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Incredible Night With My Hot Female Cousin

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Sometime the best things build over years without ever knowing.


Of my cousins, I am the third oldest, so when we would have family get reunions, I usually ended up babysitting all of the others younger than me. There was a seven year difference between my cousin Jen and I and I always saw her as a little sister. When I left home at 18 and went into the Military, she was 11. I would come home usually once a year to see my family, and over the years I watched her develop into an attractive young lady. When she turned 17, she use to call me all the time and wanted to find out what the Military was like, since she joined up to enter the service after she graduated high school and wanted to hang out with her crazy 82nd Airborne Paratrooper cousin. She came down to see me a few times her Senior year to see what it was like, and it was the first time I noticed she was flirting with me.

A few years later, I flew back home for a old friends wedding and Jen agreed to go with me to make sure I didn't drink and drive, we had a blast and after a lot of drinks we decided to go back to her apartment since it was closer. It was the dead of winter and freezing inside of it and she told me she slept in the living room since it was the warmest room in the house and I could simply sleep in the bed with her, I was hesitant and she just laughed I'm your cousin, trust me so I stripped down to my boxers and Jen got down to her bra and panties. She looked at me and asked me if she could snuggle up next to me to keep warm. I said sure. I felt her rock hard nipples poking at her bra and she put her head on my shoulder. And put her leg over my hips. I couldn't help it and knew she felt my cock get hard and press against her leg. Nothing happened that night.

The following year, I went home for my 31st birthday and was relaxing on the bed in the upstairs bedroom after a long flight. She was 25, with a rock solid body, and was a nurse then and had just gotten off work. And had come upstairs to see me and laid down beside me on the bed in her scrubs. They looked so good on her. We were talking and I noticed her hands kept rubbing my shoulder and back. Jokingly, I told her if she kept that up she would turn me on. She laughed and said that was her reasoning for doing it.

With that, I couldn't help myself and reach up and touched her breasts and they were perfectly round. She smiled and started stroking my arm gently. I slid my hand down and then started to pull her top up so I could see her white bra. I noticed her nipples were now pretty hard and I put my hand on her breasts and gently squeezed them. She laughed and let out a soft groan. I slid my left hand down and under the elastic of her pants and over her panties to touch her pussy. It was already wet. She leaned over and kissed my neck. I started to use my fingers to stroke her panties and rub her clit through the material. She lifted her hips up and moaned some more while she continued to kiss my neck. About that time we heard the door open downstairs and knew my parents had come home, so we stopped and gathered ourselves. She looked at me and said how about you stay at my place tonight. I grabbed a few things and we went back to her apartment.

When we got to her place and shut the door, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We went into her bedroom and stripped naked and got on her bed. She then told me that she had dreamed of, and had masturbated, to this moment since she was 14. As we laid naked side by side, I leaned forward and took one of her hard nipples into my mouth and reached down with my hand and found her very wet pussy and swollen clit and began to rub it. She moaned and at the same time had a hold of my cock and was stroking it slowly. I used my thumb to rub her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy. She tightened up around them tightly. I started to suck her nipple harder and with my hand, tried my best to make her cum. She was sucking on my ear lobe, jacking me off, and grinding my hand at the same time. It didn't take long for her to shake, scream, and soak my fingers with her orgasm.

She gathered herself, then asked me to move my hand, which I did. She rolled onto her side to the point were the tip of my dick was touching her pussy and started to use my dick to rub her clit while stroking it while we started to kiss deeply. It didn't take long for me to explode all over her already wet pussy. We both agreed it was the most intense orgasms we had ever had.

We spent the rest of the night having fun and even to this day we both look forward to seeing each other when I return home.



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