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Its Always Better Where It Is Wetter...

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Unlocking sexuality thought the medium of cartoon love: how an empty house and an infatuation can end up changing your life forever. 

I think I can say with some certainty that we all had that sexual eureka moment in our lives where it finally clicks with our sexuality and we know who we are and what we like.

I had such a moment in my youth as just a young innocent watching my older sister's stack of Disney films. She had (and still has!) the worse organisational skills, so there was no rhyme or reason to the order I saw them in. Snow White, for me, was one of the "newer" ones, coming after Mulan--thanks to my sister’s mismatched chronology!

With the latest one in hand, I sat in my room and watched the Disney logo appear and the film start. Like every Friday, this was my treat, all warm and cosy in bed, fresh from my shower and ready to be taken away to a fantasy realm of magic and adventure, in my fav long t-shirt and shorts, cross-legged. But tonight, after that logo and classical music, something was different, and everything changed.

From the first moment she swam onto the screen, I was in awe of her beauty. The way her luscious red hair floated around, that gorgeous flat little tummy tucked under a very tantalising shellfish bra and beautiful rosy, red lips. I never thought that a fish tail could look so good, but wow, my eyes never left her when ever she was on screen. And when she jumped out onto that rock and swished her hair around to a backdrop provided by a wave of cascading water, I had made the life defining decision, that I was in love with Ariel, the little mermaid.

To say I was obsessed was an understatement; infatuated would prob be a better description of how my bedroom now looked months after I first saw her. Posters now adorned the walls, while colouring books, annuals and any other printed media I could get sat on the shelves.  I surrounded myself and submerged myself in her image, embarrassingly I even had costume, which was basically just a green sparkly skirt.

At that point it was innocent enough, with me just washing in the stirring feels and the warm cozy feeling I had wrapping myself in my ‘Little Mermaid’ bed spread. That was, until I grew a little older and found that the infatuation was being turned into something more adult. Not only did the scene where she first get legs make me smile, it now made me tingle; the "kiss the girl" scene now made me jealous, as I wanted to be on the other side of the boat from her. And I found my eyes now becoming fixated more on her figure as she moved, tickling her sides with my gaze, watching how her chest moved while wondering just what was under the shellfish. And the way she bent over as she swung her tail made me shiver and use the pause button. I would breathe heavily just thinking about her, flicking through a colouring book, inspecting certain lines of her design more than I should as I lay on my bed with my body now close to her image with strange new electric sensations shooting through my limbs and always ending up in the same central place on my body.

But it was one morning where the urges finally got too much, as I was awakened to the sound of the front door shutting, signalling that mum had gone shopping; the car engine starting up confirming it.  The house was eerily quiet, my body was uncharacteristically electric at the idea of the house being all mine. To make sure I shouted for my sister to make sure she was still not home from staying over at her friends for the weekend. Saturday morning was mine, and my body was on fire, even rubbing my one foot against the other felt beautifully scandalous. I bit my lip at the realisation that my nightie had ridden up and the quilt ticked my exposed skin.  It was a guilty pleasure, that made my thighs squeeze together and toes point, forcing out a small breath mixed with a shudder. It was then I noticed she was watching me.

Ariel’s big blue eyes were staring at me from my pillow. The red lips almost shining in my mind smiling at my growing naughty thoughts. I gasped as I trailed my fingertip around my tummy, circling my belly button, lost in the gaze of my pillow cover. Licking my lips and imagining her coming closer to me, I arched my back as my hand ran under the rolled-up seam of my nightie, grasping my breast and flicking my hardening nipple. My body was electric now, fully charged with sexual frustration ready to disperse it, and now the house was empty I was not about to waste it.  I needed it and I wanted her.

I rolled over onto my front and felt the mattress push into my delicate little mound as my legs spread out down the bed and pushed further into the soft bedding. Looking down at her image on my pillow, I imagined her watching me circling my hips, gasping at the material of my panties tighten and loosening on my sex, a tingling sensation to die for. Her image got closer as my body lunged forward and back, eyes semi-closed as my mouth opened, panting with each naughty thrust, my head closer and closer to my pillow until my lips were on hers as I kissed my pillow, pecking her red lips with each forward thrust holding longer and longer as my feet pushed me forward into her. The pillow had metaphorically disappeared in my mind and Ariel was below me and I was grinding my body into hers, legs open then closed, thighs squeezed and hips thrust.

Her lips were on mine as I kissed the soft casing, rubbing my cheek against it. The ecstasy I felt as my breasts rubbed against the mattress, nipples tingling as they moved back and forth, pressed and lifted as I hump faster, almost bouncing with agonising frustration of needing more. The tingling was now an aching, I had moved my body to get the benefit of the fitted bed sheet creasing up to be perfectly under my pussy.

I bit the pillow and had the most wicked of ideas... I lick my lips and whisper to Ariel, begging her to go down on me. I giggle and pull the pillow down and slide it between my legs, the wetness of my panties soaking into that gorgeous picture of her. Then I squeeze my thighs and with my hips as high as I can, I grind down and circle my sex into her face, arms straight, back arched backwards as I hump quick and fast, then slow and long, circling and squeezing. I feel the pressure building, I can see her face screwed up on the pillow case stretching and scrunching under my panties, imaging that her tongue is sliding all over my sex. She is such a naughty mermaid!  I'm no longer in my bed: I’m grinding on her on a desert island, under the shade of a tree, grinding so hard my knees are burying themselves into the sand, her wet hair spread out as we both pant to the beat of my thrusts, kissing deeply. Oh, how this mermaid seduced me!

It's getting faster, the build-up is too much, a finger palm goes under me, and my pussy now grinds hard onto my fist, my vocal screams of pleasure now echoing across the room, my knuckles soaking, my bum clenches and I scream, gasp, and moan all at once as I come.

I lay there wet, exhausted, and face resting in a wet pillow soaked in my scent, Ariel's face looking back at me, now a little more transparent than this morning!

This happened quite a lot and my mother always wondered how ariel ended up looking so worn out. That day I knew I liked girls. And Ariel was a dirty bitch.


But my adventures with her didn’t end there,…. Perhaps they never will... lol.



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