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Jack & Jill

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Happily Married Masturbators


Every now and then in life, you just hit the jackpot.  Such is the case with us.  We've been happily married over 40 years, and we've been passionately masturbating - privately and together - since about Day One.

Perhaps the single most important thing we did was to "come out" to one another about our love for self-pleasure right at the very beginning.  We had both been happy masturbators before we'd ever met and we really didn't see any reason to give all that up just because we now had the opportunity for unlimited oral and intercourse.  You see, for us, masturbation was a form of sex that we held in equal regard with the others.  It was never a "substitute" for intercourse or an "inferior" form of pleasure.  In fact, our passion for self-pleasure never waned no matter how much "other" sex we had.  It was all good.

We never made any attempt to hide adult magazines or videos, unless our parents were coming to visit.

It all began one evening when we had been partying and were feeling playful and frisky.  So, I asked her,"just exactly how do you "do it?"  She gladly agreed to show me, but insisted I had to go first.  No problem.  I dropped my jeans to the floor and began working my cock.  Genuinely; just like I do when I'm alone.  No hold barred.  We were both fairly aroused, so it wasn't like a long, extended show.  I blew my load in only minutes I was so excited.  And then it was her turn.

She slid down her jeans and went to work on her clit, rubbing it back and forth until her hand was a total blur.  Her hips raised up as she reached the point of no return and Bang!  That's how it's done.

Ever since that day, we've been giving ourselves all the love and attention we desire and deserve.  And that wouldn't be possible if either party harbored any kind of ridiculous fears that masturbation was some kind of "cheating;"  as if all the pleasure in the relationship had to initiate from contact sex.  I certainly wasn't intimidated by her sex toys and she wasn't threatened by porn.  We both enjoyed toys and porn.  Also, we felt that it was important to give one another the free time and "space" necessary to enjoy quality masturbation.  So, self-pleasure wasn't something that was ever rushed.  We understood the importance of taking one's time.

We even kept a masturbation journal for part of a year, in which we'd record our best activities, discoveries and thoughts.  That made for some intense sharing.

And our shared masturbation sessions - every couple weeks or so - were/are a marvelous "validation" of both our love for each other and the love we have for ourselves.  It's so incredibly liberating when couples don't have to conceal their desire for self-pleasure.  It's something we dearly love doing, so it only made sense to do it together as well as solo.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't share our personal choices for toys (although hands/fingers are usually best).  She prefers the Eroscillator and I rather like the Hot Octopuss Pulse ll.

I think a lot of relationships would be much happier if they would just be honest about masturbation.  And especially if you're not yet IN a relationship.  When you're getting into some serious dating, you discuss all kinds of topics, so why shouldn't masturbation be one of them?  In fact, if you mention to your partner how much you enjoy pleasuring yourself and they freak-out, then perhaps that person really isn't the right one for you.




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