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It's My Fetish...

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It's My Fetish...

I'm a life-long crossdresser. My shrink helped me understand just what I am. This is just about what I do on my business trips.


I finally figured out that I'm a fetishist. I've been wearing female clothing since I was a little boy, trying on my sisters' things and then mom's when I could fit into them. I always enjoyed wearing feminine clothing. It was always softer and just felt better than the usual guy stuff I wore every day. Besides, I just knew that girls' things were prettier and just looked better.

For many years, I thought I might be a transsexual and I even got some therapy from a psychiatrist who specialized in such things. She helped me understand that as much as I thought I wanted to be a girl, what I really enjoyed was her clothing and as soon as I had my orgasms, I was ready to change back into boy mode until the next time I needed to wear a skirt or dress.

Changing my thinking has helped me. I still absolutely love wearing a pretty dress and shopping for a new pair of heels is always fun. I would guess that I own more skirts and dresses than the average woman.

I have to travel for business occasionally and I usually make sure that I bring along another bag with my 'girl things' to enjoy in my off time. On this particular trip, I packed a pretty new bra and panty set that I bought in purple. I also brought along a new pair of sheer stockings, a white garter belt, black half slip and a pretty green dress. I also packed a pretty pair of tan maryjane heels with dark brown trim.

I brought my makeup kit and a lovely dark brown wig. I've gotten pretty good at applying makeup over the years.

It's a nice conservative outfit, true, but I like to dress as a woman in my own age and socioeconomic class. I went to my hotel room after work and took a shower, changing into my pretty feminine things. I styled my wig and put on my makeup before pulling my dress on. I liked what I saw in the mirror and decided to take a walk.

I put a few important items in my purse and then I left my room and walked to the elevator. Another woman joined me at the elevator and pressed the down button. It was already lighted, but I do that, too, so I just smiled at her. She smiled back as the door opened. Per custom, neither of us said anything in the ride down, but I saw her glancing at my shoes and checking out my outfit. No disapproval there and I just smiled at her. She was very nicely dressed in a conservative, well-tailored skirt suit. Her skirt hit above her knees and she looked sharp. I found myself torn between wanting to make love with her and wanting to wear her clothes. That's not uncommon for me, though, and I just walked on as I saw her join a nice-looking man in a suit and tie.

I walked out the front door of the hotel and onto the street in the downtown business district of the city I was visiting. It was just beginning to turn dusk as I looked around. Spying one of my favorite department stores, I crossed the street and went shopping.

After a very pleasant hour spent trying on shoes and a few dresses, I went back to my hotel and up to my room. Remembering how nice the cool evening breeze felt around my legs in my hosiery and the delightfully nice sensation of my dress and slip moving around my thighs as I walked, I began to let myself get excited.

I stroked my body through my clothing, cupping my breasts through my dress and bra and stroking my thighs through my dress and slip. It didn't take long for me to gain a full, hard erection that just began to tent my dress through my panties and the open bottom garter belt that provided some control for my figure.

I got to the point where I couldn't take much more and I freed my cock from my panties and stroked it luxuriously until I shot my load into tissues I'd collected from the box in the bathroom. I managed to get a little on my slip and dress, but that was only more exciting for me.

I didn't lose my erection, seeing my sexy reflection in the mirror. Instead, I logged into solotouch and found stories to help maintain my interest and jacked off again, still wearing my pretty dress and lingerie.

Afterward, I removed my makeup,changed into a pretty nightie I'd brought along and slept wonderfully until I had to get up for my meetings. The next three nights I was there, I dressed in different outfits I'd brought and enjoyed more shopping. I counted it a very successful business trip, finding a lovely fit and flare dress on sale and some pumps just in my size that I simply couldn't resist.

Some people complain about business travel, but I've found it sexy and liberating. I hope some day to meet a woman who enjoys the company of a crossdresser on one of my trips.



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