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Work has always been a route to sex for me. That is where I have met my boyfriends, and now it is where I get sexy inspiration.


My hours were cut back recently and I took to doing some seamstress work out of the house. Nothing fancy just; mending work clothes, re-hemming outdated dresses, letting out pants, that sort of thing. No one sews any more. I get more than enough work to. About that time we got new neighbors. My sowing room was in the attic and overlooked their house. Their son’s window was about 10 feet from the attic window. The attic was unbearably hot without the window open, as I suspect was his bed room. Like many teens, he played music very loud. It was disgusting music. He would always be playing it in the evening as I worked. He and his friends would play video games.

This one night I was working quite late the music stopped and I was relieved. Then I began hearing the distinct sound of sexual activity, and the motion light on the side of the house clicked on. I got up to see what was up. I’m not sure what had set off the light but is illuminated the lower half of the neighbor’s son’s bed. I could see the corner of the screen in the room. He was watching porn. I could not tell exactly what but it was unmistakably porn.

He had boxers on and he was massaging his prick through his pants. I knew I should look away but I could not. I had been so wrapped up in my work that I had been neglecting myself and my boyfriend. I was instantly wet and horny. I snapped off the light slipped out of my pants and sat by the window and started jilling.

By the time he took his shorts off I was ready to cum. He no sooner got them down and exposed his prick, than the light clicked off. I could not see well any more but closed my eyes and listened intently to the sound of the porn. I came long and hard. I think I almost passed out.

It took several minutes to catch my breath. I massaged my breasts and nipples. I remained aroused at the sound of passion. I looked back out and from the light of the screen I could see he was jacking off. His length was nothing to write home about, but his erect penis was nearly as big around as a soda can. The view would improve and diminish dependent on the brightness of the screen. I could not see clearly but I could definitely hear. The top his window which was partially open, was directly in line with the bottom of mine, not 10 feet away. I could hear the porn and the wet wacking sound of him jacking off.

The thought that it was pre cum had me on the edge, I suppose it was spit or lotion, but not in my mind. He jerked for almost half an hour. Taking me to the edge several times before the sound or the sight faded enough to keep me from cumming; this is just the way like to edge when I’m on my own. I knew I was building to the thunderous orgasm. I had to have something in me, I looked around and all I could see with the lights out was a water bottle. It was way bigger than my dildo, but so was the object of my fantasy. I grabbed it and to my surprise it went in easily, as I pushed further I was feeling fuller than I ever had. The label distracted me so I removed it. The bottle was mostly full but was a little squishy; you know how they are. It made a little crinkle sound as I slowly moved it in and out. The sounds from the room next door were getting urgent. Then suddenly the scene changed brighter and it was easy to see my stud with his back arched as he grunted a release. I hammered the bottle into me and strummed my clit to a thunderous orgasm. Lucky the cap was on because other wise I’d have had a geyser out or the bottle. I opened my eyes to see him standing at the window. I don’t know if he heard the bottle or a telltale whimper or moan, but something got his attention. I slunk down in the chair. Without the light he could not see me. This was the best orgasm I had had in months. Trying to catch my breath without making a sound was a real challenge.

I made it a practice to check on my sewing each night before bed and have been treated to a fairly regular show. If I knew my boyfriend was not asleep I would use it as fuel to jump his bones, if he was out cold I would stay in the attic and “rewind my bobbins”.

I got a bigger dildo, and as long as I’m worked up, have no problem fitting it in. I love having something big to contract around when I cum. I also got another clit vibe I keep in my sowing kit. I make a pretty good buck sowing so there is plenty of motivation the stay in the attic and wait for inspiration to get sexy. My boyfriend thinks it’s the sewing turning me on, if he only knew.



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