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It Was Wrong, But It Was So Right

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Home made is always best


I had just turned 15 when my best friend and I got to watch our first porn. Dave was fourteen, and we got really worked up watching three college girls sucking off the twelve guys from their basketball team. Most every girl knelt and opened her mouth like a baby bird waiting for a worm, and the guys would rub the head of their dicks all around the girls lips and shoot string after sting of cum into their mouths and all over their faces. Well I tried to figure out an innocent way to suggest that we whack off in front of each other, I was really horny and curious what it would be like to see Dave's wood. I had showered at school with him and changed clothes with him, but I had never seen any of my friend's hard-ons in person. He seemed to be more shy than I and less curious.

We shut off the TV and went outside and went to the grade school playground to hang out. It was late, and we got to talking, and he told me he had beat off and came on a cinnamon roll once, knowing that, this kid that's a bully would grab it away from him at school and take a huge bite off of it and laugh as he walked away. I have been the victim of the same bullying by that same kid a couple of times, so I said I was going to heat up some of my own "special" rolls.

We ran down to the local store and got some instant rolls, you heat them in the oven and tear open the icing pack and let them sit for ten-fifteen minutes and you have excellent cinnamon rolls. We went back to my house and made the pack of six and just as I was getting ready to squeeze the icing onto the rolls, he said "we have to go to your room and put the finishing touches on them first". We both laughed nervously and took the pan upstairs. I was shocked to see him strip totally naked and start stroking his dick, right there in front of me with the lights on. I got so turned on I was hard before I began undressing, and I came huge lines of cum all over the rolls while we both laughed. He finally shot all over his fist and some on the rolls, and held his hand out and dripped his jiz down onto them. He seemed both amazed and a little grossed out when I used my finger to smear his and my juices all over like icing and then as it soaked into the rolls we covered them with white sugary icing.

I had one wrapped in wax paper and I carried it in full view as I walked past our new friend, just as we expected he snatched it away from me and stuck the whole thing in his mouth all at once. I just said "no biggie, I have more!".

He stole another from Dave and was as happy as can be as he devoured the second one.

Dave and I laughed and high-fived all the way home. We then wrapped up a couple and went to the football practices and sat the rolls on the seat next to us, just as we figured some of the guys practising snuck up and stole our treats.

A few days later I had made a fresh batch without the special additives, and Dave dropped by. I took one of the fresh ones and took a big bite and said "these stay fresh quite a while", Dave about died. He was all out of breath as he was trying to get the words out warning me about our trick from earlier, I played along for a while acting like I had forgotten, I eventually let him know I had thrown out the nasty ones, and I was too chicken to admit I was tempted to try just a little bite before I pitched them. Maybe next time.



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