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It started out as cyber, but...

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It started out as cyber, but... by Dave
My name is Dave, and I have been living with my girlfriend Erin for two years. I would like to share an amazing experience we recently had. Since we having been livivng together we have been finding out all those little details about eachother that you can only know if your living with someone. I love to surf the web, visit chatrooms, and just basically see what's out there. Erin on the other hand is into downloading mp3s, but didnt care for chatrooms. She did not mind if I chatted, but prefered I did it when she was not around.

We would often talk about my cyber experiences. (I think it turned her on.) Last week Erin left early for work one morning because of a breakfast meeting with a new client. I woke up to say good bye as she left, and told her to hurry home so we could play! We were both feeling playful that morning. After she left I couldnt fall back to sleep, and I was thinking of taking matters into my own hands if you know what I mean. I decided to log onto my favorite chatroom and see if any of my friends were out there. I was in luck I ran into an old friend, Mia. Mia and I have been chatting off and on for four months. Lately our converstaions have been very erotic.

We usually either cybered or played a game of adult truth or dare. I asked what she was doing out in the chatroom so early, and she replied she couldn't sleep because she had only one thing one her mind. Well to make a long story short, it looked as though I found my cybersex friend for the day. Things were heating up as we both shared how horny we were that morning, and how we were both going to masturbate. I dared Mia to remove here clothes and get comfortable, and of course she dared me to do the same. I did! Mia was sharing her fantasy with me of how she would love to be snowed in and spend a whole day cuddling next to a warm fire. We talked about how fun that would be, and how awesome it would be to watch eachother masturbate, make love, and share our kinkiest fanatasies.

Well things were heating up, and I was very excited! I was slowly stoking my cock which was now seven inches and very hard when I got a big suprise. Erin's meeting was cancelled and she had returned and had been watching me. She came into the room and said, "What are you doing!" I felt like a twelve year old kid that had just been caught. I lookede up at her and she said, "Don't worry, this is turning me on." I noticed Erin only had her white bra and white lace panties. She sat down next to me and started to stroke me slowly as well as tell me things to type to my cyber-friend Mia. I was starting to feel real good when another shocker hit me. Mia typed, "Have you ever tried phonesex?" I looked over at Erin and she had a wicked grin on her face. She said nothing and quickly took control of the keyboard and typed, "I would love to try, but only if my girlfriend, Erin can participate too!" I was speechless! (Mia knew all about Erin, and I often shared my cybering experiences with Erin.) Mia replied, ":) call me."

I thought I was going to blow! I looked over at Erin and gave her a big kiss, and reached down to feel her panties. They were soaked through! We retreated to the bedroom and called Mia. Mia answered, and I imediately loved her voice. We exchanged hellos, and I had to tell her how turned on I was. I noticed Erin had removed her bra and panties and was now massaging her swollen clit. She was so wet I could hear her wetness as she massaged herself. I could tell Mia was also touching herself on her end because every now and then her voice would change, and I would hear her take a little gasp of air. Mia wanted me to tell her everything erin was doing to me. Erin had positioned herself sitting indian style between my widespread legs. She was slowly stroking my cock. occasionally she would bend down and lick the precum off the tip! I told Mia this and let out a nice groan because it felt so good!

I stared at Erin and watched her stroke me, adn watched her rub her incredibly swollen clit. Erin was moaning, I was moaning, Mia was moaning! We were all so horny! I knew i was close. Erin took the phone and said to Mia, "I am going to make Dave cum really hard, do you want to hear it?" She handed me the phone back, cupped my balls, stroked me really fast about 10 times and gemtly licked the tip of my cock. Erin knew this would push me over the edge. I was so turned on, watching Erin masturbate me, watching Erin get herself off, and Listening to Mia's cries of pleasure! I bucked forward, screammed oooohhhhhhhh!, shot loads and loads of cum over Erin. Next I heard Mia blurt out I'm cumming! AAaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I quickly positioned the phone to erins ear so she too could hear Mia. That pushed her over the edge and she began to shake and cum! Wow we all were exhausted. I never would have thought this would have happened, but man it was fun. Erin and I have been cybering with Mia, and others since!



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