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Interrailing by Anonymous

I am a 26 year-old swedishman, who just loves this page. I want to tell you a story thathappened to me when I was about 22. I have always been a frequentmasturbator, even when I have had relationships. In the summer of-92, a friend of mine and I went Interrailing across Europe. Wevisited several countries, and ended up, eventually, in Ireland.At that point we had been on the road for about 2 months, and Ihad not had a chance to have sex with a woman. Thinking back ofit, it feels like I always had a giant hard-on. We used to sleepin big rooms with lots of people, men in one room, and women inanother. If you wanted to masturbate, naturally, you had to leavethe room and visit the toilets, wich I did almost every eveningof the trip. When we arrived in Dublin, we went to the biggestyouth-hostel in town. There were a lot of girls at the hostel,and many of them were quite good-looking.

When we went to bed thatevening, I felt as horny as I ever been, my cock was hard and Ibegan to stroke it under the blanket. I had to be quiet, becausemy friend slept next to me, and there were a lot of other guys inthe room to. I made a quick decision to sneak out to thetoiletroom and masturbate, feeling very excited because I knew Icould get caught anytime.

When I got to the toiletroom,I noticed that there were not seperate toilets for men and women,they were integrated. I did not care, by this point my pre-cumwet the frontside of my boxershorts. Inside the toiletroom, therewere two doors leading to the actual toilets, both were empty, soI went inside one of them. I slipped out of the boxershorts andsat down on top of the toilet. I had just begun to stroke my hardcock, when I heard someone entering the toiletroom. I stoppedstroking immediately, thinking the person would do whatever he orshe had come for, and then leave. The person used the toiletright next to me, and as there were a free space at the bottom ofthe wall separating the two toilets, I bent down very quitely, tosee if it was a girl next to me. When I looked under the wall, Isaw two legs, widely apart, and a pair of white panties laying onthe floor. Then I heard quiet moanings from a girl, and the legsstarted to jerk a bit. I grabbed my cock, laying on the floor,and started to stroke it again. I heard the girl make loudersighs, and I heard a clicking sound when her fingers moved in andout her pussy. I could hear her moving in quickly to her climax,as the sound of her pussy and her sighs became louder and faster,my own orgasm wasnt very far away either. I stared at her legs,stroking my hard cock as an insane, when I heard her make a loudsigh, and her legs was shaking wildly. At that moment, Icouldnt hold back, so I let go of my orgasm. The cum squirtedup the toiletwall and one big, thick load landed on her side ofthe toilet. As I guessed she would like to be alone in herfantasies, I didnt make one sound as I came.

I continued to look under thewall, and I saw her picking up her panties, I heard her leave thetoilet and go into the washing room. I heard water flowing in oneof the sinks, so I guess she was cleaning herself up a bit beforegoing to bed. I waited a couple of minutes after she had left,then I left for bed too.

I still dont know what shelooked like, apart from her legs, but I can tell you that it wasone of the most exciting things I ever heard. Im at work forthe moment, but I think I will have to go to the toilet and letgo of some pressure.....



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