave my cock and balls a squeeze and saidshe had to get back to work as though we had just been chatting over a cup ofcoffee!
I tried to ask her if we could get together later when she got off work, butshe said she didn't get "involved" with the customers. She said she justthought since it was so slow and she knew how horny I was she would help meout with my hard on. She left the room and about ten second later I came outof the bathroom and went back to my friend now sitting alone. He asked whereI'd been and I just said that I had been talking to the blond dancer down thehall. We stayed for the rest of the night and despite my best efforts sherefused my invitations for getting together. Finally I gave up, it was late,by then both my friend and I were drunk and so we went home, but I went homevery happy and not as horny as I usually did. After that night I never sawher again when we went back to that place, but I'll never forget the hand jobin the john she gave me that cold winter night. I still think occasionally ofthat blonde girl jacking me when masturbating. Retelling this story in printhas made me very, very hard. Anyone want to guess what image will be in mymind when I go and jack off now?



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