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It Was All a 'Dream'

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Well, it is up to my friend to decide whether it was or wasn't real.


When a friend of mine was sleeping over, her name is Julia, we got into some sexual things and we enjoyed each other. Now, she just not have large breasts, they are maybe a couple inches off her chest, but they are so cute and soft! She does have some pubic hair, but she cuts it with scissors whenever it grows, she told me (Like me, she doesn't want to risk cutting herself down there with shaving). So, anyway, she was sleeping over, our parents trust us enough to have both gender sleepovers, and we both like to watch softcore porn, but we usually won't get naked, let alone do anything, in front of each other, unless we get really turned on. So, we went to sleep around 12 am, and I couldn't stop thinking about her and what she would feel like, because we never let each other touch, we only watched.

So, because I was feeling curious, and I was sure she was asleep, I got down from my couch and went over to my bed (I let her have the bed just cause its more comfortable). She slept only in her bra and striped panties, and had a pretty light blanket on because it was a warmer night. I only had my own underwear on, and I was already hard. I got onto the bed, and slowly pulled the blanket off of her, down to her feet, and put myself above her. I was about to rub her pussy when she woke up, looking at me as if she wasn't believing what she was seeing. I figured that I would only have one chance for this to work as I took off her bra, and my underwear, not saying anything, moving dream-like, which was the plan, to fool her into thinking she was dreaming. She had told me that she had had a dream of us together many times, so I believed that I would be able to fool her. She took her panties off and I started rubbing her tits. Like I said, they were nice and soft. I tickled them a bit and rubbed her nipples before licking them, at which she slightly moaned.

I then pointed to my own organ, and she placed her hands on it, which sent a shock rippling through my body. Her hands were soft, but had a firm grip as she started stroking, rubbing her breasts with one hand as well. I figured that I should be doing something to pleasure her, so I started rubbing her pussy. Soon she was wet enough, and I stuck a finger in and pumped. I soon had two, and then three fingers that were pumping. All the while, she started to pick up the pace and I felt myself starting to come. I moan a bit, but don't make much noise, when I orgasm, which helped preserve the dreamy feeling. I got between her legs and gave her a signal to quicken, at which her hand became a blur, and I shot my load all over her pussy. My dick then returned to softness, and I wanted to finish her up. So, when I felt her body begin to shudder and her muscles started to clench, I put my face down there and licked all my cum off of her pussy, and when my tongue took it from her clit, she came, and squirted a tiny bit of juice onto the bed. We then were tired, again, and I put her bra and panties back on, and then put my own underwear back on, before pulling the blanket back over her and going back to the couch, and falling asleep.

In the morning when we woke up and got dressed, she told me, "I had another dream about us together last night. It was very nice, but I was wondering, you wouldn't have had anything to do with it, would you? After all, it felt so real." I was laughing inside, but I blatantly told her, "Im pretty sure I didn't. It was just a dream, after all. But, so long as my mom is at work, do you want to finally masturbate together?" At this, Julia looked at me, smiled, and then nodded.

We got undressed, and then did a similar routine to last night, except for the end. She orgasmed by her rubbing her breasts, and because my face was down there, she squirted some juices onto my lip. I returned the favor by shooting my cum on her own lips. Then, right there, fully naked, we kissed, cum on cum, tasting each other. It was very fun, and we have masturbated a few more times in the last week together. Just in case you were wondering, this happened about three weeks ago.



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